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July 21, 2013

ESPN College GameDay Predictions, Weeks 11-15

You can see weeks 1-5 and 6-10 in prior posts.
The only way Washington State gets on GameDay

Week 11 (November 9)
Prediction: LSU at Alabama (7pm, CBS not confirmed)
The SEC West will be on the line for one of these teams. Both will be one loss or better. Likely night game in the bayou T-Town. It is possible BYU at Wisconsin trumps if ESPN picks up the game and both teams are undefeated.
Other Candidates: BYU at Wisconsin (TBA); UCLA at Arizona (TBA); Kansas State at Texas Tech (TBA); Nebraska at Michigan (TBA);

Week 12 (November 16)
Prediciton: Houston at Louisville (TBA)
I think The American Conference title is on the line here. GameDay has never been to Louisville, but did go to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl last year. It wouldn't surprise me if the Cards are top 5. Florida at South Carolina would be an option, but I'm not sure they'd do three SEC games in a row.
Other Candidates: Florida at South Carolina (TBA); Stanford at USC (TBA); TCU at Kansas State (TBA); Ohio State at Illinois (TBA);

Week 13 (November 23)
Prediction: Cal at Stanford (TBA)
Bit of a flyer pick. The sexy picks would be BYU at Notre Dame or Nebraska at Penn State, but I just have a feeling they'll be in Palo Alto. The other games this week are all fairly compelling, but unless you have #1vs#2 in one of the other games, I think Cal at Stanford is the destination.
Other Candidates: Oklahoma at Kansas State (TBA); Texas A&M at LSU (TBA); Oregon at Arizona (TBA); Nebraska at Penn State (TBA); Kentucky at Georgia (TBA); BYU at Notre Dame (2:30pm, NBC);

Week 14 (November 30)
Prediction:Ohio State at Michigan (TBA)
As good as some of the other games might be (including three possible SEC vs. ACC championship game participants and the de facto Big 12 championship game), I don't see any way they aren't in Ann Arbor for what is likely to be a match-up between two teams with Rose Bowl aspirations (and will likely be the ABC prime time game).
Always chasing the cat
Other Candidates: UCLA at USC (TBA); Clemson at South Carolina (TBA); Florida State at Florida (TBA); Georgia at Georgia Tech (TBA); Notre Dame at Stanford (FS1 or Fox); Alabama at Auburn (TBA); Baylor at TCU (TBA); Penn State at Wisconsin (TBA)

Week 15 (December 7)
Prediction: SEC Championship Game.
Since GameDay added the 15th week in 2007, they've been to Atlanta four times. Unless one of the games below is a play in game or if the SEC features a couple of teams with no hope of going to the BCS National Championship, they'll be in Atlanta.
Other Candidates: Louisville at Cincy (6:30pm, ESPN); ACC Championship (6:45/7pm, ESPN/ABC) Pac 12 Championship (6:45/7pm, ESPN/ABC); Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (TBA)


Dawg in Beaumont said...

Tuscaloosa is "the bayou" now? :)

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