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August 22, 2014

Haven't we been saying this all along?

Hey, look a playoff. Solves everything right because picking two teams is more fair than picking just two. 

Unless you are the fifth team....
"One thing people don't realize is that mathematically it's harder to separate a No. 5 [team] from a No. 4 than it is a No. 2 from a No. 3," Colley said. "What's the difference between the 51st team and the 50th? It's indifferent. I think there will be more reason to debate the merits of four versus five than there was with two versus three. I think you will see a pretty good debate on four versus five in most years."
And if you don't think that's true, think about the list of teams that have a legitimate beef about being left out of the 64+ team NCAA basketball tourney.

The fine line distinctions that have to be made between a one loss Pac-12 runner up and a no loss B1.5G champion are far easier than between one loss B1.5G runner up and a one loss Big12 runner up and a no loss Northern Illinios and a one loss ACC champion.

But hey, we've got a playoff and that is American. So is bitching about your team not getting a shot at the title, which now goes from one or two teams to 3-5 teams each year.


Russ said...

But he didn't sweat much for a fat guy.

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