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July 21, 2016

Yeah, Georgia's offense wasn't great on 3rd down


Q1 S&P+114.536124.915
Q2 S&P+119.52395.482
Q3 S&P+130.09142.15
Q4 S&P+105.25598.773
1st Down S&P+125.76116.820
2nd Down S&P+125.811109.140
3rd Down S&P+86.8109112.135

Which is born out when you look at the raw stats for 3rd down. 31% conversion rate, good for 120th in DI.

There is no simple answer, as we were middling on 3rd and short rushing plays (16 first downs on 29 attempts) and terrible in every other scenario (under 25% conversion rate total). Ok, we were around 50% on 3rd and short passing, which is good, but why would we ever pass on third and short considering the running game last year? Considering we only gained 96 yards on 9 completions, it wasn't like we were taking downfield shots from a rushing look.

With a different OC here, it is hard to draw conclusions, but it isn't hard to be relieved we aren't faced with the knowledge that the same OC probably would mean either running from a running look or passing from a passing look on 3rd down.

Of course, results vary.


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