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September 14, 2012

3 Questions: Letting it Owl Hang Out

Punny, I know.

  1. What does post Missouri let down look like? We've all seen this show before. Big game, play well, big win. Next game: listless, uninterested, fundamentally unsound. After re-watching the Missouri game, I am convinced we are an improved offensive line from challenging LSU for the second spot in the conference ESPN declaring us the next big thing (and correlated, Missouri is likely to give South Carolina and the other East teams all they can handle). What would convince me we aren't? A listless, uninterested and fundamentally unsound performance against a team that only scored 7 points against Wagner. Before you start with the Buffalo game, remember: Grantham sold out on basic defensive scheme to keep Missouri from having a true idea of our capabilities. Now that we've shown the world that, we have no incentive not to at least play the same schemes that worked well in Columbia. Same goes for the offense, but with one caveat: We should use this game to get Murray and his receivers on the same page early.
  2. Can we please just stop with the hurry up and wait offense? I noted last week we didn't do as much of the no-huddle slow down offense. Greasing the wheels of the offense is a good goal for this week, since it shouldn't matter what defense FAU is in. We should be able to find places to exploit them, like we did against Buffalo.
  3. Do we move the scoring defense line down? Georgia was picked to have an o/u of ~12ppg allowed this season. This is the kind of game that we could move that number from 21.5 down to the mid-teens. Putting a goose egg up is a bit ambitious. Or is it?
Overall, I'd like to see us come out and beat an over-matched opponent. FAU, unless Carl Pelini has been holding back against Wagner and Middle Tennessee state, isn't going to threaten the Sun Belt Conference this season. It'd be nice to see the few and proud some second and third team guys playing the whole 4th quarter.

What do you want to see?



MarkS31 said...

I agree with all you said. I especially want to see the OL start to gel and get some meaningful time for the second and third team. Also would like to see us try to get the tight ends more involved and, of course, I am looking forward to seeing Commings back in the line up. Go Dawgs!

Hunkering Hank said...


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