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June 16, 2014

Some early betting lines

Blutarsky has the UGA lines picked out (Spoiler alert: The only game we are a dog in is South Carolina and that is by 3, which is the home field advantage).  There were a couple of others that jumped out at me though:
  • Mississippi over Boise State (-9) 
  • Ohio State over Navy (-14) - Compare that with the following Alabama line; I wonder why Vegas thinks Ohio State is nearly two TDs less likely to beat Navy than Alabama is WVU?
  • Alabama over West Virginia (-27.5) - This seems like a big number designed to get some money on WVU, right?
  • Miami and Louisville as a Pick'em - Vegas doesn't think Petrino ball is all that. Alternatively, they don't think Grantham's defense can stop Miami's newly acquired QB from the island of misfit toys.
  • LSU over Mississippi State (-12) - This feels like a weird line considering this game is likely to be a night game on the bayou. 
Lines are from Golden Nugget


Carter_Burger67 said...

In the words of the late, great Lewis Grizzard, "tell it all, brother. tell it all". I have no problem with CMR rooting out the bad seeds. If that makes Georgia look bad, so be it.

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