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July 30, 2014

The difference in UGA and Clemson in 2013

Look forward to our first opponent, I was digging through some stats for comparison sake. Something that really jumped out at me was how good Clemson's defense was last year. With the focus on Watkins and Chad Morris's offense, Clemson's defense was quietly having a very good season.

Now, both teams have new QBs and strong D lines (noting UGA's front seven is a step behind Clemson's). Offensively, UGA should be more dynamic than Clemson. Defensively, Clemson's Vic Beasley is a difference maker.

Then there is Brent Venables' coaching, which really took hold with the defense in 2013. In 2012, Clemson was ranked 64th in total defense, with 396 ypg. In 2013, they were ranked 24th, with 356 ypg. They also dropped nearly 3 ppg from 2012. Now, it could be a function of improving talent, but some of it is getting the guys to play in a way Kevin Steele couldn't.

Now, if Jeremy Pruitt can get some improvement, particularly with scoring defense, we're in business.


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