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January 19, 2013

Greatest Moments in Stegeman Coliseum History

Pretty cool list that includes the 2004 upset of #3 Tech, the Olympics, the 86-85 win over LSU in 1990, and the 1989 NCAA Gymnastics championship meet that netted the Dawgs their 2nd Gymnastics championship.

I was at all of those.

I'm going to vote for the LSU upset through to the championship. Alec Kessler looked less like a future med-student and more like an NBA first rounders by scoring 30 points. He also held some dude named Shaq to six points before Shaq fouled out. We stormed the court, and I am proud to say I was dragged from section QQ to the floor by a couple of football players who insisted I join them.

Good times. Go vote here.



todd said...

I hate choosing. The '90 LSU would be my pick. Although the Lady dawgs' whipping of USC in 1986 was big too.

For non Dawg moments, Western KY's upset of UK (Rupp wouldn't play them) might be the biggest sporting event. Most have no idea that Stegeman hosted NCAA regional finals.

Also Gorbechev spoke there. That man changed the world.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Georgia would list anything from the Jim Harrick era. Those wins were later vacated.

Coach Bobby Finstock said...

I was at that game too; it was my freshman year. Always sat in the hoop hounds section and it was amazing. Who would have thought Neville Austin could ever in his life be so clutch? That was a fun year for sure.

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