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June 26, 2008

ESPN's Mark Schlabach Projects UGA Football as....

Schlabach has been wavering this offseason back and forth on where to put the Bulldogs in that 1-3 range. Right now, he has us back into the National Title game in Miami vs. the Ohio State Suckeyes. All told, he projects 10 SEC teams bowling (Image: Hipple):

Title Game
Georgia vs. Ohio State
Auburn vs. Texas Tech
Capital One
Florida vs. Illinois
Tennessee vs. Penn State
LSU vs. Texas
Alabama vs. Virginia Tech
Music City
South Carolina vs. Miami
Ole Miss vs. Houston
Mississippi State vs. Ok State*
Kentucky vs. Rutgers

I agree with his SEC projections with some exceptions. I'm skeptical that we make the national title game given the schedule. So I'd see it more along the lines of Georgia in the Sugar, Florida in the Orange Bowl and Auburn in the Capital One Bowl.

Separately, I think that for the SEC to have 10 bowl eligible teams that Bobby Petrino will be in for another painful year. For both MSU and Ole Miss to go bowling, the Razorbacks will need to drop games to both squads.

But otherwise, I like those SEC picks. Not too unreasonable.

Other Projection Observations:
  • Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl -- No damn way. I don't see seven wins on that schedule, and you don't make the Gator with 7 wins.
  • Texas Tech in the BCS -- I don't see it. I see them finishing 3rd in the Big 12 South.
  • Georgia Tech -- Schlabach has the Yellow Jackets sitting at home this year. That would end one of the longer consecutive bowl steaks in the nation. There's no way Gailey lets that streak end with this talent.
  • BYU -- The Cougars are the trendy pick for the BCS at-large spot this year. I could see them making that sort of ranking, and the Fiesta would love to have them. I just hope they fall on their face before that.
What sticks out in your mind from his list?


*I must've been asleep at the wheel or maybe I forgot. But I didn't realize that the SEC had joined up with the Big East in the Bowl in Birmingham.


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't think Chan Gailey has any say in the matter w/r/t Tech's bowl chances this year.

Paul Westerdawg said...


I know that. I was merely saying that if he were still the coach that he wouldn't have that record.


Will said...

I doubt we'll make it to the NC game, but I'm sure Ohio State will sneak in somehow, just to get clobbered.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Notre Dame's schedule looks much more manageable than in past years. The last game at USC is the only one that's a sure loss. They get 4 of their first 6 at home against "decent" opposition and the two road games are at Michigan State and UNC. Some Big East slackers are mixed in during the latter part of the year.

And, yes, I think the Gator Bowl would jump at the chance to get an ND team with 7 wins. TV ratings will be way up and they would put more folks in the stands.

A-Phiz said...

I don't see Texas Tech making it to a BCS bowl. Sure they can put up huge offensive numbers but I thought you actually had to play some sort of defense to win. Ohio State being in the title game just depresses me.

dean said...

First, great picture. Jim Hipple is the Tim Tebow of photography.

Second, I'm with you on TT. I don't see them any better than 3rd the big 12. Plus I'm not sold on PSU getting a BCS bowl. A New Year's day bowl, possibly. They've got a tough stretch to go through starting in Sept. when they play Illinois, @Purdue, @Wisconsin, Michigan and @Ohio St. Doable but tough.

dean said...

Whoops I thought he had PSU in a BCS bowl. MY fault.

Smitty said...

Texas Tech and Auburn won't make it that far. I'd like to see Alabama in that Papa Johns Bowl haha.

Anonymous said...

You're comments regarding GT were a bit off, IMO (and with all due respect). You said there's no way Gailey would not make a bowl with the talent GT has on hand. Personally, I don't think GT has much talent or depth on hand. Just look at their last 5 recruiting classes (sans the '07 one). And to boot, several talented players left during the off-season, and I believe they only have 73 players on scholarship currently.

GT's talent is at its lowest point since the mid 90's, I believe.

carter said...

UGA-Ga. Southern 12:30, pay-per-view

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 2:44,

I could be off. But I don't think that some of those mass defections this offseason happen under Gailey's watch.

We'll see. GT could start this season at 3-1 or 1-3. Neither would shock me.

But I know what I'm pulling for.

Anonymous said...

Clempscum in the Orange??? LOL - When hell freezes over! Or when Tammy figures out how to not blow their season on gimme games. Sorry, but no way in hell that trend changes this year.

Anonymous said...

Anon - 3:54 the ACC is really down this year. If Bowden has an Oline he could go a very long way.

6-2 in his division will get him to the ACC title game.

Anonymous said...

Did you just indicate that Notre Dame has a difficult schedule?

I just checked out your link to their schedule and it doesn't exactly look like calculus.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 3:36

Fair question. I guess that I'm not saying ND's schedule is that tough as much as I'm saying it's too tough for a team that will suck that bad.

I don't see 7 wins on that given they can't block sunlight, tackle or run fast.

C. Paul said...

Anon 3:54

We'll learn a tremendous amount about Clemp-scum when they open up with Bama at the Dome.

If they handle Bama easily (which they should considering talent and experience), they should go to the Orange as the ACC is down, if they struggle or lose, it is going to be a long season for them (and maybe the last for Tammy Bowden).


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