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March 4, 2015

Fox signed his extension

Nice work, Westerdawg.


Carter_Burger67 said...

When you play a team like Kentucky, 11 turnovers is too many because they have the possibility of scoring on every one. It was nice to see my friends who are Kentucky fans sweating out tho in the second half.

Tlkdawg said...

Watching the Dawgs throw down like they did last night is so incredibly frustrating after the Auburn and South Carolina debacles the week before. Those are two lousy teams and have no business beating UGA on even one of their best nights, and yet here we are at 19-10, close to the bubble, and with at least four terrible losses on our resume (did anyone else see the Yech-UNC score?). For UGA basketball, it's always one step forward and then fall on our asses! I think that is why you see so many empty seats for lesser teams, you just know in your gut the effort and emotion probably won't be there. I've been watching the program since Durham's Dawgs in the 70's and I find my interest decreases more and more as the years pass with little positive change. I always hope for the big jump forward but don't really expect to see it anymore.

TylerDawgden said...

The injuries played a large part in both games. The other is the style of play Auburn and South Carolina plays, especially against teams that thrive on motion offense. Bruce Pearl's team also caught us at on a bad night, with officials that were content to 'let them play.'

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