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September 30, 2005

100,000th Visitor and Greatest Hits

Sometime between now and Monday, the Georgia Sports Blog will get its 100,000th visitor (new URL visitors plus old ones). Not bad since I just got cranking on it in May, and I moved the site a month ago. The 200,000th page view will be in 2 weeks or so.

I thought that I would post a Greatest Hits so far (in no particular order):

Urban Meyer Praised for Pointing and Staring
By JeromeFromDecatur
Guest Writer/Director of PS2 Previews

Pope Benedict XVI Assumes Control of Harris Poll
By Paulwesterdawg

The Meteor Game: Rooting for Cataclysm
By Aaron Fullen
Guest Writer

Georgia Tech to Announce 2005 Team Slogans
By the entire Georgia Sports Blog Investigative Team

Top 10 Things Overheeard said by Georgia Tech Freshmen
By Ugas Home
Guest Writer

27 UGA Athletes Caught in Scandal
By SaxonDawg
Guest Writer

Vandy Makes it Easy Like Sunday Morning
By Paulwesterdawg

UF vs. UT Preview: By the Numbers
By Apu/ArcDog
Guest Writer

81Dog Previews the 2005 UGA Season
By 81Dog
Guest Writer/Chief Tech Hate of the Universe

Mike Floyd's SEC Preview
By Mike Floyd
Guest Writer

Caption Contest: Picture Day at Tech
By Everyone

Pre-season Awards
By Paulwesterdawg

Thanks to everyone who has visited. The site has been a fun stress relief for me. Special thanks to the guys who write things for the site and keep the content fresh and funny.

Go Dawgs and Have a Great Weekend!



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