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July 17, 2014

SEC Preseason Poll

The SEC Media's Preseason Poll


SEC West SEC East
Alabama 1,915 South Carolina 1,895
Auburn 1,735 Georgia 1,777
LSU 1,453 Florida 1,362
Ole Miss 1,069 Missouri 1,263
Miss. State 890 Tennessee 893
Texas A&M 791 Vanderbilt 619
Arkansas 351 Kentucky 

This seems reasonable (the article has no votes listed for Kentucky; presumably the media didn't en mass decide to leave the Wildcats off their ballots). I'd quibble with Florida over Missouri, but I think Florida has more upside.

No shock for the SEC Championship either, other than LSU falling from their traditional spot of, 'well, they are LSU, so we have to vote them this high.'

SEC champion
Alabama 154
Auburn 75
South Carolina 32
Ole Miss 2
Arkansas 1
Mississippi State 1


Carter_Burger67 said...

Nobody told me Tony Soprano was coming to coach the Cards!!

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