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August 23, 2011

Replacing Veteran Receivers

We know the drill.  Yeah, the QB is coming back, but his top two targets from 2010 are now in the NFL.  Nearly 50% of the catches and over 50% of the yards receiving from last year have to be replaced.  Only two guys with over 300 yards receiving last season are back.  Only two guys returning caught 25+ passes in 2010.   

Not a good thing for a QB to try to over come, especially with a brand new offensive coordinator.

Wait, you thought I meant Aaron Murray? I'm talking about Boise State's Kellen Moore.  For comparison sake, Aaron lost a shade over 40% of the catches and just under 48% of the yards receiving from 2010.  So, is it just assumed that Kellen can, by sheer will, make those new guys play like receivers that are now in the league?

I'll grant Boise's running game has a much more experienced feature back and their offense was 150 ypg better than Georgia's last season.  However, Georgia has continuity on their side (insert your own snark), with Boise State's offensive coordinator being poached as The Answer to Texas' offensive issues.  Brent Pease will replace Bryan Harsin, the best offensive coordinator in Boise State's history. 

More importantly, Moore is losing 41% of his career pass completions and 44% of his career yardage with Titus Young and Austin Pettis' departure. 

I keep hearing how much Georgia lost with AJ Green and Kris Durham's departures.  I agree.  You know what I haven't heard?  How much Titus Young and Austin Pettis' departures hurt Boise State.  Now, there is no doubt Kellen Moore is the real deal.  I am not debating that.  I am saying that Young and Pettis' departures from Boise State mean at least as much to Boise's passing offense as Green and Durham's does to Georgia.  Maybe more.

We find a way to slow down their running game and put Moore in a place of having to force throws at guys he might not trust or having to decide to tuck the ball, it could be a fun night.



Stephen said...

well put. I knew Titus was gone, I didnt realize that the other one was too.

Funny how that isnt being mentioned in the media huh?

ben said...

I think it's funny how no one has really mentioned that they lost their O Coordinator. I've been screaming that for a while now.

Also, I don't want to keep beating people over the head with this stat, but I looked at their roster and I only saw 1 or 2 O lineman at 300lbs.
That's the stat to me that stands out the most when people talk about having to play a full SEC schedule. They'd be down to at least 2 second stringers who probably weigh more like 260 after three or for SEC games.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Ben, Re: OCordinator leaving:

Sarcastic Tyler thinks that is because the are a system...system. Plug and play. Voila, instant Heisman candidate.

Pragmatic Tyler thinks that is because no one is really paying attention. They see a team that has won 38 of 40 games going against a team that was 6-7 last year.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why their has not been much media focus on the loss of the WR from the Boise offense when they are questioning our loss - but it probably has more to do with the fact that we went 1-4 when AJ was out last year. Plus AJ was the #1 WR and 4th pick in the draft.

As for the new OC in Boise, I the media is not viewing it as a big deal because coaching changes have not seemed to affect the Broncos in their rise. Hawkins left for Colorado and Petersen was promoted and Boise got better. Boise loses their DC to UT last year and their defense got better. I suspect that most people think that Petersen can weather this storm too.

Anonymous said...

Best offensive coordinator in school history? Do you know that the previous OC was Coach Petersen himself...two time Bear Bryant coach of the year. The system hasn't changed, just whose calling the plays.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon 7:05, based on record, Heisman finalists, BCS Bowl appearances and national recognition...yes. Best OCordinator in school history, granting that history is just slightly older than the milk in my fridge.

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