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October 26, 2015

First look at Georgia-Florida

Hey, we are going to play, so I'm going to go...

Anyway, I think the game comes down to how well we contain the run game. Like last year. Florida's been scoring points the same way we have: defense and special teams.

It isn't a stretch to say the team that has that one or two big special teams play wins. Which isn't good for the Dawgs.

Still, this game is a fairly close statistical match up. SEC efficiency ranks:
Rank           Pyth    AdjO (rank) AdjD (rank) OppO (rank) OppD(rank) SOS (rank)
(7) Florida   .7938 24.9  (9)     14.1 (6) 23.0   (9)     19.7   (9)   .5911 (7)
(8) Georgia  .7718 26.1  (6)     15.6 (9) 18.5  (14)     16.1   (1)   .5818 (9)

Both teams are average in the conference. Florida has faced a slightly below average offense and slightly below average defense over the season. 

Florida did the same thing with Tennessee as Georgia, but had Butch Jones give the game away. Statistically, the Gators looked similar. Same for Missouri, but the Gators scored on an interception return and didn't give Missouri a 2 foot field to drive. And they finished drives, something we failed to do didn't do since we crawled into a shell and rocked back and forth inside the 20.

All of this is to say the SEC East is exactly as bad as everyone said. And until we lose to Florida, which I don't believe is a forgone conclusion, we are still in this thing.


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