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August 17, 2012

Is Evil Richt a Real Thing?

Extremely apologetic Richt
We've had our fun with Evil Richt. We've been wrong about him actually showing up a time or two. [INCOHERENT BABBLE ABOUT RICHT SHAVING HIS GOATEE].

Is Evil Richt a real thing? It sure looks like Richt is getting less guarded in his old age prime. Let's examine:
  • Some games ARE personal. Blutarsky pointed this out, but he admits they aren't all just business trips. Some do mean more than others. You think Spurrier doesn't still tote water over his 35 year old nightmares about Bill Stanfill coming around the end unblocked? Don't think Saban wants to beat LSU to show them he really IS the bastard they think he is? Letting games be personal is a good first step.
  • Not every practice produces awesome results. Calling out your QBs in scrimmages for six turnovers is appropriate. Hell, it is needed. Same goes for calling out guys for mailing in practices. And your first string defense for not stopping the second team at the goal line. 
  • Firing players without actually saying their names or giving platitudes or reasons why, especially when we all know the reason why.
  • No more energy bus. More Jarvis Jones kicking ass.
Perhaps Surly Richt is a better way to phrase it? I don't know. Until I see us keep the foot on the gas for a whole game when we are dominating someone (think the Auburn Blackout game; for an alternative treatment see the Outback Bowl), I'll not believe...although the Missouri or Vanderbilt games would be a good time to start making a believer out of me. 

When we do that for a whole season, then we'll know Evil Richt is here.



Anonymous said...

He needs a Godfather/Heisenberg hat.

Erskine said...

Interesting that you bring up the Auburn blackout game as the standard for the take no prisoner approach. I would like to think the atmoshere inside the stadium had a part in the player's energy level. Can the fans bring that each and every week as well? Or will they be to busy trying to blame the coach(s).

Tyler Dawgden said...

Fans should bring that each and every week. We are very much a part of the energy equation.

Todd said...

Great point a out the fans. Sometimes we bring it and sometimes we don't. When the crowd goes out of it the team generally does too whatever the coaches are trying to do.

However I can recall Richt talking about learning his lesson about keeping the foot on the gas before the 2004 South Carolina game. It rarely happens under him and I'm not expecting a change at this point. I do think this hurts us by giving other teams confidence to hang in there with us. I have also heard former players try to defend Richt but can't hide the fact that they don't like certain aspects of his philosophy.

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