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July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Question for Georgia's Camp

It is Tuesday. Players report tonight. I report being freaked out over snakes and carnies. And undersized tailbacks.

Today's question:

Will anyone step up and be that one running back we want to move the rock consistently? I don't look for Georgia to have a Marcus Lattimore type feature back. Possibly Crowell could have been that guy. Possibly. However, we haven't really had one of those since Musa Smith. Bobo and Richt like to spread carries around, which is great for some things (such as keeping someone fresh and allowing for different styles of runners in various play-sets). It is terrible for some things (players can't get into a flow and it gives me hives). 

Between Samuel, Boo, Marshall, Gurley, Harton and Karempelis there are plenty of backs there to get some things done. Honestly, I don't think we see too much of anyone but Samuel, Boo and a combo of Marshall/Gurley (one will be red-shirted).  Harton will get some looks as a 'change of pace' type. Will we see the Samuel from the Florida game? If so, we'll see a lot of him.

One last thing, you know we are going to see some of the which RB can handle blocking on passing plays non-sense. I personally believe part of the reason for the co-starter designation from spring was Malcolme's blocking vis-a-vis Crowell's blocking. For my money, Boo will be the guy to get the rest of the carries/snaps early due to that. Obviously, if Marshall catches up with either Samuel or Boo in handling blocking, that could change things.



Rob said...

All the talk it of Samuel playing mostly tailback but what if boo continues to run like end of last year and marshall picks up block scheme quickly which he could do being a smart young man and early enrolled. Couldn't we find ourselves back where we started with Samuel at FB and boo/Marshall at RB? I think that I-formation of Murray, Samuel, and Boo/Marshall would be extremely hard to scheme against for our opponents

Anonymous said...

Richt has said that neither Marshall or Gurley will redshirt.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt gurley or marshall get redshirted

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