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December 9, 2013

If bowls are so bad for teams, why is a conference offering a bowl money to take their teams?

I might be convinced that there are too many bowl games. Don't get me wrong, watching Marshall and Maryland play on random Friday wouldn't normally do it for me. However, knowing that college football will so leave us for several long months, it is sufficient methadone. However, there are those that hate bowls. And I don't get that.

The biggest argument is that it is terrible for the schools, that they lose money. Then why is a conference offering cash to bowls to take their teams? Authorized by the presidents of the schools that bowls are supposed to be bad for. I'm looking at you Sun Belt.

Look, it is a fun exhibition for the kids. They get some swag, the teams get a few more practices under their belt. And half of the teams in bowl games end up the season with a win. As a bonus, we college football fans have more games to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that.

Evidently the Sun Belt agrees.


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