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June 16, 2014

Matthews rant

Gotta get it out of my system....

If you've been on Twitter, you'll likely find that Auburn fans are either accusing Georgia, and specifically Mark Richt, of being too soft and Auburn is the shining knight that comes in an fixes these guys lives, OR Georgia fans are butthurt over Matthews leaving and coming to play for Auburn.

Let me be as clear as possible, I'm not butthurt over Matthews going to Auburn. Hell, the universe of division one programs that would take him is rather small. Auburn makes the most sense. I'm butthurt over him acting like it was his idea all along.

Let me also be clear about this: he was fired for being a thief, a locker room cancer, and a bully in the classroom who that didn't care a whit about his education. In that regard, I'm 100% behind Mark Richt.

That gets me to my second point: Tray Matthew isn't a victim of circumstance. He didn't 'make a mistake.' He intentionally stole money from the University. He caused problems with team dynamics (if you believe message board chatter). He disrupted classes all semester, then bullied his professor.

He deserved to be fired.

Let's assume for a minute Richt is too soft. Nothing Gus Malzahn does will change who Tray Matthews is. Matthews may well stick it out at Auburn, but it won't be because he is walking the straight and narrow. If he makes it, it'll be because Gus Malzahn is more willing to put up with non-sense than Mark Richt was. The more likely outcome is he'll do something, get absolved. Do something, get absolved. Do something, get absolved. All while Auburn fans are crowing about how awesome the Gus Bus is.

But my money is on Matthews doing something to get kicked off Auburn's team, unless he gets drafted after his one season there (he'll be eligible). It is just the course of things. Which is sad, because he's a great player who I sincerely hoped would be an all time great for UGA. Instead, he's just shown that it's all about ME rather than team. That's something Auburn fans would do well to remember.


South_FL_Dawg said...

I'm with ya. Too many times I've heard how he is a victim of athletic entitlement or he's young and immature when in reality the guy was a constant distraction.

Carter_Burger67 said...

This will come back to bite Auburn in the ass, I promise.

TylerDawgden said...

No. See, Gus Malzahn doesn't put up with that sort of thing, so they don't do it. Just ask an Auburn fan.

Michael Hartigan said...

i dont think he was a great player-obviously had all the physical attributes but terrible tackler and always out of position except that one play

fred russo said...

Look the kid is a disaster plain and simple. If he does not change the NFL will not take him on. As far as his talent i have not seen it yet.

paulwesterdawg said...

he will end up like Isaiah Crowell. All-American genetics. Undrafted Resume. He believes he can be as good as he wants. When in reality, he can only be as good as he works at being.

He has no understanding of the difference between wanting to be great and working to be great.

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