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December 14, 2013

Gator Bowl ticket update

UGA has purchased about 1900 for player's families, band, and administration. Assuming Nebraska has purchased a similar amount, the Cornhuskers have sold around 1000 tickets to boosters/students/ticket holders. Even if Nebraska's number doesn't include those the school is holding for their uses, that is a really low number.

Not sure it is a referendum on the bowl or Pelini (or both), but it'll definitely be a very pro-UGA crowd in Jacksonville.


Rudy said...

I am surprised anyone buys through a school anymore other than to sit in the school section. With all the secondary ticket sites, you can buy a better seat location at an equal or better price than you can get from your school (end zone to 10 yard line or worse). Hey, support my school but why trade my 40-yd line tickets in Sanford for an end zone corner in some bowl game.

Aladawg said...

I'm with Rudy. I've been extremely disappointed in bowl game seat locations and won't order thru school ever again. My yearly donation stands for support for my school.

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