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July 12, 2014

Georgia's Offensive Depth Chart

I noted yesterday that Chip Towers took some time to look at the defensive depth chart, but he also hit some high spots on the offensive side. There were a couple of things in the offensive depth chart that caught my eye:

  • Jay Rome, who is on the pre-season watch lists for TE awards, is listed a fourth string. Towers notes that there is an injury issue he's possibly still dealing with.He's listed behind Quayvon Hicks and two others at the 'H' back position. I'll get into that more, but it is something to look out for as we start to get to actually hitting people in August.
  • Keith Marshall is still listed way down the depth chart, probably due to injuries. By all accounts, he's fully recovered and ready to roll, which considering his injury, is pretty impressive.
  • Towers notes the chart doesn't include freshmen, so no Nick Chubb or Sony Michael. 
  • The offensive line still looks up in the air. My prediction for the starters are Theus, Beard, Andrews, Pyke, and Houston, which means none of those guys will actually start in those spots.
  • On paper the WR chart looks pretty impressive: We are deep enough that Mitchell and Scott-Wesley are listed as third string at their respective positions. In reality, if they are ready to play, they are too athletic to stay off the field, which means we are loaded at WR, so Mason will have his pick of targets. The downside is Mason will need to be more in sync with his receivers than Murray was as he doesn't have quite the finesse Aaron did.
One last thing. Mason's backup is still a work in progress. Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta are bracketed as co-number twos. In that regard, maybe the most important thing Mason can do this season is stay healthy.


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