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August 11, 2012

Last Question for Georgia's Camp

Seriously, how does the offensive line come together? We've already lost Hunter Long to a broken foot. We have one that isn't eligible.

Yeah, I'm still concerned.

The good news is that John Theus is as good as advertised. Not only that, Jarvis Jones is personally taking his ass to the wood shed at practice tutoring him. That kind of experience will pay dividends. By all accounts practice has been physical and the coaches are pushing all the players. The coaches have settled on a rotation and six guys that have stood out: Kenarious Gates (at left tackle or guard), Chris Burnette (right guard), Dallas Lee (left guard), David Andrews (center), Watts Dantzler (guard or tackle) and John Theus (right tackle). Add in Xzavier Ward, Austin Long, Zach DeBell, and Mark Beard, and we have a (potentially) deep group.

As we get out of camp and into the rest of prep for the season, we need to have a couple of other guys get into the mentioned category by the coaches. For the right reasons, like impressing the coaches, not because of injuries or coaches sending a message to a presumptive starter. Will this group improve on last year's performance? They have the potential to do so. Can they? That still remains to be seen.



Slic Ric said...

The offensive line has been an issue at Georgia every year since 2003 so this is nothing new. It's been injuries, underachievement, or Knowshon making the line look good. We had Searels, considered the best line coach in the conference by his peers and even that was a disaster. The line and special teams are my two biggest concerns this year. David Andrews says all the right things and I'm pulling for him but let's be honest he's not an SEC offensive lineman. Look for Murray to have more happy feet again this year. I like Friend as a coach though and maybe, just maybe, this rag tag group of guys will come together. Everything I'm hearing about Theus, he's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Try to think positive and motivate the team in a positive manner! Looking back does nothing, lets look at now/future. GO DAWGS!!!

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