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June 14, 2017

To Answer a Question

One thing that keeps popping up when I get asked what I think about 2017 Georgia Football® is what makes me think Kirby can take a significant step forward in year 2 as a coach.

Thankfully, William McFadden and Blutarsky does the heavy lifting for me. Reading McFadden's feed yesterday (NSFW for Bulldog fans), I had exactly the same feeling I had leaving Vaught-Hemingway last year: We Mark Richt because his teams were not prepared in big games to hire one that hasn't learned to prepare a team for a big game.

Let me preface this by saying, I almost never say that Kirby has already learned how to do that, just that I believe he can and think he will. That is what all of us are counting on, right?

Because stuff like this
will happen this year, because we are likely to have several 'big' games, including one on the road on September 9th that will be, at worst, the 3rd biggest game of the college football day, and in prime time.

The biggest hole in Kirby's coaching resume when we hired him is that he never had a head coaching gig, and he didn't bring in someone that had recently been a head coach to address that. As head coach, you can talk about how it was done at 'Bama, but until you actually find the buttons to push, you are really just trying to paint your dog crimson and hope he looks like an elephant.

To put it another way, Ole Miss wasn't 45-0 better than Georgia last season. Hugh Freeze was 45-0 better at getting his team ready to play a highly ranked opponent with a chance to make some news than Kirby was.

I think Kirby Smart can be that coach, or he won't be coach at Georgia for nearly as long as Mark Richt was.


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