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July 22, 2015

Tight End U

Not to say this is prophesy (especially since I've been mostly not writing since winter), but I've been telling anyone that'll listen that the TEs will be the most underestimated piece of UGA's offensive success in 2015.

Now, Saturday Down South's Murph Baldwin puts meat on that bone:
Deploying multiple tight ends forces a conflict of assignment — at least from a personnel perspective. On one hand, you need to keep base personnel on the field as the offense has two extra blockers on the field for the run game.
In his companion piece, he breaks down the four headed monster that we'll see in Blazevich, Rome, Davis and Hicks. I especially like his assessment of Hicks, noting his athleticism in blocking schemes, and his ability to turn standard gains into long gains. I can't say why he hasn't blossomed into the dominant player I thought he'd be, but the pieces are there for him to have a huge Senior year.

While I want to see us open the offense up more, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see us run multiple packages with two TEs. All four TEs are capable of creating coverage issues for LBs, especially in packages that demand the LB decide between covering the H/Y back and staying in on run protect.

The only question is will Schottenheimer trust his instincts to allow that to work.


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