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November 4, 2012

Not a trick play

We've had that hidden ball play action in our book since David Greene's days. I'm not sure why we don't run it more, but it was awesome and the right time to call it. Genius play call from Bobo.

If you have video or know where it can be found, let me know.



Anonymous said...

cbs sports had it on their website

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I believe it never worked for stafford. I remember him trying it once against South Carolina and it would up being a big sack. High risk high reward.

Heyberto said...

I thought David Greene was on the field again. Aaron and the backs/o-line executed that to perfection. Just beautiful. I'm just not sure how much you can go the well on that one, TD... But I too would love to see it more as well.

Anonymous said...

I love Aaron but he doesn't like that play and it showed. Shockley and Stafford ran it more smoothley. But nobody plays any kind of ball fake like David Greene ...Houdini-like.

I love that play but it cost us big one year vs. SC. The first time I ever saw that play was Tallahassee in 1998 vs. Clemson. Weinke did it out of the endzone hitting Snoop Minnis for about 97 yards.

Anonymous said...

Very high risk. Its easy to defend. If just one guy stays back and does his job the pass could be intercepted; or if one guy gets through the line quickly, the QB is toast with his back turned.

Otto said...

It worked for Stafford in '06 and if I remember correctly earlier in the game against S. Car. in '07 but it didn't trick anyone late in the game. I cringed with flashbacks when Murray pulled it.

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