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November 29, 2013

Annnddd we're back

After a week on Royal Caribbean, I'm back and ready to take on some bees. Nothing against Royal Caribbean, but if you have cruising dollars, spend them on Carnival. I've sailed both multiple times, and Carnival's customer service and approach is better.  We had great service at dinner, but that is the only place the service, or desire to make sure we were being served, really shined.

Oh, Belize is fantastic. Really, really top notch experience zip lining in the rain forest. Didn't see/hear howler monkeys, which was a let down. Also, we spent a day snorkeling in Arricifes de Cozumel National Park with Hernan Bacelis Fuentes on the Alba. This isn't a paid advertisement, so if you are there look him up. He's as good as they get. We took the kids on their first snorkel and his divemaster stayed with three kids for an hour in the water. Good times.



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