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September 23, 2013

3 Questions Answered: North Texas

Obviously, the game went far differently than I thought it would, yet it ended up right where I thought it would. Weird.
  1. How many carries will Gurley get? He had 21. I'd have taken the under if that was the number pre game.
  2. How many throws will Mason get? None, but he sure looked good handing the ball to JJ Green.
  3. Can this be a get right game for the defense? Oh, yes. We looked better in pass coverage. We looked much better in run support. We are still taking lazy angles on some open field tackles, but we got some kinks worked out.
Like I said, weird game. 


nicemlt said...

I'm starting to think Richt & co are preparing for the season differently than in years past. It "feels" to me like we spent more time prepping SC than Clemson knowing that we could lose Clemson and still make SEC and possibly NC game. (And it certainly *looked* like we were more prepared for SC than Clemson). Similarly, it "felt" like we spent no time preparing for NT and (hopefully) all that time was spent the last 2 weeks preparing for LSU. If that's the case, I'm all for it.

TylerDawgden said...

Be able to still move the ball without pounding the middle does give other DCs something to think about. I wasn't unhappy with the offense's performance, at all. It just surprised me we didn't keep trying to do something that didn't work, because that is certainly something we've seen in years past.

nicemlt said...

Yeah. I rewatched the game and NT really stacked the hell out of the box every play as well (and we saw that hurt them with a bazillion yards passing from the Dawgs). Defensively it was interesting how many safeties we played other than Tray (who is a beast). Moore, Norman, JHC, Mauger all got time opposite Tray. Seemed like CTG wasn't happy with Moore's ability to help on the RB passes.

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