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September 22, 2013

GameDay loves the SEC, but do they love UGA?

This past week, I'd done some research on teams with more than 10 appearances in GameDay featured games. While I clearly thought they wouldn't come to Athens for the LSU game, I thought it would come in handy for down the road for when we played in the GameDay feature game again. Despite what you think about our record, we want to be in GameDay featured games.

Since 1993, when GameDay premiered with #1 FSU at #2 Notre Dame in 1993, they have been to 205 locations for games. That means there have been 410 teams featured. With the rise of the SEC, it should come as no surprise that the SEC is very well represented. Six SEC teams are among the seventeen teams that have more than ten GameDay appearances.

Teams with more than 10 appearances
Florida: 24-12, 7-5 at home
Ohio State: 20-9, 10-3 at home
Oklahoma: 19-9, 5-2
Alabama: 17-20, 2-5 at home (14-3 since 2008)
Southern Cal: 15-6, 6-3 at home
LSU: 15-8, 5-4 at home
Michigan: 13-9, 8-3 at home
FSU: 11-15, 4-4 at home
Oregon: 10-6, 5-2 at home
Notre Dame: 8-11, 3-4 at home
Miami 10-7, 5-1 at home
Nebraska 9-5, 5-1
Georgia 3-13, 0-2 at home
Auburn: 7-8, 4-3 at home
Texas: 6-5, 5-1 at home
Tennessee: 6-7, 2-5 at home
Virginia Tech: 4-8, 4-1 at home

GameDay is a barometer of your program's relative strength. Westerdawg noted in the comments (and some time ago in a post), we haven't had that many games in Athens to warrant them coming to town. This week is very much that kind of match up.

Hell, they've been to Columbia, South Carolina six times. That alone doesn't convince you that we should want GameDay in Athens, I don't know what will, because Athens is a damn sight better scene than the back lot of Mad Max is. I'll get to the 'GameDay jinx' or whatever later this week, but just wanted to be sure we objectively understand the importance to recruiting and as a program PR vehicle hosting GameDay is.



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