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September 6, 2006

More on Dramatic Failure of Family-Friendly Tailgate Zones

It's Mike Adams' world, we just live in it. If he thinks Family-Friendly Tailgate Zones are a success, who are we to second guess the Beloved Leader? Since we would never publicly ridicule Michael Adams, we'll have to live vicariously through writers of letters to the editor.

Del Powell of Sandy Springs writes to the Banner-Herald about an overlooked aspect of why Adams' tee-totaling brainchild went over like a pregnant high jumper:
The new football game-day alcohol-free zone on the University of Georgia's North Campus may be a good idea from some perspective, but having the three giant blow-up playscapes was an irritating disaster. All three had big generators running. All three were as loud as industrial lawn mowers, and completely ruined the normally tranquil atmosphere. [emphasis added]

I hate that, besides looking tacky, the university's "front yard" turned into a traveling carny show. Yes, reserve the lawn for families drinking iced tea - no problem. But please, no more roaring engines all morning long.
But we've already established that no one was in the Family-Friendly Tailgate Zones, which begs the questions philophers have been asking since time eternal: if a generator runs in a family-friendly tailgate zone and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

If you explain your answer in the comments section, you will receive three sociology credits from Auburn.

Special Agent,
Department of Alcohol, Tailgating, & Fireworks (ATF)


Anonymous said...

Yes, but only if the generator is inflating Adams' ego.

82 said...

A: cheddar cheese
Now hand over my credits!

Holla said...

Seriously, though, I think you guys are missing the "point" of Adams' new gameday rules. Nobody using that part of North Campus still means the area is left looking nice, and so Adams can claim it as a win.

Anonymous said...

What's a generator?

I like crayons.

Gimme my credits.

I'm Kenny Iruns, dammit!

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