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June 21, 2017

Snarky Seth Emerson is my favorite Seth Emerson

Boy, Seth is bringing the header heat in his "Georgia's Most Important Players 2017" piece on the kicking game:
ATHENS — By now, many fans assumed, Rodrigo Blankenship and his goggles would be somewhere else, chased off the Georgia football team because of the lack of a scholarship, as well as the recruitment of seemingly every available well-footed person with college eligibility.
But, he isn't wrong.

Nor is this assessment:
WHY WHOEVER WINS THE JOB IS IMPORTANT: Because in the average season, the kicker decides a couple games, perhaps more.  
For my money, we win Vandy (though that return to open the game isn't on the kicker, per se) and Georgia Tech, missing a 42 yard FG.  More importantly, Georgia punted from inside their forty in places Smart could have taken, and needed, the points (Tennessee game comes to mind).

Also, I'm not rooting for Blankenship over Martin or vice versa. I'm rooting for 60+% touch-backs, missing inside the 30 only because of poor snaps/handles, and enough leg and consistency to give the coach options on longer kicks.

I'm sure I'll disagree later, but it feels like 'Kicker' at number 8 is low.


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