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November 30, 2009

Photos: UGA vs GT - The Premature Gatorade Bath

The look on Bryan Evans face after he dropped the Gatorade on Richt is priceless. All images by Jim Hipple.

All images by Jim Hipple.

I'm locking the comments for this because some of you guys acting like total horses asses on this thread.


Basketball Scheduling News

Georgia has been invited to play in the 2010 Old Spice Classic played Thanksgiving Weekend at Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex.

The event will feature 12 games through three days, Nov. 25, 26 and 28, 2010. The tourney guarantees each team three games, and it features:
    Boston College
    Notre Dame
    Texas A&M
The tournament is owned by ESPN, and it appears that all games will be televised by ESPNU or ESPN2. This is a good event for Coach Fox. Now, we just need some zone busting wings.

See Also:
-- 2009 Old Spice Classic

Photos: UGA vs Georgia Tech - The Defense

What an effort by the defense. All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

UGA's Justin Houston stops GT's Jonathan Dwyer

Fumble! Geno Atkins recovers the Yellow Jacket fumble.

Reshad Jones intercepts a pass from one of "Johnson's hand picked recruits."

The Bulldog defense gang tackling GT's Dwyer.

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge. Click on the "Photos" tag below for archived images from UGA games.


The unavoidable question: What If?

Russ at work (Image: Hipple)

So that was a bit unexpected huh? Raise your hand if you thought our tailbacks would rush for 340+ yards and average 9.2 yards per carry. I'm thrilled for the seniors and the entire team to get the stink of losing to Tech off them.

A game like that makes you ask yourself..."What if?" What if we had ran the ball like that all year? What if we had played defense like that all season? What if we don't turn the ball over +17 times on the season? What if we could've made it through 10 of our games with 5 or fewer penalties like we did Saturday?

Some of those are legit questions. Some aren't completely fair. It's important to remember:
  • Caleb King and Washaun Ealey - King and Ealey missed almost the entire Fall camp due to injuries. King didn't return until Week 3, and he broke his jaw against LSU in Week 5. Ealey didn't debut until Week 5 from his injuries and lost practice time. Maybe Ealey could've arrived a week earlier, but he was legitimately behind. Our top running backs from the first two games haven't gotten a carry since Tennessee Tech.

  • The Offensive Line - Josh Davis is a guy that I had little optimism for when he was signed. I believe it was one his HS coaches that disparaged the kid's upside so that wasn't a good sign. The past few weeks, he's played really well and shored up the revolving door at one of the tackle positions since Sturdivant went down. However, he's not the only reason the OL looked so much better. In the early season, the running backs couldn't find a 10 foot wide cut-back lane with the help of Garmin, Mapquest and Sacajawea. The vision, patience and aggressiveness was a total mess. The OL looked better versus GT because they are playing better, yes. But also because their holes weren't missed.

  • Offensive Play Calling - This has been a puzzler for most of the year. As Blutarsky has said many times this year, we faced a crisis of confidence as a program. The play calling suggested that Richt and Bobo didn't believe our kids could make certain plays. In fairness, I didn't either. And the stats suggested that maybe we couldn't. But here's a stat to put your head around (borrowed and enhanced from a commenter on averaged 27.7 points per game this season. That's with a kid at QB whose only other scholarship offer was Duke. A kid that wouldn't be starting at Duke now. Yet, Bobo's guys in '09 averaged more points than the 2003 unit that won the SEC East and within 0.2 points from our loaded 2004 squad. It's possible that Bobo doesn't need to be run off...he needs a damn hug for working a miracle with the talent gap at QB, late blooming RBs and inconsistent OL. As for the turnovers, I point back towards the early season issues at Running Back as the QB situation.

  • The Defense - John Wooden said that there's no such thing as "overachieving." If you do something, that's the level for which you can consistently achieve. In other words, it's physically impossible to do more than you can do. What we saw on Saturday defensively was what the UGA defense can do. It's what the UGA defense should've done all year. The DTs played to their ability. The LBs took the violence to the ball carriers instead of absorbing collisions, and Reshad Jones continued what was quietly a nice season. I realize Justin Houston didn't arrive until the Arkansas game, but that doesn't explain all the issues at DL this season. It doesn't explain why Rambo sat while Evans struggled, and it doesn't explain why so much talent took so long to come together. That's the reason Richt is off soul searching right now. And answering that question of himself and his coaches is the key to the future of the program.
Overall, it was an awesome effort, and I was proud of the kids. They looked like they had a great time. I know I enjoyed watching them.


Bowl Projections for UGA

As of tonight, Chris Low, Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman all think we're going to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl likely vs. Virginia Tech. Sportsline thinks we're still heading to Birmingham, but I just can't see that happening. Mark Bradley is waffling, but leaning towards Nashville.

The ESPN folks who think we're coming to Atlanta are basing that on the idea that Ole Miss and Tennessee are going to some combination of the Outback and the Cotton Bowls. That is likely the best case for UGA from a bowl prestige standpoint.

Here are some of the complicating factors that could make our destination murky until the final hour:
  • Cotton Bowl + SWC Relationships: It's not unreasonable for the Cotton Bowl to pass on Ole Miss making a return visit. They are allowed to slip down a notch and pick up a team like Arkansas. The Hawgs went to Dallas after the 2007 and 2001 seasons, and the bowl committee likes having the Hawgs. An Arkansas vs. Oklahoma State match-up would sell a ton of tickets. If they take the Razorbacks, the Outback would take Ole Miss. At that point, the Chick-Fil-A has to choose between UGA, SC and UT. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee would be a very compelling game, and that could slip us to the Music City or lower.

  • Outback Bowl + UK Relationships: The founder of Outback Steakhouse is a UK Alum, and he was instrumental in developing the Outback Bowl into what it is today. He was also the key factor in bringing the 1998 Wildcat team to Tampa despite their 7-4 record, despite coming off a 59-21 blowout loss to Tennessee and despite UGA having a better record at 8-3 and a head to head win. A much easier case could be made for bringing UK in 2009 back to Tampa. They've gone the longest between visits to Tampa compared to UGA, UT and SC, and they would be fairly excited about the trip. If UK goes here and Ole Miss is in the Cotton Bowl, we're back to the Chick-Fil-A bowl choosing between UGA and UT. This could also send us to the Music City or lower. I see this as a remote possibility.
All we do know at this point is:
    1. Bama and UF are obviously BCS bound.

    2. LSU is a near mortal lock for the Capital One Bowl

    3. South Carolina isn't going to the Outback again.

    4. Ole Miss isn't slipping past the Outback.

    5. Tennessee won't slip past the Liberty or Music City (which pick simultaneously)

    6. UK is going to have problems getting into the Liberty and PapaJohn's Bowls. Those games are the same date as UK vs. Louisville in basketball with near overlapping time slots. If UK were to end up in B'ham, it would be because no one else wanted them.

    7. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl is unlikely to put together a rematch between UGA/GT or Clemson/SC.
The only bad scenarios to me are playing Northwestern in the Outback or Boston College in the Music City Bowl. Facing VT in the Chick-Fil-A, UNC or FSU in the Music City or Wisconsin in the Outback works for me.

Where do you think we end up?


November 29, 2009

Photos: UGA vs Georgia Tech - Rubbing it in

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge. Caption the first one in the comments. It's a gem.

"Tech Man" showing his class. Jeff Owens takes the high road. (Or caption it yourself)

It's our stadium anyway. The flag was really just a formality.

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge. Click on the "Photos" tag below for archived images from UGA games. More coming.


Photos: UGA vs Georgia Tech - Running Backs

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

Washaun Ealey on the carry vs. the Yellow Jackets

Caleb King takes one to the house against GT

Caleb King makes his move

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge. Click on the "Photos" tag below for archived images from UGA games. Thanks for the pic this season!


Is the ACC Championship even a real thing?

Exiting Bobby Dodd Stadium at Mark Richt Field, I couldn't help but wonder if the ACC Championship is even real. It's beginning to feel like a marketing ploy on par with New Coke, Amway or Suffrage*.

Seriously, if no one goes to the game and no one watches on TV doesn't that put the entire tree falling in the woods theory to the test? Have you ever seen the ACC Championship fooball trophy? Have you ever met anyone who has attended the event?

Me either.

Being King of the Dipshits means you're still a dipshit. If there were ever a less purposeful gathering of overhyped fail than you'll find in Tampa this coming weekend, I can't name it.


*I kid.

November 28, 2009

The Road to Tampa Bay ...

is traveled by two teams who would finish fourth in the SEC East.  Helluva win, Dawgs.  More later.


November 27, 2009

'Russ' to fill in for Uga VII

AJC reports "Russ" will replace Uga VII for the Tech game and possibly the bowl game. Russ is a five year-old half-brother to Uga VII. I'm looking forward to seeing how he fills out the jersey. GATA, Russ!

Elsewhere, Orson introduces "robodawg," per PETA's suggestion that Uga VIII should be a robot.

A Modest Proposal for Damon Evans

Regardless of the outcome of Saturday's game, I have a modest proposal for Damon Evans to consider that would alter the Georgia schedule with respect to Georgia Tech. Put simply, this game is not really a rivalry and Georgia would benefit from not playing it every year. Yeah, I know, Tech won last year. And if they win tomorrow, it still wouldn't change a thing. This series is a bore and typically irrelevant on the national scene. A victory over Tech delivers all the satisfaction of a win over Vanderbilt. Some UGA fans say Tech is our rival, but that tells me they are either very, very old, or are confusing the burning shame of losing to an inferior program with a "rivalry." (Ask yourself when was the last time you celebrated a win over Tech) Losing to Tech is like getting beat up by a retarded kid your kid brother, but that doesn't make the kid your rival. It just makes you lame for losing.

The precedent for not playing an in-state Div. 1 team every year has already been set by the Penn State/Pitt series. I think the Penn State/Pitt series is a good model for us to follow because (i) though dominated by Pitt/Tech in the era preceding the face mask and forward pass, it is now heavily lop-sided in favor of Penn State/UGA; (ii) the schools play in different conferences so they don't have to play each other; (iii) in most years during the BCS-era, Pitt/Tech drags down Penn State/UGA's strength of schedule; (iv) and Pitt/Tech plays in a stadium substantially smaller than Penn State/UGA so fans who would otherwise attend the game can't attend.

Despite sporadic victories in the last twenty years (some of which were cheating-assisted), the series hasn't been competitive in many of our lifetimes. UGA leads the overall series by an overwhelming 59-37-5 advantage. But consider more than twenty of Tech's wins came prior to 1957. The last time Tech won by more than two touchdowns, you were allowed to smoke on an airplane. Now look at these results by decade:
  • 1960s: 6-4 UGA
  • 1970s: 7-3 UGA
  • 1980s: 7-3 UGA
  • 1990s: 7-3 UGA
  • 2000s: 7-2 UGA

The Penn State/Pitt rivalry went dormant when Pitt rejected a 2-1 series that would require Pitt to play in State College twice for a return trip by Penn State. That kind of model would work for UGA. A 2-1 would be better for our fans who can't squeeze into the Joke by the Coke. Tech would probably veto that idea (just as Pitt did), so playing a few times a decade could be a fall back position.

Predictably, Tech backers would squall about what a terrible idea this is (just like Pitt backers did), but I don't think most UGA fans would really care if this game wasn't played every year. Despite Tech's win last year, this game has become an afterthought for many UGA fans. It remains the case that when Tech wins this game, it means there are serious problems with the UGA football program. As the recent decades results above demonstrate, Tech wins are as rare as hen's teeth. That's not the kind of competitiveness that constitutes a rivalry.

Let me pre-empt the techsters who will no doubt flame this post. [sidebar: isn't it pitiful that tech fans read this blog to get the validation of a provoked response? I would have to google a tech blog, assuming there are any] The Georgia-Florida series is currently lop-sided, but (a) Georgia leads the all-time series, and (b) it is a Southeastern conference game, so it isn't analogous.

I also add that superduperoffensivegeeeeeeen-ius Paul Johnson agrees that this is just another game. I give him credit for seeing how pathetic it is that Tech defines their existence through the prism of this game. Johnson knows he has his work cut out for him (until he leaves for Nebraska): "They're in the state. I understand all that. But it's not going to define our year if we beat Georgia. I'm trying to build a football program here."

So to Damon I say: Give CPJ a few years to "build a program" and we can decide if it's worth our time to play them regularly again.

Editor Note: Dawgnoxious wrote this. In the near 20 years that I've know him, this is an opinion he's held vocally and consistently. It's not an opinion related to last year's game. -- PWD

Indiscriminate Tech Hate, With a Lonely Exception

Georgia Tech is a haven for terrorists, drug dealers, cheaters, and dorks (do I really need a link?).  Also, they have no women.  Even if they had women, they still wouldn't stop playing Witches & Warcraft long enough to swab down with an Oxy Pad and ask one out for a date to the Star Trek convention.
With that said, if you see a member of the Tech baseball team collecting money for Chance Veazey Saturday, shake the kid's hand and say "thank you."  That's a class move from Danny Hall and their team. 


November 25, 2009

The Bowl Picture

Since every Georgia fan I know is either indifferent to the Tech game, conceding defeat, or actively cheering for Tech to score in economy size bunches so the defensive staff can be lit ablaze at midfield after the game, I'm going to take a glance at the bowl picture.  If I assume death by a thousand stings Saturday, it looks like the possibilities are Memphis, Shreveport, or Birmingham.  Nashville could be a possibility, but only if we beat Tech.  Assuming South Carolina and Auburn lose this weekend, I think they are our primary competition.
Here's how the top bowls shake out: BCS - Gators and Tide, Capital One - Ole Miss, Cotton - winner of LSU and Arkansas, Outback - winner of UK and UT, Peach - loser of LSU and Arkansas, Music City - loser of UT and UK.  That leaves Auburn, the Dawgs, and the Cocks to fight it out for the lower bowls. 
If I'm the Liberty Bowl, I can select a team with a new coach, a relatively energized fanbase, and a team with the closest geographic proximity (but still requires a hotel stay) in Auburn.  I'd get a Gus Malzahn's offense against Houston, a potential offensive explosion, to draw a TV crowd.  Imagine our secondary against the Cougars.  I think I'd take Auburn in that game before I'd select Georgia, despite the head-to-head win.
Which leaves the Indy Bowl with the next pick.  If it's between us and Carolina, my guess is that we'd get the edge.  We beat them in September, they're going to likely be riding a four game losing streak, and they have been to Shreveport recently.  Plus, look at the Big 12 candidates the Indy Bowl might select.  A UGA-Oklahoma game would draw a nice TV audience, even though both teams have fallen on hard times.  I'd think a Georgia-A&M game would draw as well, just based on the name value of the two teams.  Those Big 12 teams should bring a crowd and offset the attendence problems created by the distance factor for Georgia fans.
The only real threat to this is if Oklahoma State ends up in the BCS.  Then Iowa State likely comes into play for Shreveport.  An Auburn vs. Iowa State game would have serious appeal because of Gene Chizick.  Maybe the SEC and the Liberty allow that game and Georgia goes to Memphis instead of Auburn. 
So, is a match up with Oklahoma or Texas A&M exciting enough to get you to buy a ticket?

November 24, 2009

Beep, Boop, Woof, Woof

Seriously, PETA?  Won't the drool cause electrical shorts?  I'm in full support, however, if it is of a size and demeanor matching Truckasaurs.

And LSU thinks it has a intimidating mascot?  Wait until we crane in Robodawg to opposing stadiums.


Happy Thanksgiving

I'm on vacation.  As for the game on Saturday, we just need to do the things we do poorly...well.  Piece of cake.

November 23, 2009

"Thanks for being a Dawg" Ticket Discounts

From UGA....

ATHENS, Ga. --- During "Thanks for Being a Dawg Week," fans can take advantage of ticket discounts to see the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs play basketball this season at Stegeman Coliseum.

Fans can watch the Bulldogs take on Jacksonville State at 7:00pm on Friday, November 27, for only $5 per ticket when ordering online in advance or on the night of the game at Stegeman Coliseum ticket windows. Fans can purchase their $5 tickets in advance by using the promo code DAWGS when ordering online between Tuesday, November 24 and Thursday, November 26 at 11:59pm. Also, all tickets purchased on the night of the game at Stegeman Coliseum ticket booths 1, 2 and 5 are only $5. Stegeman Coliseum ticket booths will open at 5:30pm.

Fans can purchase tickets to all Lady Dogs home games (excluding Tennessee) for only $1 when using the promo code LADYDOGS on the ticket page starting Friday, November 27 at 12:01am until Sunday, November 29 at 11:59pm. The promo code is only available online and allows fans to save $4 off regular-priced adult tickets and $2 off regular-priced youth tickets

The Shipment of Fail

The details are found here.


November 22, 2009


You shipment of fail has arrived. Look at the weed eaters falling from the sky! I'm too pissed to type, and I'm too annoyed to read anyone else's rants either. Shreveport here we come.

Comments are open. Lay off the profanity. I don't have time to delete a bunch of that stuff.


November 21, 2009

get to the game

The weather is nice. The rain looks to be delayed and many of you
aren't here yet. It is weirding me out.

We need you tonight.

Two Game Points

Rick Brooks accurately states that there's a great deal on the line for both Georgia and UK today.  The Wildcats and Dawgs share 6-4 records and both are trying to position themselves in the bowl pecking order.  Both teams are also trying to finish second in the SEC East, a rare result for the Cats.  The Dawgs need this game.  The potent bitterness of this season will quickly resurface with a loss, even though the Auburn game has taken the edge off the disappointment.  Despite Paul's confidence, I think if we lose today and against Tech, Shreveport is still on the table.  Win it and the Dawgs still have Tampa and Atlanta within reach.

Randall Cobb, the scatback/wideout/quarterback who sliced our defense up last year, has an injured shoulder and will be a game time decision.  I'd wager he plays.  Cobb is playing a little QB for the Cats because Mike Hartline, a more standard quarterback, is out after knee surgery.  When Cobb isn't under center running the "wild Cobb", true freshman Morgan Newton is expected to take conventional snaps.  (Can we stop calling every direct snap play a "wild" something? Is a quarterback draw that wild?  It's a little leauge play: get your best player the ball and let them outrun all the other kids.)


November 20, 2009

Don't Forget Chance Veazey Like We Did

We didn't mean to ignore Chance Veazey since his accident, but we have.  Veazey was our new starting second baseman for the upcoming season until a terrible auto/scooter accident has left him paralyzed.  That type of injury not only obviously ends Chance's promising baseball career, but also means he and his family have a very long and expensive road ahead of them to get Chance back to something like a normal life.  He is currently recovering at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  You'll recall that the football team wore a sticker on their helmets last weekend in Veazey's honor. (Image: Athens Banner-Herald)

I love dogs, especially ones that wear a red jersey, but let's not lose perspective.  Before you go to buy a new black polo for Uga VII Saturday, don't forget to help Chance Veazey's recovery.  You can send money or simply send Chance a few words of encouragement (email address required for some reason).  It all counts.

Get well, Chance, from all of us at the Georgia Sports Blog.


More Articles on Uga VII's Passing

As you know by now, there will be no bulldog mascot on the sideline Saturday. There will only be a wreath on Uga VII's doghouse in his memory.

The Seiler family plans to bring in an interim dog for the Georgia Tech and bowl games. Basically, he'll come in Otto fashion off the bench. Given that Otto was on the sideline for the Game Between the Hoses at Auburn in '86, I can only assume good things for the rest of the season.

The Seiler's will introduce Uga VIII next season.

As for the rumors of a blackout. Uga VII was 2-2 0-2 in the non-traditional uniforms so I don't see how bringing the black unis out is a fitting tribute. However, I do plan to wear a black shirt on Saturday. I think that's appropriate as a fan and a sign of respect for the Seilers. Plus, I look damn good in black.

Here are some obits about the passing of Uga VI:PWD

November 19, 2009

Uga VII Has Died


The AJC reports that Uga VII (aka: "Loran's Best") passed away today., WSB and the local NBC affiliate are also reporting this story. According to the AJC/WSB the cause of death was heart attack. His father Uga VI also died of heart problems.

Uga VII was approximately 5 years old.

Uga VII debuted at the Aug. 30, 2008 game against Georgia Southern, and his record stood at 16-7. My favorite memory of him was leading the Dawgs out onto the field in Tempe, Arizona. That was the longest distance any of the Uga's had traveled since Uga IV went to the Final Four in 1983.

It's important to remember that Uga VII was a family pet for Sonny and Cecelia Seiler, and it's always tough to lose a family pet. Our thoughts are with them through this time.

As of this posting, there are no announced plans for an service (Uga VI had a private service), nor have there been any public discussions of an interim mascot for Friday or any longer term plans. As someone on the DawgVent suggested, an appearance by Otto II or some other cousin may be in order. But it's too soon to know.

Damn Good Dawg.


Tailgating on North Campus...your days are numbered

It's one thing to empty a dumpster on your bitter enemy's front yard. It's another thing to empty one on your own yard. One makes you a mean prankster. The other makes you a stupid slob and a horse's ass. There's no excuse for leaving North Campus looking like this.

And this wasn't the work of hobos or homeless people post game. This was what it looked like because the students and recent alumni who tailgate on North Campus made it look this way. Sweeping changes are needed to protect North Campus. Some or all of the following options need to be on the table at this point:
  • Banning tailgating on North Campus

  • Pay for Play tailgating in a limited number of labeled spots with fines for littering in that spot. This is my favorite option.

  • Banning Styrofoam Coolers on the Entire Campus. This is a no brainer The cost of buying one is so low, there's no reason to not just abandon it at the end of the tailgate. As you can see from the image above, North Campus is littered with Styrofoam Coolers.
The Athletic Department also needs to step up and invest in more trash bins. They are bringing the fans to town. They have a $28 million surplus. They need to help us keep the place cleaner. The University shouldn't be the one stroking that check. It should be the AD.

We had to go a long ass way out of our way on Saturday to get a trash bin for our very large tailgate. There just aren't enough bins. However, even without more bins fans can and should bag their own garbage. Just dropping it where you stand is completely unacceptable.

It's a damn joke what's happening on North Campus. And if you tailgate there, your days are numbered if the UK game ends the same way the Auburn game did in terms of filth. And even people like myself and Dawgnoxious who hate Mike Adams would stand behind him on his efforts to protect North Campus from what appears to be a massive group of idiots with no home training whatsoever who tailgate there.

See Also:
-- Slum Dogs - Augusta Chronicle
-- Time to Crack Down on tailgate Trash - AJC


A Master Class in Poking a Stick at your Enemy

This is wildly off topic, but it's a great read. It's an exchange between French and Irish diplomatic officers leading up to the World Cup 2010 Qualifier Match between the two countries. The exchange involves a request for a VIP Box for the French President.

Nothing like an elegant poke in the eye to your rival.

('s a fake. You know what. It's still funny.)


Non-football comments from Auburn weekend

Earlier in the week, Orson Swindle did a really nice write up on his experience at the Georgia vs. Auburn game in Athens. Given that Orson has an undergrad degree from Florida and a graduate degree from GT, this is high praise.

He also put up a piece about Auburn installing a urinal on our sideline during the Game. I sit pretty close to this debacle, so I know they generally went in there with a medical bag looking contraption that they threw in the garbage when they walked out. Although, I'm not sure all of them brought in a baggie. Regardless, the Aubies were shuttling in and out of the urinal so fast during the game I couldn't help but wonder....what are they hydrating those dudes with?

Friends around me that watched this episode swore that this wasn't the first time AU has brought an outhouse to Athens; although, they thought it was the first time they bagged their pee. Auburn -- Innovation in Port-a-Pissers Since 1861.
    Weagle Weagle
    War Damn Eagle
    We Don't Have Indoor Plumbing
    Kick in the Butt, Big Blue

November 18, 2009

Why Georgia Fans May Care What Happens in Statesboro

Georgia Southern looks increasingly likely to fire head coach Chris Hatcher. Why should Georgia fans care? The short answer is because it might be bad for Tech--and what is bad for Tech is good for America, and UGA. And it is a fun opportunity to say I told you so.

First some back story: In 1985, Georgia Southern offensive coordinator Paul Johnson convinced Erk Russell to install a derivation of the wishbone --the "flexbone"-- also known as the triple option. It has been wildly successful in Statesboro, including a six national championships.

When Paul Johnson left Georgia Southern for Navy, Ga. Southern hired current Georgia Tech co-offensive line coach Mike Sewak as head coach, firing him in 2005 with 35-14 record for not living up to the program's expections.

Enter self-immolating career masochist Brian Van Gorder in 2006. Van Gorder abandoned the triple option (and a few of Erk's other traditions, like winning). Then Van Gorder abandoned Georgia Southern after a single dismal 3-8 season. Ga. Southern next turned to Valdosta State's coach Chris Hatcher. It's safe to say that in year three, Chris Hatcher has been an utter failure in Statesboro. The "Hatch Attack" [sic] spread offense has resulted in a 4-6 record headed into the final game of the season against who cares Citadel. Hatcher has never made the playoffs.

No reason. Just like this photo.

Pardon the prelude. You ask: what does this have to do with us? Georgia Southern's final game of the season is Saturday, and the axe could fall on Hatcher shortly thereafter. Georgia Southern fans would like nothing better than to see the triple option return. The best candidates to do that are people who have worked with Paul Johnson. Which means that Georgia Southern may pluck a coach from Paul Johnson's staff. Likely candidates include:
  • Giff Smith, Georgia Tech recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach. Giff Smith is a Georgia Southern graduate, former Georgia Southern and Navy assistant. He's probably the leading candidate and sentimental favorite.
  • Todd Spencer, Georgia Tech co-offensive line coach. No ties to Georgia Southern, but has 25 years of experience coaching option offenses.
  • Brian Bohannon, Georgia Tech quarterbacks coach. A UGA grad, Bohannan played under Coach Goff, graduating in 1993. He been with Paul Johnson for more than a decade. The quarterback is key in the triple option, and Georgia Southern may want to hire a young guy.
  • Ivin Jasper, Navy offensive coordinator. The only likely non-Tech assistant candidate, Jasper is a Hawaii graduate, but coached with Johnson at Georgia Southern and Navy. Navy's win over Notre Dame didn't hurt his chances. Let's hope he doesn't get it.
If Georgia Southern does whack Hatcher, it will be interesting to see if they raid Paul Johnson's staff to bring back the triple option. It could foreshadow what happens to Tech's head coach if Bo Pelini can't get his dick out of the dirt make his program relevant.

November 17, 2009

Hoop Dawgs drop one to Wofford

The Bulldogs lost to Wofford 60-57 tonight. The Dawgs had a chance to send the game into overtime with 3.1 seconds left. Dustin Ware went to the free throw line down by two points. Ware made his first shot, but he missed the second. Essentially ending the game.

Ware's miss was bad, but he was 3 of 4 on the night from the line. The bigger problem was Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes' collective performance at the charity stripe. The two bangers went an epic fail 4 for 12 at the line. If you're looking for the key to failure, that's it.

The team also went 2-14 from the three point line. That obviously didn't help either, but that's just what our personnel is. A team without much of an outside shot.

The Good:
  • This wasn't like the Winthrop debacle in Felton's first year. That team had 4 quality starters on it that stone cold quit and lost on effort by 20 points. This team played much tougher than that. They seem to have bought in, and they were mostly in a position to win the game. They just didn't make the open layups, free throws, dunks and three pointers to win it...easily.

  • The team has come light years in terms of entry passes into the paint. That's significant because the bulk of our talent is inside, and we'll see a ton of zone.

  • Travis Leslie looks like a different player. His stat line was impressive at 17 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and no turnovers. That's turnovers.

  • Trey Thompkins had 14 points and 16 rebounds, and he managed to play the final 5 minutes or so with four fouls.
The Bad:
  • The Free Throw shooting. 11 for 20 is pathetic.

  • The crowd. I can't really bitch about this because I haven't been to many weeknight jobber games like this over the past 5+ years. But still, the attendance was really bad. We need the students to come back. Obviously, this game didn't sell any tickets.

  • The three point shooting.
We are what we are. We're a team with a handful of quality inside guys who can play around the rim and get points, but we can't shoot free throws to fully leverage those opportunities.

We lack much of an outside shooter, and that's not a shock. Ware's stats probably look worse than his ability. He'll make more of his attempts once he settles down and takes a smarter shot. During this one, he put too many off balance leaners into the air from too far beyond his competency. We don't have a bomber to get the other out of zone so we're going to have nights like this if the 3 doesn't fall.

It is what it is. The team will look dramatically better when the transfer Gerald Robinson starts playing at the 2 guard next year. But that's not going to help right now.

It's still a product worth coming out to watch
We are playing smarter ball, and they were in a position to win the game. They just have to make more plays. It's not the eye gouging display of offensive ineptitude that we showed under Felton. It's a more watchable product. It's just going to be a work in progress for a while, and we'll have to roll with it for a while.


Bulldogs Host Wofford Tonight in Basketball

The Bulldogs will attempt to start the season 2-0 tonight at 7:00 pm in Stegeman Coliseum vs. the Wofford Terriers. You may look at the schedule and say "pssfftt...Wofford." But Wofford played Pittsburgh lights out over the weekend.

At one point, Wofford lead Pitt by 13 points in the second half, and Pitt didn't retake the lead until 2:26 left in the game. Granted, Pitt lost all its starters from the 31 win Elite 8 team from last year, but they're still Pitt. In other words, tonight might be incrementally tougher than the New Orleans opener.

The Banner-Herald has a profile of Drazen Zlovaric and notes about the Wofford game.

A Word About Scheduling:
I'm mostly a fan of Coach Fox's first schedule. Granted, a lot of the tough games (at VT, at Mizzou, vs. Illinois in Gwinnett) come from left over deals that Coach Felton organized or the SEC mandated game against St. Johns. But it's mostly good stuff with quality mid-majors sprinkled in, and it gets progressively harder as the team gets more accustomed to his system.

However, the UAB game next Saturday was a mistake. We play the Blazers at 8:00 pm on the road at the same time we'll be playing UK in football at home.

I get why you would want to play a non-televised road game in an SEC heavy town like Birmingham ... it's a sure fire empty gym and no home crowd advantage for the other team. But the game is going to be televised by CSS, and our fans are going to miss it. It's just a blown opportunity by UGA. I hope Fox gets the message that scheduling any games on Saturdays in the fall is a mistake. I'm pretty sure that we already have a policy against scheduling any home games on Fall Saturdays. We just need to extend that policy to road games as well. At least for our big sports.

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November 16, 2009

UGA-Tech Kickoff @ 8PM

Per AJC.

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Great Moments in Schadenfreude

Credit the kid for eating his crow in public. Classy kid. But honestly, they could bottle this sort of Schadenfreude, and I would wear it as a cologne on game day. Spectacular.


UGA vs. Auburn 2009 Photos (Part III)

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

Joe Cox to Tavarres King

King on the Move.

Israel Troupe makes the grab.

Troupe's first touchdown.

A big first down catch by Troupe from Joe Cox.

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.


Bowl Projections

My overall reaction to Saturday's game is one of relief mixed with joy mixed with four fingers in the air in honor of the first four game winning streak over Auburn in 61 years.

My secondary reaction is "Whew, I don't have to go to Shreveport." Northern Louisiana isn't completely off the table, but a win over the Wildcats on Saturday will push that possibility totally out of the picture.

Some of this week's Bowl Predictions are in:I think it's a mild stretch to have us in the Liberty right now against Houston since the Cougars don't even lead their division in CUSA. That distinction shockingly belongs to SMU.

The long and short of it is this. If we win out, we're going to the Outback or Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If we lose, we could end up in a variety of places from Atlanta (unlikely) to Nashville to Memphis. Personally, I think a split in the next 2 games puts us into Nashville against UNC.

Some games that would help us include LSU over ARK, Clemson over SC, and maybe UK over UT. Although, the biggest piece of the puzzle is clearly beating a very tough Georgia Tech team.


UGA vs. Auburn 2009 Photos (Part II)

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

My favorite. Ealey slips past Auburn.

The defense on the stop.

Rennie deals with some shenanigans.

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

November 15, 2009

UGA vs. Auburn 2009 Photos (Part I)

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

Is Richt doing a Richt Flair "WOOOOOO!" over on the left? Or not. Talk about wrong. I think the dude I was talking about has a mustache. lol.

Caleb King


Boykin on the return.

I think this is Brandon Boykin after the interception.

All pictures by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.


November 14, 2009

Get Well, Bacarri Rambo

When you say your prayers tonight, don't forget Bacarri Rambo.  He made the play of the game with that hit, but no game is worth a player's well being.  It appeared every precaution was taken, but any time a player has those spooky rigid arms after a hit, you're reminded of the violence of the game and what these guys are risking by playing the way they do.  Get well, Bacarri.

Although not as urgent, a prayer for A.J. is warranted, too.  The last I heard was a AC joint problem.  I'd imagine he's doubtful for next weekend, but that is speculative at best.


November 13, 2009

SEC Releases Proof of LSU's Non-Interception

Fark of the Day.

As Tony MontanaRogers Redding says, "In the SEC, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."

UPDATE: Another angle

While I'm always in favor of good officiating, the irony of LSU losing on a blown call is not lost on me.

Basketball Opens Season vs. New Orleans tonight

Mark Fox begins his tenure in Athens officially tonight at 7:00 pm with his first home game as the Bulldogs will face the New Orleans Privateers.

Your Help in the Turnaround:
We need as big a crowd as possible tonight. Fox and Athletic Department worked hard to line up a game on a football weekend for Fox's debut. Now, we need to deliver butts in seats. The biggest piece of turning around this program is hiring a great coach who recruits great players. Obviously. However, the Georgia fans are critical to turning around this program, too.

The "How to Recruit Against the Home State Bulldogs Manual" includes:
Page 1: Their fans don't support their team.
In reality, our fans have done a great job of supporting our program when we've put a quality product on the floor. For instance Tubby's two years and Harrick's last three years. To accelerate recruiting...and believe me our talent level needs a boost...we as fans are going to have to buy into this program a little earlier this time. Waiting until after the team is good isn't enough. It needs more help than that.

Bruce Pearl went to UT and sold the hell out of his product to anyone that would listen. For his first game in Knoxville, they had a near packed house against a directional school from across the state. Pearl was a nobody nationally from Wisconsin with no SEC credentials. Granted, he's the best product evangelist in the coaching business, but their fans still gave him a shot on opening night.

Now, we need to meet Fox half way.

Here's hoping you can make the game. If you have a hotel room in Athens tonight, there's no reason not to be there. Go Dawgs.

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(PS -- The best player on the New Orleans squad is former Bulldog Billy Humphrey. Unfortunately, Humphrey had knee surgery recently, and he's listed as questionable for the game. I'm sincerely hoping he makes the trip because he's due a standing ovation for helping us win the SEC Tournament in Felton's next to last year.)

November 12, 2009

At SC, you'll work at the Gas Station. At UT, you'll rob it?

Lane Kiffin told a recruit that if he committed to South Carolina he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life.  Apparently, the idea of working at a gas station is much less appealing than the idea of robbing someone outside it.

Three Vols were arrested this morning outside of a Knoxville Gas Station for their alleged involvement in an arm robbery attempt.  This was no wacky paperwork DMV oriented mix-up.  This one allegedly involves a get away car, a wheel woman and a gun.  Nothing Sucks Like a Big Orange Stick Up.

Not sure what I like best about this story.
A.  One of them was wearing UT merchandise during the crime...that's branding baby.

B.  They targeted their alleged victim so poorly that the "mark" had zero dollars in their wallet...that's film study baby.

C.  They were in a Prius as the alleged get away car...that's protecting the environment baby.

I guess it would've been cooler had they had their shirts off chanting "Wild Boys Want Your Money!"


You Have a Choice Saturday

If you're thinking of going to the game Saturday you have a choice to make. Are you going to support the Dawgs and be part of the solution, or are you going to throw gas on an open flame?

In 1999, Auburn came into Athens to face an ill prepared UGA night That defense found itself down 31-0, and a segment of our fan base completely lost it's mind. There was a raining down of boos like I've never seen before or since. A few idiots even walked down to the sidelines to give the players AND recruits a piece of their minds.

It was the biggest recruiting weekend of the year, and it was a complete meltdown. We lost every single recruit that attended that game except one. We also lost juniors from the next recruiting class who were in attendance.

No kid in their right mind would've signed for UGA had he seen that display. I've seen booing everywhere. I've seen it at Auburn, Tech (many, many times) and elsewhere. But I've never seen anything as toxic as that '99 Night.

If things get out of hand and you're about to lose your shit, JUST LEAVE. Just leave the stadium. There's no reason to turn a bad play into a catastrophe. Coaches can recruit around a blowout. Even elite programs get blown out from time to time. Coaches know how to talk to that. But they can't recruit around fans killing their own team.

If we Fire Willie and whoever else this offseason, the next coach needs raw materials to work with. They don't need a recruiting class to unravel before them.

Don't make it harder to turn this thing around.

You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. If you can't sit there without berating the players or without booing, just get up and walk the hell out. You're not going to convince Richt to fire anyone by booing, giving anyone a piece of your mind, or showing your ass.


November 11, 2009

Early Signing Day Update

Today is the beginning of the early signing period, which is like Signing Day for football without the stupid hat tricks and unwarranted pomp afforded high school football players.  Coach Fox is expected to sign Florida forward Cady Lalanne, the nation's No. 142 overall prospect according to Rivals.  The fact that Coach Fox's first 2010 signee is a top 150 guy is promising, considering UGA has been largely absent from that list in prior years.  The bad news is that there are seven Georgia players on that list and we have signed none of them.  Only Jelan Kendrick, a national top 10 prospect and the top guy in state, remains uncommitted at this point.
Coach Landers also expects a good day.  Point guard Ronika Ransford, guard Khaalidah Miller, and center Ariel Johnson are supposed to sign with the Lady Dawgs.  Both guards are top 40 prospects.  It's another top 15 class to add to last year's stellar group.  It's nice to see the girls program getting a bit more recruiting attention.
In sports only I care about, blue chipper Kate Fuller signed with the women's tennis team.  Fuller was the 2008 Georgia Junior Tennis Player of the Year and is a top national recruit.  Alpharetta's Rachael Hart is also expected to sign with UGA.
Manny Diaz and the men's tennis program has commitments from two national recruits, but I don't know if they were signing today or not.  Garrett Brasseaux of Covington, Louisiana and Californian Campbell Johnson are both top 20 prospects and are committed to the Dawgs. 


Auburn Previews

The two best Auburn previews I've seen come from MaconDawg and Blutarsky. I haven't written anything about this game yet because what's to say really? Auburn's offense is good at things we don't defend well...namely fast paced, play action oriented, fairly balanced, misdirection attacks.

It's like a broken record this season. If Georgia's defense plays to its talent level and the offense can eliminate the turnovers, I like our chances. If not, we lose. That's been the story every game, and it will be the story til the bitter end.

If UGA wins out, we could go as high as the Outback Bowl. Although, that's much less likely than the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. If we don't take care of business against Auburn, we could be playing UK next weekend for the opportunity to play a bad Big East Team or a Sun Belt team at The Old Gray Lady in one of Birmingham's most dicey neighborhoods.

For us to win, this game needs to be a Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard in a Loser Leaves Town Cage Match. The bloodier and more gruesome; the more I like our chances. If it looks like something from an After School Special that ends with Willie pointing at a doll to show where the bad offensive coordnator touched him, we're sunk.


Hookers and Blow?

"I'll bury these coaching cockroaches," said Redding.*

From the two day old news bin, I have to ask. What exactly has the SEC been spending it's $2.5 billion on if not HD TVs for the replay officials to view the games? If Slive and Redding are spending ESPN's money on coke and whores, I give them style points. But it's likely nothing so cool.

If we're saving that cash for a rainy day, look around fellas. It's raining. At least on your refs. I literally refuse to watch sports on a standard non-HD a bar. And when I'm at a bar, I'm drinking with my head on a swivel looking for hot chicks...and barely paying attention to the TV to start with. I certainly wouldn't run my business through a standard TV.

I would be more indignant about this, but Slive and Redding won't read a blog posting. The Internet is a fad.


*Obviously not.

November 9, 2009

UGA vs. Kentucky Kickoff Time Set

The Georgia Bulldogs will face the Kentucky Wildcats in Athens on Nov. 21st at 7:45 pm (Source: David Hale's Twitter Page). The game will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2. now has the full SEC TV schedule for 11/21:
    SEC Network (Split) - 12:21 ET: Miss. St. at Ark. (Little Rock)
    SEC Network (Split) - 12:21 ET: Chattanooga at Alabama
    PPV - 12:30 ET: Florida International at Florida
    CBS - 3:30 ET: LSU at Ole Miss
    ESPNU - 7:00 ET: Vanderbilt at Tennessee
    ESPN or ESPN2 - 7:45 ET: Kentucky at Georgia
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November 7, 2009

Quick Thoughts from Fox's Debut

I went to the Georgia vs. North Georgia exhibition game last night, and I would describe the experience in two words. Hope Inspiring.

Offensively it doesn't even look like the same team. We have a plan now. Under Felton's regime, how many times did Sundiata Gaines* bring the ball down the court and seem to aimlessly dribble out the shot clock or pass to a big man at the top of the key who would turn it over...because that's what big men do when they handle the ball at the top of the key.

It was maddening. We lacked player movement, ball movement and purposeful passing. Players were not put into a position to be successful offensively. That's not what I saw last night.

We pass. We move, and we don't dribble the air out of the ball. When Dustin Ware brings the ball across the court the passing takes over and the dribbling comes to a near stop. There's a plan of attack.

I'm not saying our ills are cured. They aren't. The team still has too many shooters and not enough makers. The opposition will zone us to death, and I'm not sure we have the shooters to punish them for it.

But we have an offensive plan now. And it's a plan that should bear fruit. Give this coaching staff a chance. Put your butt in a seat and cheer. Because the visually depressing product of the past few years is now one that inspires hope.

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Oh yeah...Trey, Dustin, Leslie, Barnes and Price looked dramatically improved.

*Not a shot a Sundiata. He was doing what he was told to do.

November 6, 2009

Your picks are due

Set your picks for the College Football Pick 'em. I'm doing epic suck this year. As usual. I'd like to blame my problems on the Dawgs, but my problems are way bigger than that. Mainly, I've forgotten to set my picks at least twice this year. When you do that, the system auto selects for you. And you're toast.

Quinton McDawg is having a killer year. He's #10 in the 457 people.

Overall Standings Through Week 9
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 scott's selections 90-31 718
2 hoeilaartdawg's picks 90-31 709
3 walkermydawg's picks 89-32 705
3 TomReagan's picks 89-32 705
5 ugafan's picks 92-29 701
6 crashbc 83-38 696
7 ohiogadawg's picks 87-34 694
8 Good Buzz 87-34 693
8 Repn GA from Tx 83-38 693
10 Quinton's picks 89-32 691

I'm thinking of adding a 15th game next week. What game would you like to see added:
    Arizona vs. Cal
    TAMU vs. Oklahoma
    Michigan vs. Wisconsin

November 5, 2009

ACC Announces Bowl Partnerships for 2010-2013

They are adding the Sun Bowl and Independence Bowl to their mix (Source: ACC). The pecking order goes as follows:
    1. FedEx Orange Bowl vs. BCS Team
    2. Chick-Fil-A Bowl vs. SEC
    3. Champ Sports Bowl vs. Big East or ND
    4. Brut Sun Bowl (ACC Title Game Runner-Up or #4 Pick) vs. Pac 10
    5. Meineke Car Care Bowl vs. Big East
    6. Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl vs. SEC
    7. Advocare 100 Independence Bowl vs. MWC
    8. Eagle Bank Bowl vs. CUSA ('10), Navy ('11), Army ('12) and Big 12 ('13)
    9. Emerald Bowl (conditional: if the Emerald doesn't have enough teams)
Moving the Boise and Emerald Bowls out in favor of the Sun and Independence is an upgrade for their fans.


Mark Fox's informal debut is Friday Night

The men's basketball team has an exhibition on Friday at 7:00 pm in Athens vs. North Georgia College. The game is a chance to get a first look at the Fox's Hounds. I'm expecting moments of real encouragement surrounded by moments of player confusion as they adapt to the new triangle offense.

Speaking of hoops, the AJC looks at the basketball recruiting base in Atlanta and Fox's challenges in cracking that nut. While the Red and Black talks about Albert Jackson's positive experiences so far with Coach Fox.

If you're in town for the Tennessee Tech game, swing by Friday Night for the hoops exhibition. If nothing else, it'll take your mind off our defense and QBs for two hours.


November 3, 2009

You know SEC Officiating is bad...

...when it becomes fodder for the Onion: "SEC Replay Official Overturns Roe v. Wade."
Confirming the conference stood by the decision, an SEC spokesperson also said that officials would be disciplined for last week's Florida–Mississippi State game, in which a "grave error" was made when a replay call upheld both a Florida touchdown in which the ballcarrier had clearly fumbled before crossing the goal line and Brown v. Board of Education.
Rogers Redding is to competent officiating what the Buford T. Justice is to effective law enforcement.

November 2, 2009

SEC TV Schedule for Nov. 14th

Auburn at Georgia will be a night game in Athens (per Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 pm, but the network isn't finalized yet. It'll either be ESPN or ESPN2. The full schedule of the SEC TV games for Nov. 14:
    12:00 ET - Tennessee at Ole Miss (CBS)
    12:21 ET - Kentucky at Vanderbilt (SEC Network)
    3:30 ET - Florida at South Carolina (CBS)
    7:00 ET - Louisiana Tech at LSU (ESPNU)
    7:00 ET - Alabama at Miss State (ESPN or ESPN2)
    7:00 ET - Auburn at Georgia (ESPN or ESPN2)
    7:30 ET - Troy at Arkansas (CSS)
Here's hoping for a complete game by the Georgia squad.

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