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July 13, 2011

What he said

My reaction to the 2012 schedule was almost the same as Blutarsky's reaction.  Placing Georgia Southern the week before Tech now that they've returned to the Triple Option is incredibly intelligent manipulation of the schedule. 

Also interesting to see so much better spacing of opponents.  The toughest back to back games vs. Tennessee (home) and then at Alabama in weeks 5 and 6.  From a structure/spacing standpoint I have nothing but praise for McGarity on this one.

Flip side...that is one craptacular home slate. We'll end up with Buffalo, FAU and Georgia Southern all kicking off between 12:00 and 1:00.  Ole Miss is hardly a barn burner, and then you have UT.  It's about as easy as it could possibly get.



corey bailey said...

Congratulations.... Garrity has officially converted us over to the UF Scheduling Philosophy, we're just missing southern charleston/ citadel...

I hope it works

Tyler Dawgden said...

Corey, I couldn't agree more.

Next stop, the Dawgvent exploding when the ESPN talking heads (rightfully) skewers us for our tasty cupcake diet.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I reacted with some sugar shock when I saw the cupcake menu of 2012. Then I remembered all the vegetables and red meat Georgia schedules on a regular basis including:

The schedules the Dawgs have played over the last 5 years, with OOC game/long road trips against the likes of Arizona State, Colorado, and Oklahoma State.

Boise State in the 2011 season opener.

The 2013 and 2014 schedules, which should include Clemson, Tech, Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in addition to the usual Eastern Division suspects.

Unlike a lot of teams, UGA has earned their place at the dessert bar.

Citizencrane said...

I'm here to win SEC Championships. If we win the SEC Championship then we are in a much better postion to be IN a national championship than have us play a random Top 15 opponent.

Meaty opponents garner national attention and help in a 2004, USC, Oklahoma, Auburn Scenario but how often does it really come to that?

JaxDawg said...

This is McGarity's implementation of the Florida model but guess what, it works. You can water down an SEC teams OOC schedule but the SEC portion typically negates any talk of cakewalk opponents.

Fact is, if your team is going to compete for championships, there has to be weeks where the starters can rest and the backups get experience for following years.

I said early on that we now have ourselves a real Athletic Director. It will not happen overnight and there will be growing pains and questionable decisions at times, but sit back and enjoy the ride b/c long term it's going to be a good one.

DawgsInSpace said...

I like McGarity and think he's doing a job in the scheduling department. With that being said, we really need to get away from this early kickoff bullcrap for lesser games if we want to make the home schedule more attractive. Multiple early afternoon kickoffs against bad teams makes your home schedule that much worse. McGarity is going to have to fight with Adams on this one.

I know we can't always control what TV decides to do but we can still give our preference, as well as control what TV doesn't pick up. What other SEC program is as obsessed with 1pm kickoffs as UGA is?

sUGArdaddy said...

1 pm is what we do. I love it. I grew up watching 1 pm games. That's who we are. Plus,I'd rather get the easy game out of the way and to home and watch some football.

JSChk said...

As far as good home games to watch, it is pretty thin sauce: Tenn, Ole Miss & Tech. All of the best games are away from Athens. However, if Ws & Ls are the main concern, this schedule shapes up rather nicely as TD noted- breathers between most of the really tough games and a warmup for Tech.

Anonymous said...

Early afternoon kickoffs are crap. Why would you want to minimize the great atmosphere that you get out of a home game? Because you want to act like you're an Ivy League school? Get real.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

As a resident of the Central Time Zone, I despise 1pm Eastern Kickoffs.

Luckily, the bartender in New Orleans is gracious enough to open up his place early for us Dawg Fans, NOLA has no legal restriction on when to sell adult beverages, and such early kickoffs almost always mean we occupy the premises long before the local LSU hordes arrive.

But I'd much rather watch games starting at 2:30pm.

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