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September 23, 2013

Georgia's record at GameDay broadcasts

We recite the record, 3-13, as if it were a canticle designed to ward off the mere thought of the evil spirits of Lee Corso anywhere in the same area code as the Dawgs on a Saturday.


Here are the full list of Georgia's appearances with ESPN GameDay broadcasting from their game location (wins in bold):

1995: Georgia at #8 Tennessee; L 30-27
1998: #5 Tennessee at Georgia; L 22-3
1999: #10 Georgia vs. #5 Florida (in Jacksonville), L 30-14
2002: #7 Georgia at #22 Alabama, W 27-25
2002: #5 Georgia vs. Florida (in Jacksonville); L 20-13
2003: #7 Georgia at #11 LSU, L 17-10
2003: #3 LSU vs #5 Georgia (SEC Championship in Atlanta), L 34-13
2004: #4 Georgia at South Carolina, W 20-16
2004: #5 Georgia at #3 Auburn, L 24-6
2005: #4 Georgia vs. #16 Florida (in Jacksonville), L 14-10
2007: #22 Georgia at #16 Alabama, W 26-23
2008: #8 Alabama at #3 Georgia, L 41-30
2011: #1 LSU vs. #15 Georgia (SEC Championship in Atlanta), L 42-10
2012: #5 Georgia vs. #6 South Carolina, L 35-7
2012: #2 Alabama vs. #3 Georgia (SEC Championship in Atlanta); L 32-28
2013: #5 Georgia at #8 Clemson; L 38-35

Georgia is 0-2 in Athens, 0-6 in neutral sites, and 3-5 in true road games.

So, yeah. We haven't had a great record when we play a game that GameDay is featuring. Looking at Georgia's games, we were a clear dog in 3 of them (both UT games and SECCG in '11). Looking at the wins, we won 2 of the three we were clear favorites in (2002 Alabama, 2005 South Carolina). Look at the games from a final record perspective:

1995: Georgia finished 6-6, UT finished 11-1
1998: Georgia finished 9-3, UT finished 13-0*
1999: Georgia finished 8-4, UF finished 9-4
2002: Georgia finished 13-1, Alabama finished 10-3
2002: Georgia finished 13-1, Florida finished 8-5
2003: Georgia finished 10-3, LSU finished 13-1* (Reg. season and SECCG)
2004: Georgia finished 10-2, South Carolina finished 6-5
2004: Georgia finished 10-2, Auburn finished 13-0
2005: Georgia finished 10-3, Florida finished 9-3
2007: Georgia finished 11-2, Alabama finished 7-6 
2008: Georgia finished 10-3, Alabama finished 12-2
2011: Georgia finished 10-4, LSU finished 13-1
2012: Georgia finished 12-2, South Carolina finished 11-2
2012: Georgia finished 12-2, Alabama finished 13-1*
2013: Georgia currently 1-1, Clemson currently 2-0

By my count, Georgia only has one "bad" loss, the 2002 bed wetting against the worst Florida team in nearly 15 years. We lost to three eventual national champs. Seven of the 13 losses are to one or zero loss teams (counting Clemson right now). The hard part is winning the games that are pushes. Think 2005 Florida or this year's Clemson game.

Let me ask you a question. How ridiculous would it to hear Alabama coming into the 2008 season bitching about being on GameDay. They were 3-17 through 2007. Since then, they have gone 14-3. So, did GameDay change their formula in 2008 to give the Tide a chance to win the GameDay games they've played in since then?

If you think GameDay has something to do with us winning or losing a game, are you willing to say that Georgia would have won those games but for GameDay?

It is correlated. It is not causal. There is no way it can be.



Tim said...

The only causal connection appears to be that Georgia's players get too amped up when Gameday is around. That over emotion combined with the blackout nonsense of 2008 led UGA to lay an egg in the first half of the Alabama game. And while many of the Gameday appearances are close loses, I wonder just how many of those we ever had a lead in (2013 Clemson excepted). My failing memory seems to recall UGA being behind early in most of them and simply making a respectable close. The key for this year's YOUNG defensive team is to maintain some control on their emotions and focus on playing disciplined football. While, on the other hand, the MATURE offensive line needs to get a hotter fire under the rear ends. I pray Richt doesn't announce or surprise with any uniform gimmick this game other than a RedOut, which is generally benign.

TylerDawgden said...

I can't find records or remember 1995. Of the other close games, 2002 Florida: Georgia let until 11:21 of the 4th Q
2003 LSU: LSU scored game winner with 1:22 left, after Georgia tied it with 4:25 to play
2005 Florida: Shockley got hurt and JTIII played. Coutu misses two FGs in the 4 pt loss
2012 SECCG and 2013 Clemson were the other two. We were competitive in those games.

Andrew Koppenaal said...

Were we a clear favorite in 2002 even though we were higher ranked. There was the whole Pat Dye thing we had to deal with that week too

Vindexdawg said...

Maybe we should ask the Tide if we can use Bryant-Denny any time we're on Game-Day, we're undefeated when it's there :-)

TKB said...

The only connection is that our coaches suck and can't beat a good team because they don't coach our players up.

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