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August 18, 2012

More on Georgia's Scholarship Attrition

One thing that struck me as I was writing the piece on retention is that I didn't quite get at the relationship between the nubmers and how good a coach must be at retention if he consistently signs fewer players than his competitor coaches.  To put it another way, a correlary issue to the significantly fewer players being signed is the need to work harder to retain those you did sign to stay close to a full roster.

This will become very relevant for the SEC in three years when we cycle completely though five years with a max of 25/year. We saw that several schools have been above 125 in the current five year cycle with two classes in under the new cap.

Once you take out Orson Charles (NFL Draft) and Xavier Avery (signed with the Orioles out of high school), Georgia's attrition looks like this:

Academic Non-Qualifier (7)
1. John Atkins - academic non-qualifier (didn't make necessary score on ACT); plans on enrolling at Hargrave Military Academy, then transferring to UGA in January
2. Leonard Floyd - acadmic non-qualifier; plans on enrolling at Hargrave, then transferring to Georgia in January
3. Jalen Fields - failed to qualify at UGA, signed w/ Louisiana-Lafayette
4. Toby Jackson - failed to qualify at UGA, attended Navarro College, now at UCF
5. Chris Mayes - failed to qualify at UGA, attending Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
6. Lonnie Outlaw - failed to qualify at UGA, attending Georgia Military College
7. Kent Turene - failed to qualify at UGA, attending Fork Union Military Academy; allegedly playing at Marshall in 2012, but not listed on their roster

Dismissed for Misconduct/Released from Scholarship due to Player Conduct Issues (9)
1. Demetre Baker - dismissed from team following a DUI arrest, transferred to South Alabama
2. Isaiah Crowell - dismissed from UGA on 29 June 12 following felony arrest, enrolled at Alabama State
3. Nick Marshall - dismissed from UGA on 3 Feb 12 for a violation of team rules (stealing from a team mate); enrolled at Garden City CC
4. Zach Mettenberger - dismissed from UGA following underage consumption & sexual battery charges; transferred to Butler CC; presumptive starter for LSU in 2012
5. Montez Robinson - dismissed from UGA following his third arrest in 6 months, trying to catch on in NFL
6. Sanford Seay - dismissed from UGA on 3 Feb 12 for a violation of team rules (stealing from a team mate)
7. Marcus Dowtin - Released from scholarship after arrest, transferred to North Alabama; currently undrafted free agent with New York Jets
8. Washaun Ealey - Released from scholarship after many, many chances, enrolled at Jacksonville State
9. Chris Sanders - dismissed from UGA on 3 Feb 12 for a violation of team rules; enrolled at Georgia Military College

Medical Issues (3)
1. Jeremy Longo - medically disqualified
2. Jonathan Owens - medically disqualified
3. Bryce Ros - medical exemption (degenerative right big toe joint)

Desired More Playing Time/Didn't like coaches' decisions (8)
1. Brent Benedict - transferred to Va Tech for personal reasons
2. Carlton Thomas - decided to transfer on 20 Mar 12 to make more of an impact on the field; appears to be enrolled in fall 2012 at UGA
3. Jakar Hamilton - transferred to South Carolina St
4. Dontavius Jackson - transferred from UGA to UAB following DUI (thought about putting him in the player misconduct list, since the reason for his transfer was a six game suspension for the DUI; Since he could have stayed on the team, I count him as wanting more playing time)
5. Jordan Love - transferred to Towson
6. Derek Owens - transferred to Alabama State
7. Makiri Pugh - transferred to Colorado
8. Nick Williams - transferred to North Alabama

Academic Dismissal (4)
1. Caleb King - declared academically ineligible on 8 Jul 11
2. A.J. Harmon - transferred to Alabama St (he confirmed it was his academics)
3. Quintavious Harrow - left the team due to academics (rumored)
4. Derrick Lott – transferred to UTC

Not sure what to glean from these numbers. I really just wanted a clearer sense of the numbers and why the players left. No wonder Coach Richt is focused more on character now more than ever. There are some that no amount of character checks would have caught (Mettenberger, Marshall, Sanders). Furthermore, I don't expect Coach Richt to suddenly start lying to guys about their playing chances, although it isn't hard to say that if you are competent and an offensive line man, there is playing time available. The academic dismissal list was shorter than I would have thought, but I feel comfortable that there are probably a couple that are in the 'more playing time' and other lists that were facing similar issues.



Paul Westerdawg said...

If you know that your average attrition is greater than 6 kids per year then you have to recruit with that number in mind.

Richt doesn't.

We don't recruit to 85 to start. Then we get the attrition. And we are shocked that we are at 80 or less each year? Eventually that catches up with you and you find the hole you've dug at 69 kids instead of 79 or 80.

It's just lazy and stupid. list 129 kids as 3 stars or higher from the state of GA last year. We signed only 10 of them. Vandy, MSU and UK signed 17 kids from our state of 3 stars or better.

So our lack of depth on special teams and OL is because of what? You can only assume work ethic. Because assuming we did it on purpose to sign 34 kids this year is a stretch.

This is a season with a MNC caliber schedule, defense and skill talent. Yet we don't have MNC caliber depth.

Another self inflicted gunshot wound by Richt.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Correction. MSU, Vandy, UK and Ole Miss make up the 17. I used them as the example for depth and second teamers instead of SC, UF, Ut, AU and Bama.

Because the comparison is more obvious.

Anonymous said...

Logan Gray(sp?)

Tyler Dawgden said...

The Grayhound was in the 2007 signing class.

Tyler Dawgden said...

By the way, mad props to Air Force Dawg for his great work in keeping up with this. Clearly my list came from his work.

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