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August 31, 2005

So where will the Saints play Ball?

The following post came about from a discussion on message board. I just took the idea the next step....

The Mayor of New Orleans is saying that it might be 3-4 months before people can return to New Orleans. So where will the Saints play? has an interesting article that mentions several possibilities including Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, Birmingham, Shreveport and other places.

If I were the Governor of Louisiana, I would get on the phone with Tom Benson, owner of the Saints and ask him to help me play let's make a deal with mayors in surrounding cities. The State of Louisiana needs cities and organizations to assume care for their refugees. Surrounding cities need tourists and attendees for their empty stadiums. What not play tit for tat?

"If you take 5,000-25,000 of my refugees and I'll give you 1, 3 or even 4 Saints home games." That's a good financial and PR deal for just about everyone. This may in fact have already happened in Houston. The city of Houston has taken all of the 25,000 or so refugees from the SuperDome and will be housing them in the mostly vacant AstroDome until things stabilize in New Orleans. They've also opened Houston area public schools to New Orleans children who are staying in the AstroDome.

Looking at the Saints and Houston Texans schedules there are 4 weeks during the season where the Saints have a home game and the Texans are on the road. Could a 4 game deal have already been struck?

LSU's Tiger Stadium would also make sense for a few games. Baton Rouge is the staging center for much of the NOLA relief effort. So an early season game might not make sense. Why not consider shipping a game to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, to Texas Stadium in Dallas or elsewhere in exchange for dumping (for lack of a bette word) refugees?

[Click on the Donate Now Logo to contribute to the American Red Cross]

There are an estimated 1 million refugees. They've got to go somewhere.

Just an idea.

Tickle Pile Falls Flat

GT's Pep Rally pulls 30 fans. According to the link above, The Athletic Department claims no responsibility for not inviting fans or students. They blame the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Typical, throw the Christians to the Lions. (Or bees as it were)

Maybe, the Tech fans should stop being mad at the Athletic Department and commend them for doing a great job. 30 fans for a GT Pep Rally...That's like 110% of their fan base.

Tech makes being a blogger very easy.

[Photo Below: The few GT students who did show up came dressed in their Game Day Best. Click to Enlarge.]

August 30, 2005

Will Your Team Be Playing Ball This Weekend? Should They?

As things spiral out of control in New Orleans and as the rest of the Gulf Coast deals with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, I thought I would ask the question.

Who will be playing College Football in the Southeast this weekend? Should they be playing?

LSU and Tulane have already cancelled their home games. That was an obvious no brainer. By the time you read this, I'm predicting that Miss State and Ole Miss will pull their games offline as well. Not because I want them to. But because of this simple question.

Should the Emergency and Safety Personnel of Mississippi be directing traffic for a football game? Or should they be helping people rebuild their lives, find lost love ones, and maintain the peace in Biloxi, Gulfport or across the flood ravaged state?

Additionally, will the Mississippi Department of Transportation want to encourage an event that causes people to get in their vehicles and travel across the state? Something they've been begging people not to do all week?

For that matter, will they even have power in Starkville and Oxford?

The same question could go for Alabama and Auburn's home games. Are there enough security personnel in that state to manage the Mobile and Gulf Shores areas and still wrangle 160,000 combined fans at those game sites?

Maybe it isn't an either or situation. Maybe they can do both. I certainly hope so. No fan is more eager for football than me.

As a Georgia Fan, my concern is what happens if 5 SEC schools drop their games this weekend. Will the SEC think about cancelling the entire slate of games out of sympathy? I seriously doubt it, and I hope not. Because Boise's scheduled off weeks don't jive with ours.

Just something to mull over as we all eagerly await football season.


Non-UGA Game of the Week - GT vs. AU

(Preface: Miami vs. FSU is technically next week as it's a Monday Game or clearly it would be the Non-Dawg game of this week.)

One of the grand old rivalries of college football took a 16 year (or so) hiatus until being renewed in 2003. The return trip of the series is this weekend on the Plains.

Why UGA Fans Should Watch:
This is a win for Dawg fans either way. If Auburn loses, we don't have to hear anything else about this annoying winning streak. If GT loses, there's little chance that Gailey will put together the sort of big year that gets him a contract extension.

How do the teams matchup?

Where is Tech's advantage?
Skill Position advantage. Shockingly, Georgia Tech has the overall edge in offensive skill players. Both in terms of talent and experience for this early season matchup.

QB - Reggie Ball vs. Brandon Cox.
Reggie Ball can play as bad as any QB in America when he's off, but the kid has 23+ starts under his belt. When PJ Daniels is healthy, Ball's record is actually quite good (See AU vs. GT 2003). Will he hold up on the road in a hostile crowd? Who knows. But it's always a safer bet to take the veteran QB who has proven that he "can" play well vs. the rookie making his first start. Edge = GT (slightly)

[Photo: I'm not saying Ball is Joe Montana. Just saying he's better than a Game 1 Rookie if you're picking today.]

RB - PJ Daniels vs. Tre Smith/Kenny Irons
Daniels has proven that he's a very, very good college back when healthy. And he is healthy this week. As a true freshman, he rushed for 1,500 yards in the ACC. Tre Smith rushed for 100+ versus a good Bama defense in 2002. Otherwise, he's been injured or a non-factor. He's also coming off appendix surgery. Kenny Irons couldn't beat out Daccus Thurman at SC to sniff playing time. Edge = GT (huge, huge edge)

[Photo: Kenny Irons gets mauled by Florida. He also got clobbered by East Idaho Teacher's College, but I couldn't find pictures of that.]

WR - Calvin, Bilbo and Laurie Gailey vs. the 2 Muslim kids and Taylor
Aromashodu (Sr.), Obomanu (Sr.) and Courtney Taylor (Jr.) are solid, proven and veteran SEC WRs. None of them are as talented as Calvin Johnson. Auburn also has no one who can cover Calvin if Reggie gets him the ball. But Calvin is one man. Damarius Bilbo is known to channel Ron Garvin at times. He has emmense physical talents, but he flat out can't catch. Pat Clark is an unknown. Edge = Auburn (It's easier to scheme against 1 great WR than it is 3 very good ones.)

[Photo: Hands of Stone Ron Garvin was Bilbo's hero and role model]

What is Auburn's advantage?
Beef! The lines of scrimmage.

GT's Offensive Line vs. Auburn's Front 7
Tech loses 3 starters and several backups from an offensive line that wasn't very good in 2004. Wrotto was looking to be a player on OL, but defensive injuries moved him back to DT where he can return to his play makingless ways (more on that later). True, Auburn is replacing 3 starters on the DL, but two of the replacements are seniors and all played meaningful minutes last year. And all are very talented. Auburn also returns all 3 starters from an outstanding LB corp. Massive Overwhelming Edge = Auburn

Auburn's OL vs. Tech's Front 7
Auburn returns all world OT Marcus McNeil along with very solid performers in Reddick and Grubbs. With the exception of 2003, Auburn almost always fields a solid OL. This group is more talented and physical than a typical AU OL. So I expect big things.

[Photo: McNeil vs any GT lineman not named Eric is bad times for GT]

Tech's Front Seven is lead by All-American candidate Eric Henderson. Henderson vs. McNeil will be a great matchup. The rest of the GT DL is over matched, young and thin. Wrotto returns at DT, but frankly the guy is just not a playmaker. His FR year he started every game and finished the season with only 2 more solo tackles than Reggie Ball (3 to 1). Last year, he improved dramatically remained ineffective and upped his solo tackles to Four in 12 starts. Talented young DT Darryl Richard is out for the season. Talented DT Anaoi is back, but how healthy? GT says completely, but shoulders are tricky. The front 4 is backed up by undersized freshmen and journeymen.

[Photo: Wrotto wasn't considered for this ESPN show, and it wasn't because he doesn't live a reckless, lawless life. He just doesn't make plays.]

Tech has solid linebackers. This is an area where Gailey has recruited well. However, one of his best playmakers last year was Chris Reis. As a Safety 2 years ago his lack of DB speed got him beat regularly. As a LB last year, his speed was above average for the position, and he was a consistent playmaker. So, Gailey moves him back to Safety. With the loss of Richard and Houston, I don't think this is near the Defense that GT people were giddy about back in late January.

The matchups along the lines don't favor GT in the least. However, Tenuta is every bit as good a defensive coordinator as Borges is with the offense. If Auburn had a proven RB, I'd predict them to win by 10+ points. But in Game 1 with a rookie QB and no proven RBs, I'm expecting a close battle. The team that turns it over the least wins. I think that team will be Auburn in a 16 to 13 type affair. Ugly and low scoring.

Blog Poll Week 1: What Accountability Looks Like in Polling

The First Blog Poll is out. My ballot is posted here.

To me the Blog Poll is interesting because of the statistical analysis that Brian from MgoBlog puts together surrounding the data (the links above show what I'm talking about). I bombed Stats 200 at UGA despite it being an open book exam class, but I do understand the high level point he's making.

Each week he publishes things like:
1. The teams with the highest standard deviation. In other words, the teams that people have the widest variance of opinions on. This week it's Auburn, Florida and Purdue.

2. The voter with the most absurdly out of the ordinary ballot. This week, the dude that has Louisville #3, Cal #8 and Boise #9 fits that bill.

3. Voter with the Highest and Lowest Bias rating. When we submit our votes, Brian logs our "home team". Those that hold their team in unusually high or low regard get called out.

Why are those 3 things interesting? Because the voters with the most absurd ballots get called out on as many as 50 different blogs which are viewed by around 1 million folks a month for their controversial picks, and they have to defend their picks to continue voting.

This is the way the AP and the Coaches Polls should work. We as fans should be able to see which voters have the biggest biases. Which teams the voters have the least concensus opinions. Which teams are getting dinged in an unsually negative fashion by which voters. Is there a West Coast bias? How much so? Does the Mid-west really control the AP Poll? How biased are they?

The process and the ballots should be transparent! With tranparency and visibility comes greater accountability. With greater accountability comes a better ballot.

One of the things that the Blog Poll guys have talked about is a Monday listing of all the games that you watched. That way site visitors and other voters will know how knowledgable you really are on the game. I'm a fan of this idea. It's yet another thing that Harris, AP and Coach's poll voters should be required to submit.

Anyway, for those that didn't click above the Blog Poll top 25 is pasted here:

Rank Team
1 Southern Cal (47)
2 Texas (1)
3 Tennessee
4 Michigan
5 Louisiana State
6 Miami (Florida)
7 Oklahoma
8 Virginia Tech
9 Ohio State
10 Iowa
11 Florida
12 Louisville
13 Georgia
14 Florida State
15 Auburn
16 Texas A&M
17 Purdue
18 Cal
19 Boise State
20 Arizona State
21 Texas Tech
22 Alabama
23 Boston College
24 Pittsburgh
25 Virginia

Kickoff is just a few short days away.

Kyle King gets Ready for Football Season

Funny article about gearing up for the season.

When I have more time, I'll give some background on Kyle's web site/blog and why you should bookmark it.


August 29, 2005

Caption Contest -- GT Fan Photo Day

JeromefromDecatur found this one.

"Georgia Tech Fever: Catch it."

"Georgia Tech Football: Better than Child Abuse."

"Please send me back to the child labor camp. Anything would be better than Tech Picture day."

"Child Abuse is Never Funny."

August 26, 2005

Most Important Body Parts in College Football

LMAO. EverydayShouldBeSaturday once again has me laughing out loud with his look at the most important body parts in college football. Obviously, the show stopper is the Marcus Vick commentary.

I would add 3 more to his list:
Anus - Steve Spurrier. Let's not mince words. South Carolina hired an asshole and now all eyes are on him.

Knee - Brodie Croyle. Is there another team that could swing from 3-9 to 9-2 on the basis of one knee ligament?

Mouth - Urban Meyer. No one has done more to chat up his team than Meyer. If his coaching doesn't match his talking, he's digging his own grave.

Georgia Tech to Announce 2005 Team Slogan tomorrow

GT will announce their new 2005 Team Slogan at Fan Day tomorrow. According to Tech Sources, "the students-athletes themselves coined this year's motto and trust me here....THEY BEELIEVE IN IT!"

The Georgia Sports Blog's investigative team (81Dog, Mike Floyd, Saxon Dawg, Ugas Home and myself) has been working the phones all afternoon to provide you with the most up to date coverage on this hot topic. We have now seen the final list of slogans. And we know the winner. BEEhold....

The Finalists:
"We have a Johnson, but we don't know how to use it."

"GT Football: Smoke 'em if you've got 'em."

"GT Football -- Count on it." (Reggie Ball's suggestion)

"You Can't Spell CHEAT without TECH"

"Welcoming Rival Fans By the Thousands."

"We Bee Stoned!"

"Houston, We've Got a Problem"

"The Starship Chanterprise--Boldly Going to Bowls where No Team Has Gone Before"

"Tech's new logo, now available on wrist bracelets and the special Reuben Houston ankle bracelet."

"Good Seats Still Available."

"Hard on the Heart, but easy on the Wallet."

"GT Football. It's Smoking BayBEE."

"GT Football -- Tickle This."

"Big Slide Rule. Little Me."

"Bee There or Bee a Square Root."

"Your key to Thursday night entertainment"

"GT Football: When we say "home grown," we aren't talking about talent."

"Tech Football: Please keep off the Grass."

"GT Football -- 3 Downs and a cloud of smoke"

"It Ain't Cheatin If You Don't Get Caught"

"We're A Hell Of An Engineer (our athletes aren't but we don't talk about that)"

"GT Football. A Proud Tradition Of Blue Turf Bowls"

"Drug Free GT! (we only distribute)"
GTU Football: ACC Mathmatical Elimination Fever: Catch It!

GTU Football: What Time Can You Get Here?

GTU Football: Half Baked. Fully Chantastic.

GTU Football: Still Better Than Being In A Car Wreck

GTU Football: The Few. The Deluded. The Jackets.

GTU Football: Come For the Street Carnival, Stay For the Chance to Sit With 35,000 UGA Fans

GTU Football: 15,000 Fans, 10,000 Shades of Yellow

GTU Football: It's Stink, errrr, Sting Time.

GTU Football: We Havent Lost To Furman in 20 Years


"Georgia Tech:
America's Hardest Hitting Football Program"

SEC of 1990 vs. 2004

Will anyone ever repeat a run like Steve Spurrier's in the SEC from 1990-1996? Before you answer, it's important to look at where the league was then versus now in terms of coaching.

Compare coaches today vs. 1990-1996:
Alabama - Mike Shula vs. Gene Stallings
Arkansas - Houston Nutt vs. Danny Ford/Ken Hatfield
Auburn - Tommy Tuberville vs. Terry Bowden/Pat Dye**
Georgia - Mark Richt vs. Ray Goff
LSU - Les Miles vs. Mike Archer/Gerry Dinardo
South Carolina - Steve Spurrier vs. Sparky Woods/Brad Scott
Tennessee - Fulmer vs. Fulmer/Majors

If you look at the perennial top 6 teams in the SEC (AU, UA, LSU, UT, UF and UGA), you see that all but Bama has upgraded their coaches since 1990-1996. Additionally, a cellar dwellar like South Carolina has upgraded its staff, and Arkansas has also upgraded with Nutt. Even Ole Miss has a stronger today than the early 1990s.

The Gator fans -- and most SEC fans for that matter -- want to achieve a level of dominance that Spurrier obtained. However, it isn't realistic in this era. The SEC is more competitive than ever before. In fact, there have been 6 different SEC Champs in the past 7 years.

1998 - Tennessee
1999 - Alabama
2000 - Florida
2001 - LSU
2002 - Georgia
2003 - LSU
2004 - Auburn

If a coach won the SEC once every 4 years in this era, it would be a towering achievement. Consider that Fulmer has only 2 SEC titles in his 12+ year career. No other current SEC Coach has more than 1 title at his school.

Conclusion -- For anyone to tear through the SEC like Spurrier did in those first 7 years, not only would their program have to hire a Top 5 coach. The rest of the league would have to downgrade their coaching talent across the board to create a power void.

Note: I don't want to deminish the accomplishments of Spurrier's last 5 years. He did win 1 more SEC Championship. And he posted a tremendous record. But his first 7 years was when he was almost unbeatable.

**(Remember, Pat Dye after 1990 was nothing like the Pat Dye of 1981-1989 in terms of results).

August 25, 2005

South Carolina to Implement Run-N-Punt

Forget the Fun-N-Gun, Bandit Ball and the Cock-N-Fire. Spurrier has a new idea.

Tuesday's scrimmage for the Gamecocks was a debacle. Highlights from's article:
The dismal showing in the passing game — USC quarterbacks were a combined 18-for-51 for 151 yards with three interceptions — had Spurrier thinking about abandoning his trademark aerial attack for more of a Lou Holtz approach.

“We’ve had some real ugly offensive scrimmages. Don’t know if we’ve had one quite as ugly as tonight. It was a struggle tonight,” Spurrier said.

If the vertical passing game does not improve before the Sept. 1 opener against Central Florida, Spurrier said he might try to find a winning formula with the running game, special teams and defense.

“Hopefully, I’m smart enough not to try to throw. If we can’t throw, we’ll run up the middle and punt. And if our defense can play this well, if we can win 13-10, that’s what we’ll do to try to win. But we can’t go out there and throw it right to the other team.”

Yeah, Spurrier's going to hang half a hundred on Georgia all right. lol.

UGA vs. Boise State Early Weather Forecast

It's going to be brutally hot, and the temperature won't really give us any relief til the 4th Quarter when it gets below 80 degrees.
has a High of 87 and a Low of 69. As a point of comparison, today's weather was about the same forecast.

The Hour-by-Hour feature on shows that today in Athens the high was 85 degrees.

5:00 pm - 84 degrees, Humidity 67% Feels like 90 degrees
6:00 pm - 82 degrees, Humidity 69%
7:00 pm - 80 degrees, Humidity 74%
8:00 pm - 78 degrees, Humidty 79%

We can expect a similar cooling on Sept. 3rd.

It will likely be drier on Sept. 3rd. So barring an afternoon thunderstorm (which is damn near daily), the humidity will be a tiny bit lower.

August 24, 2005

Meyer Attempts to Top Pointing and Staring Routine

In a recent interview with reporters, Meyer was asked about his Staring and Pointing routine. Ever the showman, suburban attempted to perform the much more difficult "two handed synchronized rub" only to fail and show all what UF fans just can't seem to bare to acknowledge: He is Mortal. (Hat Tip: to TJ)

BTW -- Bear Bryant, the unquestioned greatest coach in the SEC, never bothered with Staring and Pointing. He was more of a Stand and Lean kind of guy.

New Home of Paulwesterdawg's Blog!

This is the NEW home of Paulwesterdawg's Blog. Bookmark me!

If you currently link to, please read the note below:

I'm in the process of changing the URL of my blog from to the more Google friendly

The bulk of my content has already been ported over this site. The new URL will give me better Google rankings and make it not so weird when I have guest writers signing their name on articles for a blog with my name on it.

Anyway - if you have a link to my site on your blog in your blog roll, please update it with the URL.

Also - I'm going to update my blog roll to reflect all Blog Poll members by cutting and pasting Brian's Mgoblog HTML. However, I'm holding off on that until Brian finishes updating his list on his sidebar.

If you've got links up to my content, the Paulwesterdawg site will remain up for several months. I'll run parallel at first while Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc indexes the new site. Then I'll just stop writing to the old site, but I'll leave it up for a long time. That way your links won't be busted.

[the date on this article is 2006 just to keep it at the top of the page]

August 23, 2005

AU vs. Washington State rumor

WJOX in Bham and the Seattle Times reported yesterday that Auburn and Washington State have been working with ESPN to put together a package that brings Washington State into Jordan-Hare for the 2006 Season Opener. This would be a similar deal to the Oregon State vs. LSU arrangement that ESPN brokered in 2004.

This is still in the Rumor stages because the Seattle Times says it's all but a done deal while the Huntsville Times says it isn't. Regardless, it's nice to see SEC teams using the 12th game to think outside of the box.

[Photo: Ryan Leaf's old school to hit the plains?]

So far, all the powerhouses in the SEC -- except Florida -- seem to be working hard to either use the 12th game to continue their tradition of scheduling at least 1 solid non-rival OCC game a year (Tennessee, Auburn and Bama have been good at this lately with games versus Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, Georgia Tech, UCLA, etc) or they are using it as an opportunity to begin doing so. UGA falls into the later category scheduling Arizona State ('08 and '09) and Colorado ('06 and '10). Spurrier and the Gamecocks have also been trying to book UNC for an extended series.

Upcoming SEC Non-Rival OCC Games of Interest:
Alabama vs. Penn State - 2013/2014
Arkansas vs. Southern Cal - 2005/2006
LSU vs. Arizona - 2006
LSU vs. Arizona State - 2008
Ole Miss vs. Wake - 2006/2008
Ole Miss vs. GT - 2010/2011
MSU vs. West Virginia - 2006/2007
UT vs. Cal - 2006/2007
UT vs. UCLA - 2008/2009
UT vs. NCSU - 2008/2012

Also, UGA is rumored to be talking with UCLA for a two game series in the 2011-2013 time frame.

Special: College Football Preview Issue

It turns out that today is the debut of my College Football Preview issue.

I didn't really mean for that to happen. But with Bowl Predictions, SEC Conference Predictions, Polls, Top Players in the SEC, and TV listings...why not call it a Special Issue?

Scroll down for more if you found this on the main page. Or click any of the links above for the article you're interested in.

Posted by Paulwesterdawg for the Georgia Sports Blog.

My Bowl Projections and Conference Champ Predictions

I've already published my Pre-season Top 25 for the Blog Poll. Given that other sites are starting to publish their Bowl Projections, I guess it's time for mine as well.

Rose Bowl:
Southern Cal (Pac-10 Champ) vs. Texas (Big 12 Champ)
Notes: I have never put a team in the national title game in a prediction that I felt less sure of than Texas. Realistically, there are 10 teams that could face the Trojans. Eventually Brown will beat Stoops. If Donnan could beat Spurrier, then Brown can eventually beat Stoops.

Fiesta Bowl:
Iowa (Big 10 Champ) vs. Oklahoma (At-large)
Notes: Stoops is an Iowa alum. Nice story line there. No one gets more out of their program year in and year out than Iowa. Plus, as their recruiting picks up the talent is starting to synch up with the coaching level. I feel much better about Iowa making a BCS appearance (either as Big 10 champ or an at-large) than OU.

Sugar Bowl:
LSU (SEC Champ) vs. Michigan (At-Large)
Notes: This would be a great matchup in a very partisan building.

Orange Bowl:
Miami (ACC Champ) vs. Louisville (Big East Champ)
Notes: Rematch of last year's squeaker. Note, if Ohio State made a big run, the 2002 National Championship rematch would be held in front of a heated partisan crowd. Either way, this would be a good game.

Capital One: UGA vs. Ohio State
Notes: I'm predicting a 3 loss season for the Gators culminating in a loss to FSU in the Swamp. If the Gators are 9-2, they will definitely be here and everyone will will get shuffled around for the holidays. UT is the favorite to win the East. However, I see them losing 2 regular season SEC games. Those 2 losses PLUS a loss in the SECC game would drop them below UGA in the polls, and put UGA into this game. (Hopefully)

Outback: Tennessee vs. Purdue
Notes: Shockingly, UT has never been to the Outback. They should have gone there in either '02 or '03, but got bumped to the Peach b/c the Gators were picked out of order by the Outback. This would be a great pickup for the Outback.

Cotton: Auburn vs. Texas Tech
Notes: I can't remember the last time that Auburn went to the Cotton. It seems like LSU, Arkansas and Tennessee are the ones usually playing Texas or Oklahoma. I wavered between TTU and TAMU in this one. It's a toss up. Will Franchione run his unimaginative offense like usual or will he take advantage of his QB and open things up? If he does, the Aggies could easily be here.

Peach: Florida vs. Virginia
Notes: FSU will have the record to be here. But the Gator Bowl won't let a State of Florida team drop this low. Plus, a rematch with the Gators in the Peach is out of the question. Realistically, I'm dreaming that the Gators would get passed over by the Outback. But who cares. It's my blog.

[Photo: What's a College Football preview edition without Cheerleaders?]

Independence: Bama vs. Oklahoma State
Notes: Why not? Ideally, it would be Bama vs. Texas A&M, and the Bama fans would sell this thing out in a "Hold the Rope" grudge fest game against Turncoat Fran.

Music City: South Carolina vs. Penn State
Notes: Spurrier will be lucky to be bowl eligible. Spurrier vs. Paterno would be the classiest bowl matchup for the Music City in history.

HoustonBowl: Arkansas vs. I have no idea.
Notes: Ark usually exceeds expectations. But for the SEC were to fill its bowl slots, it will require a 6-5 record from Ark.

Gator: FSU vs. Pitt
Notes: It seems like the Gator gets Virginia Tech, FSU or West Virginia every single year. The game never ceases to bore me.

[Photo: Assuming no more run-ins with the guy in Blue, the Noles will be in Jacksonville for New Years.]

Holiday: Texas A&M vs. Arizona State
Notes: The only reason I listed this one, is it's the biggest remaining bowl that doesn't involve an SEC or ACC team.

Thoughts? Insults?

Posted by Paulwesterdawg

August 22, 2005

College Football Preview: SEC Predictions

SEC Conference Predictions....

SEC Champion: LSU
Note: I would feel better about this prediction with a more stable QB. Realistically, that's the *only* thing separating this team from the Rose Bowl. It's not like they don't have the talent. Jamarcus Russell should improve from his up and down first season. The decision by Les Miles to keep Jimbo Fisher as his Offensive Coordinator is the sole reason I'm overcoming my fear of their QBs to make this pick.

SEC East
1. UT - 6-2/9-2
Notes: The Vols don't have the schedule or the Offensive Coordinator to finish in the Top 5 as some preseason pubs suggest. I think they lose to LSU and lose one more between UGA (home), UF (road) and Bama (road). BTW - this schedule is ridiculous. They play at UF, at LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, at Alabama, South Carolina and at Notre Dame with only 1 off week in the middle. Brutal.

[Photo: Ainge is possibly the best young QB in football. Yet Fulmer is actually giving thought to starting Claussen. Sadly for UGA, he will snap out of that lunatic idea too soon to help us much.]

2. UGA - 6-2/9-2
Notes: UGA needs two things to win the SEC. Consistent play from Shockley and as few injuries as possible on defense. I don't think we'll get enough of either to win it all, but we have the talent. Specifically, I don't like our chances in Knoxville. Thus, I think we lose the tie breaker with the Vols. I figure we split with the Gators and Auburn.

[Photo: Thomas Brown leads a big time UGA rushing attack.]

3. UF - 6-2/8-3
Notes: Urban Meyer's system is complex. It's nothing like what the Gators were running previously. Yet, somehow they are going to run this brand new system at a championship level right out of the gate? I can't see it.

Kirk Herbstreit said on 790theZone in Atlanta last week, that he felt that 80% of the Gators have bought into what Meyer is selling. He went on to say that if the Gators beat UT in week 2 that the entire team could buy-in and tear a hole in the SEC. I understand that logic, and he makes a compelling point. But even if you buy-in, does it compensate for a DL that was manhandled vs the run last year by UGA, UT and Miss State? Does it compensate for learning a brand new system on both sides of the ball? This is a team poised for big things in 2006. Not 2005.

[Photo: Urban Meyer looks over his shoulder for the Ghost of Steve Spurrier...who will begin stalking him with the first loss.]

4. SC - 3-5/6-5
Notes: Spurrier has experienced 40% roster turnover since last season. Blake Mitchell is his QB. So there's problems #1 and #2. He also has 3 true freshmen battling for starting RB position. The good news is that there is serious talent other areas. The OL is solid and Ko Simpson is possibly the best Safety in college football this year. Still, the schedule includes games at UGA, at Auburn, at Tennessee, at Arkansas and he gets Clemson, Florida and Alabama at home. If Holtz was still there, this would be a 4-7 team at best. Steve will turn it around quickly. But not this year. 7-4 would be outstanding.

[Photo Above: Spurrier says Blake Mitchell is 'this far' from being almost mediocre at quarterback if he keeps working hard.]

5. UK = Bad Times
Notes: Rich Brooks won't make it through the season. Petrino loves to hang big numbers on UK. After Week 1, Brooks will be living on borrowed time. I think it was Barnhardt or Herbsteit that recently said "Not only are they losing, but they definitely have less talent now then when Brooks got there."

[Photo: UK fans who are still reading, I present you with a gratuitous basketball photo to numb your pain.]

6. Vandy - They don't care. Should I?
Notes: They could finished 5th in the SEC. Steve Martin is a wacky guy, but a lousy ball coach.

SEC West
1. LSU 7-1/10-1
Notes: See above. They could slip up, but not more than once. And even if they do slip up twice, they get Auburn at home. That game will be for the SEC West. LSU wins that and the tie breaker.

[Photo: LSU's defense, running game and overall raw talent are strong enough to offset many first year mistakes by Miles]

2. Auburn 5-3/8-3
Notes: Tuberville recently said that this is his most talented team to date. He certainly loves to hear himself talk. Replacing 4 first round draft picks and a defensive coordinator generally doesn't lead most coaches to heap additional expectations on their own team. The schedule is certainly in their favor. Their outstanding OL should maul GT's DL in Game 1. After that no horrifying game until Oct. 22nd vs LSU (road). But a true RB must emerge for them to win the West. I've seen Kenny Irons run. He is *not* a first team SEC back. And neither is Tre Smith. I see losses to UGA, LSU and one more (Bama? SC?)

[Photo Above: New NCAA 2006 game comes with special "Auburn Feature"]

3. Alabama - 5-3/8-3
I have to be honest. I think Shula is an idiot. He is in over his head in the worst way. In the interest of full-disclosure I should also admit that I grew up a Bama fan. My preview starts as everyone's does..."If Brodie can stay healthy." It's a big if. If he does, then this ranking is too low. The skill positions are upgraded and the talent is better overall than last year. Kines has done wonders with this defense which is shocking given his tenure at UGA was so filled with mediocrity. Other than LSU, I don't see a game that I would say is a definite loss with a healthy Brodie. This is the most unpredictable team in the SEC. 4-7 or 9-2. Nothing would shock me.

[Photo: No lead is safe with Shula as coach. Sadly, I'm referring to Alabama leads.]

4. Arkansas - 4-4/6-5
After 44 amazing years as the Quarterback of the Razorbacks, Matt Jones has finally moved on. Robert Johnson is not an upgrade unless we're talking about Blues Men. That said, after playing at Southern Cal, nothing will scare these guys. I see wins vs. Ole Miss, Vandy and MSU. They have to win one more vs. Bama (road) or SC (home) to go bowling. If the SC game is in Little Rock, it's a lock win.

[Photo: Matt Jones had fond memories of his role in 1969 game with Texas. But alas it was finally time for him to move on to the NFL.]

5. Ole Miss - 3-5/5-6
I don't care if Coach O takes of his shirt, his pants and his socks in his next locker room speech. This team simply isn't man enough or talented enough to compete in the SEC. Memphis or Wyoming will take these guys out early, which will likely cause Orgeron to spontaneously combust. I also like Miss State's chances in the Egg Bowl. Luckily, these guys get Vandy and UK. They will win 1 they shouldn't or beat MSU. Home for the holidays. Again.

[Photo Above: Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss can't play Defensive Tackle himself. So they are screwed.]

6. Miss State - 2-6/5-6
I believe in Sylvester Croom. However, Jackie Sherrill left this guy without a pot to piss in and NCAA sanctions looming to further hamper recruiting. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt vs. Houston. Much like last year's victory over UF, they will again take out someone they shouldn't. When you've got a running game like they do, that happens. The Egg Bowl will be for 5th place in the West.

[Photo: As Veruca Salt, patron saint of Mississippi, learned sometimes a golden egg can be more hassle than it's worth]

All predictions are subject to change and be wrong without notice.

Thoughts? Insults?

Posted by Paulwesterdawg for the Georgia Sports Blog.

August 21, 2005

Max Jean-Gilles Named Top 10 SEC Player's college football preview includes a Top 10 players in the SEC list. Big Max weighs in at #9.

I'm not sure who is the #1 player in the SEC, but I know it's not Jesse Mahelona from UT. And that list needs Leonard Pope, who was virtually unstoppable in the 2nd half of last season as a Soph. I think my Top 8 would be (pre-season)

1. Gerald Riggs Jr - UT
2. Marcus McNeil - AU
3. Chris Leak - UF
4. Ko Simpson - SC
5. Andrew Withworth - LSU
6. Leonard Pope - UGA
7. Eric Ainge - UT
8. Max Jean-Gilles - UGA

August 20, 2005

DJ Shockley Alternate NCAA 2006 Cover

DJ Shockley's Clemson Run in 2003. Click to Enlarge.

List of TV Games from CNNSi

Sept. 3td can't get here soon enough. While we wait, here's a list of announced TV games to date courtesy of

Thank God for DVR! I miss so many games because I'm actually AT the games, but not this year.

August 19, 2005

More on Boise's Defense

Yesterday, I posted this brief humorous link to a serious take on the Boise State defensive plan. It turns out that Post Tenebras Lux took a look and went quite a bit deeper.

He breaks apart the Boise defensive stats from the Oregon State and Louisville games and comes up with the conclusion that many of us have. What defense? Boise wins because they just score a heap more points than anyone else. If you want to burst someone's bubble compare their defense to Hal Mumme ball.

The Boise defense is prone to making the scoreboard look like the National Debt ticker.

[Photo: Boise's Team Bus. Go Blue indeed.]

Posted by Paulwesterdawg for the Georgia Sports -- Football and Basketball blog.

Football Players with 10+ Years of Eligibility

This topic comes up every so often. Who are the players that seem to have played college football for 8, 10 or even 20 years?

Everyone has their names. Here are some of mine:

1. Stan White - Quarterback at Auburn
Originally recruited by Shug Jordan. Played for Auburn from the 1950s through the mid-90s. Unquestionably the longest tenured athlete in Div 1 history.

2. Tommy Hodson - Quarterback at LSU
Participated in both the Billy Cannon midnight run in the 1959 as well as the Earthquake touchdown in 1988.

3. Wayne Peace Bell Matthews - Quarterback at UF
The worst kept secret in sports is that Wayne Peace, Kerwin Bell and Shane Matthews were actually the same player with different jersey numbers. Combined to throw for more than 30,000 yards in his Gator careers.

[Photo Above: Stan White or Pat Sullivan? Two people or 1 guy that just was too stupid to graduate?]

Who are the ones you remember lasting forever? Some other names of note across college football:

Major Ogilivie - Bama
Major Applewhite - Texas
Hines Ward - UGA
Kevin Turner - Bama
Demarcus McNeil - Auburn
Kyle Orton - Purdue

Drop me a note in the comments field with other suggestions.

August 18, 2005

Boise State Defense Explained

The Idaho Statesman (which is a newspaper, not a person) explains Boise's defense. Basically, they are hell bent on stopping the run. At all costs.

[Photo: Boise's cheerleading captain gears up for the season]

Richt hinted at this during the Atlanta Bulldog Club meeting. He said Boise is the only team that he's seen in many, many years that puts all 9 non-cornerbacks into the box 6 yards from the line of scrimmage on virtually every play. They are going to line up and dare you to run the football. In order to loosen that up, our WRs are going to have to make big plays.

That means that Shockley can't throw a heat seeking missle for a simple 10 yard comebacker and have our shaky WRs drop passes that might've been caught if Shock didn't try to break their hands with the ball. It means that our WRs need to start making plays.

The good news is that Louisville ran the ball for 329 yards and threw it for 200+ more yards vs. Boise. If it weren't for Lville turning the ball over, Boise would not have even been in the game. You would like to think that we can run the ball at least as well as Louisville.

If we execute our offense, we should blow them out. If we turn it over, this will be a very uncomfortable game.

By Paulwesterdawg

August 17, 2005

Holtz Says CockaDoodle Doo

Lou Holtz predicts SC to beat UGA. I'll grant Lou one point and that is "Yes, UGA does play down to SC's level year in and year out." However, this year will be different. Why?

Unless Spurrier can sneak Danny Wuerffel, Shane Matthews, Fred Taylor, Jevon Kearse, Chris Doering and Ike Hilliard into this game, UGA wins in a blowout.

[Photo: Coach Holtz takes a nip before his ESPN telecast]

The biggest problem in the series for UGA has been our inability to get up for playing a year in and year out 4th place (or worse) SEC East team that considers us their 2nd biggest rival. With Spurrier at the helm, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Coots will have the Georgia Bulldogs full and undivided attention.

My prediction: UGA wins 48-16

Posted by me for the Georgia Sports Blog -- Football Coverage and what not.

August 15, 2005

Sports Illustrated's College Football Preview Edition

Below you'll find links to SI's review of UGA and a variety of teams from our schedule.

Georgia Bulldogs - Ranked #10

vs. Boise State - Ranked #16
vs. South Carolina - Ranked #45
vs. La-Layfette - Ranked #101
at Miss State - Ranked #70
at Tennessee - Ranked #5
at Vandy - Ranked #90
vs. Arkansas - Ranked #49
vs. Florida (Jax) - Ranked #3 (LOL!)
vs. Auburn - Ranked #18
vs. Kentucky - Ranked 81 (this seems laughable high)
at Georgia Tech - Ranked #32
LSU (SEC Championship Opponent? - Ranked #13

I guess what I find most ridiculous is that the Gators are ranked so incredibly high based on the quickly mastering Meyer's complex system. Ok, I'm sorry to keep saying this. But if it's as complex as the media keeps making out, then how are the Gator players going to run it at such an elite level right out of the gate? No way that they finish in the Top 5 this year. No way.

August 12, 2005

Bartley Miller -- Damn Good Dawg

As I hinted at earlier, Bartley's time at UGA is over. 3 surgeries on one shoulder and 1 on the other ended his career. He was a damn good dawg who did all he could for UGA often while in incredible pain. He did the right thing by leaving before he hurt himself any worse.

Here's the article from Josh Kendall.

Posted by me for the Georgia Bulldog Sports Blog.

UGA Bulldog Dorms for Athletes (and others)

UGA recently completed the new East Campus Village project. It is a $70 million facility that houses 1,200 students. Among those are 200-300 athletes.

The facility is "part ski lodge, part corporate board room, part Fireside Lounge" and part apartment complex (click photo to enlarge).

The facilities located next door to the East Campus Village include:
Ramsey Center — A $45 million fitness mall that rivals downtown as a place to meet people. Nation’s best on-campus workout facility, ­according to Sports Illustrated.

East Village Commons — As food courts go, this one ­deserves five stars for both its food and its architecture (see GM cover).

East Campus parking deck — Parking’s generally a headache on campus, but not at ECV.

Health Center — Yet another nationally recognized facet of East Campus life.

The facility includes 2 bedroom / 1 bath furnished apartments, 2 BR/2BA furnished apartments, and 4 BR/2BA furnished apartments. It's available to upperclassmen non-athletes, athletes and other students.

This facility is the nuclear weapon of recruiting. It allows us to house our athletes in premium apartments that are nicer than the places some of these kids grew up in. All while remaining in compliance with the NCAA's rule that says athletes can't occupy more than 49% of any dorm.

For more information and pics from the East Campus Village click here.

Click to enlarge.

Posted by me for the Georgia Bulldog Sports Blog.

August 11, 2005

Interview with Sanford Stadium's Hedge

Boise State fan "1 boise bro" interviewed The Hedge at Sanford Stadium this week. The interview is very well done, historically accurate and very funny.

Kudos to great satire.

Comparing UGA vs. South Carolina Facilities

Stumbled into this. Not only is Spurrier trying to recruit with a half baked program on probation in a state with limited depth of talent. His facilities are a also a joke compared to what he had at UF. Look at Bulldog vs. Gamecock Facilities below.

UGA Locker room:
Tradition Becomes New Again

Butts-Mehre Administrative Building
Nobody beats our Butts!

Main Team Meeting Room
It's not the Four Seasons. But it's nice.

Entrances to Position Meeting Rooms
Hallway leading into the meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are plush like the main room.

Compare the above to the Gamecock Facilities:

Gamecock Position Meeting Rooms:
Meeting room or bomb shelter?
Snazzy, but where's the wood paneling?
Super Fly Concrete

Gamecock Main Team Meeting Room
Spurrier Holds Court Here?

Gamecock Locker Room Lobby:
Nothing Says Aaron Rents quite like this

Gamecock Locker Room:
Siberian Prisons are nicer
Vanilla + Drab = Underwhelming
Cheap-O Ceiling Panels = Success.

Facilities don't win football games. But you have to ask yourself if you're a Gamecock I want to attend a school that treats players in such a low rent, white walls, bread and water fashion? Or do I want to play for a program that makes sure players are surrounded by a few of the nicer things in life?

The deck is incredibly stacked against Spurrier's long term success.

August 10, 2005

NCAA Halts DawgVents Heartfelt Classy Gesture

The NCAA has lost its damn mind. A group on the DawgVent had started a campaign to raise $2,600 to pay for a Boise State parent's trip to the UGA vs. Boise game.

The football player's father is stationed in Iraqi and is helping train Iraqi police officers. The NCAA said that by paying for the father's expenses that they would in effect become Boise boosters. Talk about a skewed view of the world from the NCAA.

Kudos to the DawgVenters for coming up with that plan.

The Atlanta Journal has the article today. If you aren't registered then try for a free password.

Posted by me for the University of Georgia un official Football and Basketball blog.

UGA Basketball Schedule News

Here's what we know or have heard about our non-conference games:
  • Old Dominion (Virgin Islands) - Nov. 18 (Paradise Jam)
  • Fordham (Virgin Islands) - Nov. 20 (Paradise Jam)
  • TBD (Virgin Islands) - Nov. 21st (UGA would play Wisconsin, Norfolk State or Eastern Kentucky at the tourney. You would think we'd get Wisconsin, but who knows)
  • WKU (Road) - Late November. George from Memphis has more accurate UGA hoops news than anyone.
  • Oregon State (Portland/Neutral) - Dec. 17th
  • Nevada (away) - Dec. 21st
  • Western Carolina (home) - Dec. 31st
  • Clemson (home) - no date yet
  • Georgia Tech (Home) - no date yet
  • Howard (home) - no date yet. This is just a rumor so far, but MemphisDog has the best hoops schedule news around.
Yeah, it doesn't blow my skirt up either. But Clemson and Georgia Tech at home are both good games. Plus, we're playing fewer dregs at home. So that's nice. This is a schedule designed to help a young team make the NIT.

Other news:
Steve Newman played for Athletes in Action this summer in China. Kevin Brophy played over seas with the Aussie National team again. And Singleton and Johnson both played international hoops this summer with Coach Felton. The Newman and Brophy news I got from Coach Hermann at the Atlanta Bulldog Club meeting.

[Photo Above: Gaines preps for a Free Throw]

FrenchDog says he spoke with Coach Hermman at the same meeting. His recap is on's hoops board.

Lastly, the Peach Bowl classic is rumored to have been cancelled for this year, and the rumors of UGA playing Georgia State appear to be false or the deal is dead. It sounds like we're still looking for 1 more non-conference game.

August 9, 2005

South Carolina Gamecock Cover Celebrates 1999 Season

What better way to celebrate the Gamecocks Unblemished 1999 Season -- the first in SEC history -- than with a special NCAA 2006 cover. Click to enlarge.

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