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July 20, 2013

Baton Rouge Advocate on why LSU should leave the SEC

Quite a South Carolina exercise. Not sure how I missed it, but this is about the Tigers getting picked to go to the Peach Bowl and published in December.
The time has come.
Imbalanced, arbitrary football schedules, unfavorable bowl politics and a conference office that frequently indicates it is ignoring LSU’s concerns and needs have led the school and its athletic program to this point:
It is time to consider seceding from the Southeastern Conference.
Where, pray tell, will they go? The Big 12, of course. One of the reasons they cite is Alabama's dominance of the conference.

Wonder if Texas A&M might have some advice for them about a conference with one really powerful player?



Anonymous said...

Every team has to deal with falling to a lower bowl than they'd like from time to time. Other than asking why the Pac12 scheduling model isn't being considered, that was mostly a bunch of whining. Although no one seems to have a problem with permanent opponents except for LSU and SC... If they both opt out, then I guess they could play each other more often.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I've thought the best thing to do is rotate the other teams, which I'd guess they'll do if it goes to 16 teams. It seems that UGA/AU and Bama/UT are ok with the rest of the conference doing so.

Jeff said...

The rotation seems to be the best answer, let the rivals keep playing that want to, but phase out some of the unbalance. LSU does get quite the shaft having to play UF and Bama every year, but leaving or the Big 12 is a joke.

Jeff Klein

Anonymous said...

Up until this past season AU has been a fairly stout program and for years UT was as well. UGA plays UT, AU, UF and an emerging USCAR every year. Lets get Les and LSU to put on their big girl panties this is the SEC not the BIG 10 or the ACC

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