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August 25, 2011

So, Denver is Finally Seeing What Nearly Everyone Else Knew

Tim Tebow is, at best, a gifted athlete that got as far as he did at QB due to the system he was in.  He is likely to be the third string QB in Denver this season...if they don't trade him.  An undrafted free agent from the University of Minnesota is drawing the praise Tebow normally gets, but as an undrafted free agent vs. 1st round pick, the former Gopher will be on the practice squad. 

As much as I don't like Tebow, I hate the media's obsessive deification of him even more.  Tebow is by all accounts a strong Christian man, just like many, many strong Christian men that have played football before him.  He accomplished some very impressive things at Florida. He wasn't the first football player to go on missions.  He wasn't the first to win the Heisman.  He was the first college player to perform medical procedures on the privates of 14 year old boys, so he has that going for him. 

I'm just shocked the media is still scratching their heads over the 'fall' of Tebow in the NFL.  Keep the sharp stuff away from Thom Brenneman. 


Dawgfan Will said...

Well, the Broncos have gotten to spend way more than 15 minutes with him, so just imagine how much better their lives are now.

Irwin R. Flecther said...

Really? Is that going to be the meme on always loved Tebow, predicted he would succeed, and now can't understand how he failed?

That's a poor version of history. Most NFL pundits were shocked ...shocked...that Denver used a first round pick on the guy. And let's be fair, it was a late first round pick...those can be anywhere from JP Losman to Aaron Rodgers to Patrick Ramsey and everything in between (see Drukenmiller, Jim). Hell...David Carr, Jamarcus Russell, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Byron Leftwich, Matt Leinart, Joey Harrington...a good to great college QB struggling in the NFL is nothing new.

So Tebow ending up 3rd string in his second season shouldn't be a shock to anyone considering he was a late first round pick that probably should have been a 3rd round pick and that most NFL drafted QBs are not starting QBs ever...let alone their first two seasons.

But if that's the narrative you want to build, feel free.

Frankly, I think you can suck it on this one. I can't stand Florida either...but I'm going to give Tebow his due.
The guy is probably one of the top 5 or 10 college football players of all time. If you want to fall all over yourself to kick him as soon as he stumbles (which might still be premature considering the point where we are in his career), be my guest. But I would hope others wouldn't try to tear down a certain running back because he decided to leave college early and spent a few years in the USFL, thus destroying his professional legacy, or because your hometown NFL team traded the farm for him and he never quite performed up to those expectations, and therefore, I'll leave Tebow alone and savor the time we sacked his a$$ 6 times and Knowshon put up 188 yards rushing.

JaxDawg said...

Gee Fletch, chill a bit. The world loves to build you up and tear you down - Tebow is no different. But I agree with you that he is a good guy and the type of role model we need these days.

The thing with Tebow is that he was the perfect player to come around at the perfect time. He was raised 45 minutes from Gainesville, was a huge qb who just happened to play at the same time as Meyer was hitting his stride at Florida. The odds of this combination EVER happening again at the college level are slim. There will never be another college QB who will be a better fit for the spread, the annoying this for us is that he just happened to play for the most arrogant, cocksucking school ever. We will have our comeuppance against FLorida just as Tebow is having his now as he struggles to fit into a pro-style offense. Nothing against the kid, it was just very predictable.

Ollllddude said...

"He was the first college player to perform medical procedures on the privates of 14 year old boys"

Maybe, but HW knocked the jock straps off several DBs in his day, and faked several others out of their straps. Prolly got a little foreskin at the same time. :)

SRQDawgs15 said...

Take it easy Irwin....everything Tyler says here is true. While a few NFL pundits said Tebow would fail...many more said they were crazy and he could will his teams to victory and change the QB position. ESPN spent the entire offseason making up this QB controversy, anointing him the starter, etc. I too do not understand why Tebow is portrayed as the only decent human being to wear football pads. I know it doesn't fit ESPN's plan, since its hard to go on and on and run specials about a 3rd string QB, but Tebow is not a good QB. Without the threat of running every play his passing game leaves much to be desired, despite what he does off the filed. Tebow is another "product of the system" guy just like Colt Brennan and so many others before him. Nice post Tyler....I'm not sure how this deserves a response like Irwin's "you can suck it."

Anonymous said...

I'm not buying it. This sudden turn on Tebow in just the last 2 weeks is beyond rotten. Look, I can't stand the guy if only because of the media obsession while he was at Florida which was beyond the pale.

But just 2 weeks ago he was being billed as the starter. And ater going 5 for 6 with a 50+ yard bomb down the field he all of a sudden sucks & is 4th on the depth chart below a guy who made the interception record for Big Ten QBs? That doesn't make an ounce of sense. Tyler, you need to do your homework. As mush as we'd like to believe Tim sucks in the nfl, that simply isn't true. And the stats prove it.

What's most concerning is the recent hits on Tim because of his faith, or more importantly how open Tim is about his faith. We see the media push their agenda daily (see Obama). What I can't figure out is why the sudden turn on Tim. It's definitely not based on his performance.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Westerdawg....Sir..please please forgive the young buck. To much knowledge hath made him mad!! PWD with all these new bloggers springing up like mushrooms. I apprecaite your blog more than ever, i will promptly behead the malcontent!!!

Irwin R. Flecther said...

#1- I hope no one took my post as anything more than banter. I guess it is a little strong, but was certainly not meant to be anything more than mirroring the tone of the post.

#2- Along those lines, let's make sure we correct the revisionist history that the Chosen One has always been treated as destined to succeed in the NFL by the NFL pundits (frankly, the NFL punditry is so territorial that any thing that doesn't fit their chosen mold..i.e a Qb who is 6'5" with a rocket arm and lots of 'poise'...generally is derided)...

Anyway, without doing a bunch of quotes or have the Google, I'm sure...just note that most folks had him somewhere between 35 and 50 overall, everyone had him ranked behind Claussen (in what was a horrendous QB class)..

Anyway, I'll sum it up with Mel Kiper...

I liked the Demaryius Thomas pick, but the three picks (net two picks) for Tim Tebow was a serious leap of faith for a guy who's not as ready to play in the NFL as several other quarterbacks drafted behind him. I respect Denver's conviction, but its sense of draft board value has to be called into serious question. I think anybody can see that.

Anonymous said...

It's only because of the former coach, the man-child Josh Mcdaniels that Tim was first rounder at all.

Jules said...

Georgia Alum here who lives 3 minutes from Broncos Training HQ. The real scoop is the fact that when Tebow arrived at training camp this year he had taken several steps back in his development. The coaches didn't know what they had in anyone until practices started, and based on where Tebow finished the year last year he looked like they could do something with him. Tebow gets a lot of credit for being a "hard worker" but he didn't hire a QB coach in the off-season like Brady Quinn did. He missed the first several player-run workout sessions (book tour, anyone?).

Last year, Tebow got preferential treatment from Josh McDaniels. He gave Tebow every chance to succeed. Tebow has to now actually stand on the merit of what he does NOW versus his reputation. But you know you're in trouble when the fourth-string quarterback (an undrafted free agent)is getting more compliments than you.

By the way, it isn't the media driving this. Don't think for one second that John Elway isn't in some way behind the de-valuing of Tebow. It's either to force it into Tebow's head that he isn't a QB and that he needs to switch positions (fullback), or to get fans to calm down about expectations of him.

If Tebow plays well in his last two pre-season games, then he can at least sit on the bench this year and learn/practice as much as he can. If he plays badly, then we'll see what happens.

Dawgnoxious said...

I think the members of the media who just want to touch the hem of Tebow's garment realize that no one can defend the kind of performances he's had in the pre-season.

He'll be a great fullback, if he isn't too stubborn to switch.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Tebow was a great college player no doubt.

I live in Colorado Springs and dreaded the day Denver drafted as I had hoped to never hear his name again. (I came to think of him as Lord Voldermort).

I think it was the ego of McDaniels that drafted him. However, the Broncos have a pretty good NFL coach in John Fox who is far more traditional. Also, it is not like Orton is a horrible QB. Orton's play did not cost Denver games it was the league's worst defense. (Orton was horrible against Oakland but every QB not named Manning or Brady is going to have a game like that from time to time).

I doubt Tebow will ever play another NFL position. I think for one thing that he has a broader perspective on life than most NFL players. Also ESPN will hire him in a flash.

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