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October 31, 2007

Red October (By JeromeFromDecatur)

(30 penalty yards? Acceptable risk. Exit Visitor Sideline. At my command.)

Several days later as talking heads and message board pundits scold and blovate on a touchdown celebration and the Decline of Western Civilization, I kept hearing a distinct voice rattling in the back of my head. Have heard it since Saturday afternoon around four o’clock. Only while watching the game’s replay on Florida’s Sun Sport Network did I realize the voice in my head was the ex-Soviet sub commander (with an Irish brogue) Captain Marko Ramius.

Ramius once sandwiched between two super powers wanting his scalp, consoled himself with history and the fact that when Cortez reached the new world, “…he burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.” Ramius, who hopefully caught the game while relaxing in a fishing cabin in Montana or Maine, was surely smiling on Saturday.

As I watched Trinton Sturdivant wiggle and wag his head and Joe Cox beat his chest, I thought back to those Spanish soldiers from so long ago as walls of flames licked the night sky, turning to ash their only way home. It’s not hard to think of what those Spanish soldiers said. I imagine it was similar to what I and so many of Georgia people were saying Saturday as our team came sashaying onto the field—“Oh sh*t. This sh*t is on.” Except the soldiers said it in Spanish, which, of course, probably sounds a lot better.

Watching the Gator replay, I was able to finally make out that voice in the back of my head when color commentator, former Florida defensive back Barry Ackerman, reacted to the celebration. Ackermann, who played on Spurrier’s first team at Florida, immediately said how Spurrier preached how the Gators had to believe they could beat Georgia. Ackermann got nostalgic about how beating Georgia was Psychological. He suggested Richt was doing something similar. The comparison—an unintentional slip—was telling.

Spurrier would go on to spend the next decade doing this whole ship burning thing, conducting blunt and brutal Psy-Ops against college football and targeting UGA with particular menace. Each year after the WLOCP, Georgia fans were disgusted. We were outraged. We were surprised. We complained. And while we spoke of class, Florida spoke of victory.

At the end of the broadcast when it was clear a Florida defeat was imminent, Ackerman changed his tune. He offered the requisite Broadcast-Speak of congratulating Georgia, but then he went on to recall the “celebration” from the fist touchdown. He said he felt both “disgusted” and “surprised.”

Both of those emotions are accurate. Only one of them is relevant.

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Recruiting and housekeeping

First off, the Dawgs got two big commitments today from Dontavius Jackson (RB, Heard County HS) and Sanders Commings (ATH/DB/WR, Westside Augusta HS). As Dean Legge from pointed out today, the Jackson commitment gives the Dawgs a commit at every position except QB, Fullback and Offensive Tackle.

We have a roster and commitment list full of fullbacks, H-backs and TEs so no issues there, and we've got plenty of young QBs in Stafford, Cox and Gray.

Offensive tackle remains a huge open priority for the recruiting class. It basically looks like this group has a Cordy Glenn sized hole in it. Glenn is listed at 6'6" and 315 lbs by, and I have it on very knowledgeable authority that he could be larger in both respects. Good bigger not fat bigger.

I don't generally do a lot of recruiting coverage, but Glenn was described to me as (paraphrase) "bright, qualified and hard working with exceptional quickness and strength. He is exactly what the Georgia program's offensive line needs." When you get such a glowing endorsement from a legitimately knowledgeable source on the topic, it gets your attention.

I don't care about recruiting rankings, which is a legitimate thing to say when your team's class is ranked in the Top 2-4 by virtually every service of note. I don't care about stars beyond simply a frame of reference for talking about recruits over beers. As a fan, I judge recruiting classes based on questions like:
    -- Did you sign kids that the programs at your level and up desperately wanted?
    -- Are those kids spread across positions of need?
There are always exceptions like Tony Gilbert, Randy McMichael, Thomas Davis, etc. Guys that no one wanted that turn into All-Conference beasts, and guys like Jasper Sanks and Mudcat Elmore that don't turn into the well hyped studs from their billing. However, if you load up on a class full of "sleepers" you'll generally find yourself with a program that's asleep.

The 2008 signing class is currently loaded with kids who our peer schools badly wanted. There are a couple of "tweeners" and kids that I'm not sure have an actual position in the existing Georgia scheme in this class (more on that post-signing day), but overall it looks like a high quality group.

We still need an offensive tackle or two to lock this thing down. Then all we need to do is play with the fire from the Cocktail Party during all the big rivalry games. Hell, we'd never lose. ;)

(oh....the other thing. I got rid of the juke box on the blog. No one was using it, and it was just slowing the page load)


2008 Defense: A Look Ahead

As if you needed another reason to smile this week. Next year, we return 9 of 11 defensive starters from the Florida game. With that in mind, let's look at a possible 2008 line-up.

Buck DE: J. Wynn (SR) - Wynn, a junior college all-american at defensive end, was *finally* moved back to his natural position of DE for the Florida Game. Lots of candidates to back him up here including Battle, Dobbs, Lemon, Woods, etc. Prediction: Upgrade in size and strength in '08.

RUSH DE: R. Battle (JR) - Moving Battle over from Buck to Rush would give us 40 more pounds over Howard. We'd lose a step in pursuit, but we'd improve vs. the run. Lomax will be a senior next year, but he's mostly a pass rush specialist. Prediction: Upgrade vs. the Run. Downgrade vs. the Pass.

DT: Owens (Sr) - He has been slowed by ankle problems this year, but he has a world of ability. Corvey Irvin as a SR backup is also nice. Prediction: Upgrade in experience.

DT: Atkins (JR) or Weston (Jr) - Either way, a solid veteran group. Prediction: Upgrade in experience as we field the most experienced and talented group of DTs in memory. There's probably not a Jonathan Sullivan, Richard Seymour or Glenn Dorsey in that group, but there's more than enough SEC Caliber DTs to make it tough to run on the interior DL.

Overall DL Thoughts: The Martinez/Van Gorder defensive scheme from the past few years demands a front four that can get a consistent pass rush without having to send two blitzers per play. We haven't been deep enough, big enough, experienced enough or talented enough the past two years to provide the stable front four the scheme requires. The size, depth and experience challenges should be gone next year.

SLB: Dent (So.) or Ellerbe (Sr.) - Ellerbe played some SAM linebacker vs. Florida for the first time. Much of that came while Georgia was in its 3-3-5 look. Dent has out played B. Miller in my opinion already this year. Prediction: Upgrade in speed and ability regardless of which direction we go vs. Brandon Miller.

MLB: Ellerbe (Sr.) or Washington (Sr.) - I think Ellerbe's starting spot will be determined by Dent and Washington. In other words, if we want the best 3 LBs on the field, we already know that Ellerbe is one of them. Upgrade in experience if its Washington here. Upgrade in speed and experience if its Ellerbe here.

WLB: Curran (So.) - Against Florida, Rennie had the best game for a Georgia Weakside Linebacker since Tony Taylor left. If he stays healthy, he should hold onto the 1st team job and enter next season with six starts under his belt. Upgrade in experience.

Overall LB Thoughts: This group needs to show week to week consistency for the rest of 2007. The only consistent performer so far has been Ellerbe; although, the group took a quantum leap forward in the Florida game. Gamble, Dewberry and White could all become quality players, but at least two of those three needs a lot of work. The talent is there in '08 to improve the LB corp dramatically.

WC: Prince Miller (Jr) or Bryan Evans (Jr) - I'm not up to speed on the injury situation. Is Bryan Evans hurt because it seems like Miller gets clowned quite a bit in coverage and his tackling is a bit suspect. Either way, we return depth here. Push or Upgrade (I say Push b/c Prince won't get any bigger)

SC: Asher Allen (Jr) - Allen has played better and better each week. Upgrade in experience. My only concern is depth. I'm not sure who his back-up would be. Remarcus Brown is basically buried on the depth chart right now.

S: CJ Byrd (Sr) - I'm expecting some sort of three safety rotation where Quinton Banks backs up both Jones and Byrd. We lose experience and leadership from Kelin Johnson, but we're replacing him with another fifth year senior. It's probably a push.

S: R. Jones (So.) - With a year of experience under his belt, I think he makes the proper play on the first quarter deep ball near the end zone vs. the Gators next year. That first TD was simply a rookie play. He has the speed and size to be a monster safety. Upgrade in experience.

Overall DB Thoughts: UGA cornerbacks have typically blossomed late in their sophomore seasons. The junior year has been the payoff year. That was true for Wansley, Bryant, Thorton, Minter, Jennings, Oliver, etc. Martinez has subbed safeties more liberally this year than he has in any year that I can remember except '03 when he utilized Greg Blue off the bench for Jones and Davis. In other words, the backups aren't as green as normal.

In Sum:
Not only do we return 9 of 11 starters from the Florida Game. But we return 18 of 22 players on the defensive two-deep. Only Brandon Miller and Thomas Flowers are seniors among the back-ups.

The future looks bright.

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A final, final word on The Celebration

I keep wanting to say that I'm finished with this story, but it keeps lingering. My favorite article so far is Tony Barnhart's article about The Celebration with current and former coaches. All the former coaches interviewed LOVED the move including Pat Dye, Terry Bowden, Danny Ford and others.

On the parody front, the folks over at CSTV have published the letter that Mark Richt should have written to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, and Senator Blutarsky has been covering this story like his own personal Watergate.

The new CSS show "Dawg Report" with Buck Belue, Matt Stinchcomb and Matt Stewart saw a great point come to light. Stewart asked, "How is this any different than a baseball manager throwing a tantrum on the field in an effort to get thrown from the game and motivate his team?" I liked that analogy.

Personally, I keep coming back to the single most important point. We won. Gators lost. Amen.

Speaking of winning and enjoying the fruits of our victory, the Georgia Sports Blog store just got some new stuff in. They've got two more designs for Victory T-Shirts. One in Red and one in white. I still can't believe that they don't have Moreno Jerseys, but what are you gonna do?

Click to learn more.

Click to learn more.


October 30, 2007

CBS on the Florida Game

Some interesting comments railing on Florida's safeties. Also solid comments on Richt going after the Gators from the jump.


Georgia vs Florida Wallpaper: 2007

The Pork Whisperer (aka Iron Chef Turducken) took the following pics during the UGA vs. UF game. Click to enlarge for Wallpaper sized version.

Thanks for sending the pics!


Troy QB listed as doubtful, but....

But he insists he will play. David Ching has the news about Omar Haugabook, Troy QB. Per Ching:
Haugabook would be replaced by the combination of Tanner Jones and Jamie Hampton if he can't go, but Haugabook is hard to replace. He's second on the team with 420 rushing yards and has a team-high eight rushing touchdowns and is passing for 260 yards per game, with 12 TDs and 11 ints. Jones and Hampton are a combined 6-for-19 for 69 yards and one touchdown.
Ching also has some recap notes from interviews with players about UF and Troy.

The Dothan Eagle's blogger talks with Omar about the injury and his expectation of playing vs. Georgia. Yesterday, I posted a bit on Haugabook's importance to the team, and some info on their general stats.

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October 29, 2007

SEC Power Poll Ballot

Every week this ballot gets harder and harder. So, LSU crushes Mississippi State, who beats Auburn, who beats Florida, who crushed Tennessee, who crushed Georgia, who beat Alabama, who crushed Tennessee, who beat South Carolina, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU. The conference is exciting, but volatile.
  1. LSU - The Tigers are still the class of the conference. Now they head to Tuscaloosa for the most anticipated game of the season. The Tigers will likely be without their back up QB, Ryan Perriloux, as he ran into some, uh, trouble in afterhours Baton Rouge.
  2. Auburn - Tubs always starts slow and finishes hard. The Aubs aren't an offensive powerhouse, they only scored 17 against Ole Miss, but they have a defense that should keep them in every game they have left.
  3. Georgia - Who was that coaching the Dawgs? Whoever he was, he squeezed the best game of the year out of the Dawgs, who now have an outside shot at Atlanta.
  4. Alabama - Can Nick Saban pull this off? He's had two weeks to prepare for a signature win. Bama isn't as talented as LSU, but this is a game Bama can win, but John Parker Wilson must stand tall in the face of what will be relentless pressure from LSU's D-line.
  5. Tennessee - Fulmer keeps redeeming himself after embarrassments. Like Georgia, the Vols are capable of winning their last three and heading to Atlanta with the tiebreaker. But, also like Georgia, they are probably not consistent enough to win out.
  6. Florida - Got ambushed in a game they normally dominate. Tebow wasn't himself, but Timmy didn't give up 42. Their defensive problems continue. The Gators need to get well this weekend (not likely) and unleash Timmy on Shiny Pants.
  7. South Carolina - The Cocks looked like they were in for a UGA-style stomping in Knoxville, but woke up and climbed back in the game. If not for a well timed false start, Shiny Pants could have pulled another improbable win.
  8. Kentucky - The Cats haven't been the same since the LSU game. They look like their old self, capable of scoring, but unable to stop anybody.
  9. Arkansas - Ate a cupcake. DMac only gets 61 yards, but 4 TDs. This weeks game against the Cocks should match the excitement of the Auburn game, meaning as fun as watching two cinder blocks thrown at each other repeatedly until they turn to powder.
  10. Mississippi State - Don't look now but State is making plans to party in the blinking and cacophonous casinos of Shreveport or Memphis in December. Yeah, Mississippi State.
  11. Vanderbilt - Vandy only plays tight games. This must make Vandy fans both unsatisfied in victory and demoralized in defeat. But hey, you've got that SAT score going for you.
  12. Ole Miss - Do I really have to explain this one? It's only going to get worse after the Oge suspended his best defender.

A little more on the celebration thing

Chip Towers is expecting Coach Richt to receive a fine and/or a reprimand of some sort from the Southeastern Conference. I'm also expecting something along those lines. Frankly, I'd be shocked if Richt wasn't fined, and it'll be worth every penny.

(Image: Just after "Camera Incident" that drew the second flag. Photo by IronChefTurducken. Click to enlarge.)

If Mike Adams wanted to finally get some fans on his side, he'd match the fine to the charity of Richt's choice. He would then publicly back his coach in writing to the SEC. He could be polite and civil about it, but he should back his guy.

Around the Blogosphere:
-- UgaMummra has put The Celebration to music. Instant classic.

-- Senator Blutarsky has a series of articles on Class and The Celebration. I find myself in near total agreement with everything he says. In one of his articles, he points to Spurrier's smart ass comments on the situation.

-- Mark Schlabach gives the whole incident some historical perspective without coming down or endorsing the situation. On the other end of the spectrum, one blogger called it the most classless moment in college football history. Now, there's some OMG! HYPERBOLE!11!!1! Personally, I'm a fan of Woody Hayes punch on the Clemson kid or the GT 222-0 score against Cumberland for the most classless ever moment, but I'm open to other nominations.

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New Cocktail Party Song

John Radcliff, AOL Fanhouse Blogger, is today's King of the Universe for putting this together. He has written a song called...

God Bless the Cyberwebs.


Georgia vs. Auburn to Kickoff at 3:30 pm

Image: AJC

Breaking -- Dean Legge of says we're playing the Tigers on CBS at 3:30 pm on Nov. 10th. confirms it.

Other Nov. 10 SEC games on TV:
Florida at South Carolina (ESPN, 7:45 p.m.)
Arkansas at Tennessee (LF Sports, 12:30 p.m EST)
Alabama at Mississippi State (LF Sports, 12:30 pm EST)

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Troy is Next: What You Need to Know

The "Men" of Troy enjoy a slip n slide for (ht - begger and EDSBS)

So what do we need to know about these guys? It all starts with the obvious (Per The Bulldogs and the Trojans share two common opponents. Georgia beat Oklahoma State 35-14 in the season opener and Troy topped the Cowboys 41-23 two weeks later. The Trojans dropped a 59-31 decision to Florida.

Secondly, no discussion of Troy is complete without mentioning the uber gay photo shoot above. All your gays belong to them.*

The Troy offense is lead by Omar Haugabook a senior quarterback who has a nice arm and can run very well. Luckily for Georgia, Haugabook hurt his hamstring on Saturday vs. Arkansas State, and he was pulled from the game in the fourth quarter. He is averaging 50 yards per game rushing (8 TDs) and 260 yards passing per game (12 TDs and 11 INTs). Against the Gators, Omar was 29 of 52 for 283 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT with two more rushing TDs. Granted, much of those stats came in the second half when UF was substituting pretty liberally after starting off up 49-7 at the half.

Overall, the team has a Top 25 ranked offense and their QB (when healthy) is one of the least sacked quarterbacks in America. If he's slowed to become one dimensional, it would greatly help from a scheme standpoint.

On defense, they stone cold can't stop the run. Oklahoma State ran for 241 yards against these guys while getting torched. They are ranked 101st in the nation in run defense surrendering more than 200 yards per game on the ground. Via the air, they are much more accomplished as they rank 7th in the nation in pass defense. In terms of special teams, the only thing that sticks out statistically is an exceptional punt return game.

This is a game where the recipe is simple. Feed it to Knowshon, get up early, sub often, stay healthy and get out of there with a win. When OSU imploded at Troy, they had 3 lost fumbles, two INTs and an unconverted fourth down. Protect the ball and we win an ugly homecoming game against a team with more talent than any of us want to admit.

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*not that there's anything wrong with that.

October 28, 2007

It's A Celebration!

There are times when one is exposed to the pure Hobbesian environment, where the laws of the jungle, not the law of man or God, rule supreme. As an example, it is thought that if one enters prison, the smartest strategic action to establish oneself on the right side of the foodchain is to fight someone the first day simply to show the other inmates that you are not to be trifled with. And the more frenzied the beating the better. Far better to be thought of as crazed than considered polite and vulnerable. Show everybody you are crazy and they are less likely to try you.

Mark Richt, polite and kind, acted like the latest inmate to arrive Saturday. As you all know, Richt ordered his players to incur a celebration penalty after Georgia's first score. Knowshon dove over the goal line for the game's first score and the entire team came out on the field to jump up and down, give the Gator chomp, and dance, dance, dance! The celebration was unprecedented, drawing considerable criticism. It was shocking, bold, and just what the Dawgs needed to set the tone in a series that has come to represent fear and sad defeat to the Bulldog Nation.

It was not the most polite or "classy" action, for sure, but it was necessary. Just as the prisoner needs to establish his willingness for ruthlessness, the Dawgs had to show that they were ready to fight. This willingness has at times seemed absent in Jacksonville. The Dawgs either got rolled by Shiny Pants or got all the bad breaks against Zook or Meyer. The defeats were either noncompetitive or excruciating and heartbreaking. The celebration announced that the Dawgs were here to fight, openly and unabashedly. But frankly, I think the celebration was more about Georgia, not Florida.

Our prisoner doesn't just fight to scare other inmates, he fights to show himself he can, girding himself for the long sentence ahead. It was meant to get the Gators off their game, but more to get into Georgia's head. It was calling the Gators out for a fight and inspire some confidence. Confidence that the Dawgs have left back home on most trips to Jacksonville. It's hard to play shy after that kind of spectacle.

Other than a single terrible throw by Stafford, the team played its best ball of the year Saturday. The Dawgs played like it meant something. And it meant more than they will know. Finally, the Gators have to refer to series history, class, jean shorts, or anything else we had to resort to when the scoreboard cruelly trumped all arguments.

As for class, I can certainly understand some of the criticism. We aren't accustomed to Mark Richt letting his team loose. The celebration was brash, ballsy, and on some level, crass. These aren't words commonly used to describe Richt. But, when you've been dominated in a series by being flat, tight, and error prone, why not do something dramatic to loosen your players up? It's out of character, but it was a change that Richt felt he needed to avoid another inevitable loss.

And I really don't want to hear about class from a team who runs reverse passes when they are up by 24 in the fourth quarter. Go hit Stafford while he's kneeling.


Rubbing it in...

Click to View or Buy

Some of my favorite lines after the game were:
-- "Vandy called. They said welcome to the cellar."
-- "Honk if you sacked Tebow."
-- "Our kicker has more tackles than Tebow had rushing yards."
-- "Hey look, Willie bought a VCR."

List your best lines below.

What a game. Some pics:
-- AJC photo gallery 1
-- AJC photo gallery 2
-- gallery

More headlines and comments later.


October 27, 2007


(Image: AP)
I can't do much better than this picture. Congrats, Coach. You earned it today. More tomorrow.


October 26, 2007

The Doh-nuts

More bad news for the basketball program: Takais Brown has been dismissed from the basketball program. Last month, Brown and two other players were suspended for multiple games because of class absences. One can only speculate that the suspensions weren't enough to get Takais's attention.

So it looks like we'll be relying on Bliss, Jackson (who is suspended for the better part of the nonconference schedule), Singleton, and freshmen in the middle, where Brown's suspension leaves a huge, gaping hole. Jeremy Price and Jeremy Jacob will need to provide immediate quality depth, if not start. A promising season is already falling apart.

Our troubles have even reached The Onion, who exaggerates our troubles and sums up our midnight madness practice: "Georgia: With the majority of its players suspended for poor classroom attendance, disobeying team rules, armed robbery, attempted rape, and arson, thousands of students gather to watch ball boy Terence Payson shoot left-handed lay ups for two hours."

Quinton Calls Charlie Weis "The Worst Football Coach in the Universe"

This is one of the most spectacularly blistering pieces you'll read from My favorite paragraphs:
Weis' Fighting Irish now stand at 1-7. This record is only the faintest indicator of just how awful Notre Dame is. They have lost nine of their last 10 games, by an average of 24 points. None has been close. While Notre Dame has suffered very few injuries, three of its opponents have had to play the Irish without their starting quarterbacks. Two of those teams, USC and Michigan, nonetheless beat Notre Dame by a larger margin than either has beaten any other opponent so far this year. Notre Dame's lone win came against UCLA, which had been forced to use its third-string quarterback, a walk-on. In that game, Notre Dame compiled just 140 yards of offense, but won with the help of seven Bruin turnovers, five of them hand-delivered courtesy of the hapless walk-on signal-caller.

Just how bad is Notre Dame? Of the 119 teams in Division I-A, ND is 119th in total offense, 119th in rushing offense, 112th in passing offense, and 118th in scoring. If Notre Dame had doubled its scoring output, it would still rank 108th. If it doubled its rushing output (currently 34 yards a game), it would barely eke out Duke for 118th place.
Notre Dame homer blog Blue Gray Sky has its lengthy retort. In reality, we won't know how bad Weis really is until next year when he has four recruiting classes of his very own to drive into the pavement. But right now...the stats are overwhelming. As my brother said, "every time you hear another Notre Dame stat that can't blows your mind with its awfulness, you hear another stat the next day that tops it."


When you've lost 15 of 17...

You look for good omen's every where. So I saw the biggest rainbow of my life over the bridge on A1A over Amelia Island Thursday night at dusk. That's either a good omen for football, or this weekend will be very gay.


October 25, 2007

Where's the Mute Button?

CSTV asks why Georgia ladies are the hottest co-eds in the country. I can't disagree with any of this, but drunk college girls are best enjoyed on mute.

BTW -- we're here in Jax. Posting will be random.


Reason #62,451 Why I Hate the Gators

If I really wanted to nitpick, I would point out that this particular logo has virtually no success against the Dawgs. It's the script Gators logo that's the mark of the Beast. I *wish* the Gators would've busted out their throwback uniforms in Jacksonville last year instead of against the Tide in G'ville.

Totally unrelated, but Terrence Moore has his bi-yearly article that I agree with. He basically says that it's time to stop making excuses about the location, the bye-week, the injuries, etc and just win the damn game. The streak is mind bogglingly ridiculous.

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October 24, 2007

Stay Classy LSU

Warning. Barely safe for work. But funny in a guy humor sort of way.

Daddy didn't hug me enough.


ABH Podcast discusses the Cocktail Party

Listen as sports editor John Kaltefleiter talks with Michael DiRosso of the Athens Banner Herald, University of Florida beat writer for the Jacksonville Times Union, about Saturday's matchup.


Will Caleb King Play?

It's the will he or won't he question of the week. The articles...Obviously, if Moreno goes down and the game is close, they pretty much have to play him. But what about the other dozen scenarios that could unfold? I'm with Senator Blutarsky on this they think that he's ready or are they sweating Thomas Brown's rehab diagnosis?

From reading Coach Ball's comments, it sounds like they're making sure that Caleb is mentally ready to do more than catch toss sweeps. The best news of all...Caleb King has only been on the scout team for two or three weeks this season. So he *should* have a basic working knowledge of more than just a few plays.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with this on Sunday.


October 23, 2007

Thoughts on the Cocktail party

Image: Josh Massey

My confidence in the team and program is pretty low. Sure, I'm looking forward to this weekend's tailgate and festivities, but the game...entirely different story.
    The pluses:
    1. Martinez has actually kept Meyer's squad in check the past 2 years allowing only 2 offensive TDs each year.
    2. We can catch the ball from time to time, and the Gator pass defense is average at best.
    3. Florida can be beaten. See AU and LSU.
    4. Knowshon Moreno

    The minuses:
    1. This isn't the '05-'06 UF offense. Tebow and Harvin are sick.
    2. We haven't caught the ball consistently for any extended period this year.
    3. We don't have LSU or AU's defense. Not by a long shot.
    4. UF's run defense is pretty damn good.
I'm generally a sunshine pumper or at worse a realist. I rarely go into my dark cave of pessimism. But let's look at facts. In 2007, we have struggled with teams that have equal or lesser talent. The Gators are most certainly more talented than the Bulldogs, and you'll have to make one helluva argument that they aren't better coached right now.

My expectation:
Everyone loses football games some times, and it's completely unfair to hold this team accountable for what happened during 15 of the past 17 games in the series. It wouldn't kill me to lose the game, and honestly a win wouldn't totally shock me. Not this season when the entire college football world is upside down. But I do have an expectation or two...
    My expectation is that the team compete.
    I expect 60 minutes of balls out effort.
    I expect UF to know they played UGA at the end.
    I expect us to not play dead when it gets tough.
    I expect us to not cross the Florida line and wet our britches.
I'm still showing up. I'm still giving 100% as a fan. I'll scream my lungs out win or lose, and I'm not leaving early no matter what. But I'm not excited about the real possibility of driving all the way down there to get the hell kicked out of us and have us look like we don't belong on the same field as them.

We are in Year Seven of this coaching regime. There are talent gaps that are legitimate and they are real, and regardless of how they came to be (a topic for a different post) they aren't going to change over night.

But talent gaps don't explain away what happened in Knoxville. And despite the complete lack of a transitive property in football (Just because A beat B and B beats C doesn't necessarily mean that A beats C), talent gaps alone don't explain how a team we beat (Alabama) could dominate a team (UT) that made our guys look like a novice JV Squad.

The gameday cure for my lack of confidence

I'm discouraged and worried about this game, but I'm not flying the white flag of surrender or giving up hope. I hope our team plays in a way that we can all be proud of. That's all I expect and want at this point. I want progress. Because the last two seasons haven't been about progress. They've been about week to week survival and working to not blow ourselves up followed by inexplicable moments of giddiness and then more buffoonery.

Some consistent upwardly mobile progress would be really nice at this point. Win or lose.

Go Dawgs.

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UGA vs. UF Tickets for TRADE

I have 2-4 tickets for Trade for the Florida Game
I need 2-4 for the Auburn Game.

I have 2 lower level seats for Florida available in Section 148.
I also have 4 upper level tickets in 437. That's roughly the 45 yard line.
Seating Chart

All of my tickets are in the UGA Section, and all were purchased from the UGA Athletic Department. I need to keep 2 of those 6 tickets. If you've got Auburn tickets and need UF tickets, let me know. We'll work something out. Best trade(s) gets the tix. I'm not looking to make a profit. Just looking to get into the Aubie game and make sure my UF tickets find a red and black home.

decaturdawg [at] hotmail [dot] com

Thanks and Go Dawgs.


October 22, 2007

SEC Power Poll Ballot

The chaos continues. The West is manageable. LSU looks sure to go to Atlanta, unless Saban trips them up and I think that's unlikely. The East is wide open.
  1. LSU - Looked vulnerable early, but roared back to dominate the second half. Lester made a ballsy call, but it is getting way too much attention as a game breaker. Risky? Sure, but every play is. There are only two logical calls there. Run to position the kick or take a shot at 6. The receiver caught it with :04 left. If deflected, it would have needed to go to the moon to run the clock out. The real wonder is how that team gets behind late.
  2. Florida - Showed they can win a shootout on the road. Will the injuries slow down the Gators in Jacksonville or will Tebow's bruised shoulder just mean that Harvin will torment the Dawgs instead of Timmy?
  3. Kentucky - Yeah, I know they lost, but they still hung around with the Gators after the most emotional win in recent program history. Woodson continues to look good, which makes his performance in Columbia even more confusing.
  4. Auburn - Another team that moved up after a loss. Frankly, they shouldn't have lost, but Tubs made a crucial error by squibbing after the Aubs took the lead. Brandon Cox looked good, officially making him the most inconsistent quarterback in SEC history.
  5. Alabama - Just after I called them "average everywhere," John Parker Wilson puts together a monster game against a good opponent. Bama's offense is just like Auburn's or Georgia's, average as a rule, but can light it up if their quarterback is on.
  6. South Carolina - Shiny Pants now feels the kick of losing to Vandy. What hurts more is gaining only 195 total yards. Spurrier used to put up 195 in a quarter.
  7. Tennessee - Just when you thought Phillip was safe, he lays an egg. Alabama, hitting on all cylinders, rolled UT like the Big Orange, hitting on all cylinders, rolled Georgia two weeks ago.
  8. Georgia - Dawgs get a week off before the annual bloodletting in Jacksonville. Will the rest make any difference?
  9. Arkansas - Now that's the Arkansas team we thought we were getting this year. Big performances by DMac, Felix Jones, and even Casey Dick threw for scores on misdirection plays. The problem is that it is way too late in the season for the Hawgs wake up to make a difference.
  10. Vanderbilt - Why can't the Dores play like that at home? Every big upset they've pulled seems like it happens on the road. Vandy always has a competent, pesky team, but they always seem to screw a game up somehow. They didn't screw up against the Cocks.
  11. Mississippi State - Got rolled in Morgantown against a way better team.
  12. Ole Miss - Ouch. Colonel Reb served up a big ole bucket of slop for the Hawgs. When Oge is turning back to Brent Schaeffer at QB at the end of the game, you can imagine how bad it was for the Rebs.

Div I-AA Innovation

Updated to fix image load problem
I watched Tennessee Tech play a game over in Alabama on Saturday. Long story. Anyway, check out the innovations on display. Click to enlarge.

Innovation 1: The Beverage Tray Visor
Is the sun too bright for you? Well, don't let that get you down. Simply take your concession stand beverage tray and flip it upside down. It makes a handy visor.

Innovation 2: The Outdoor Locker Room
In Div I-AA, they believe that locker rooms are for wussies. Why not enjoy the outdoors pre-game? Photo taken ~20 minutes before kickoff. In two weeks, this Tennessee Tech team will be in Jordan-Hare Stadium playing in front of roughly 90,000 people. Talk about culture shock.

Innovation 3: The Cowboy-Plumber-Trainer-Medic
In Div I-AA, they lack the budget to have dozens of support staff for the football program so people need to wear multiple hats (pardon the pun). Here we see the TTU Cowboy-Plumber-Trainer-Medic with a utility belt that would leave Batman, Dwayne Schneider and Curly Washburn in awe. I'm pretty sure that he has athletic tape, a screw driver, a toilet scrub brush, a six shooter and a feather duster on that belt. (Click to enlarge).

I wonder if our players...really all Div I-A players sometimes forget how nice they have it.

Note: Tennessee Tech is by far one of the worst football teams that I've seen in my life, and I've seen half dozen Citadel games back when they were truly wretched. I know from bad football. The Aubies get Tenn Tech the week before playing us, so they'll be rested and confident rolling into Athens. Oh. Joy.


Separated at Birth: Tebow edition

By AllSchool (aka 81dog)

Despite the fact that UF played lights out Saturday, I knew that I had seen Tim Tebow someplace before he became the Baby Jesus in shoulder pads to Newport Light smoking, Danny Wuerffel jersey wearing, Billy Ray Cyrus hairdo copying, rust bucket Camaro with airbrushed personalized front tag owning Gators from Pensacola to Ponte Vedra to Key West. Suddenly, it hit me: it's really former high school bully and lackey to the McFly family, Biff Tannen. Quick, someone go check the parking lot outside the Florida locker room for a DeLorean. And don't let him near a sports book in Vegas, whatever you do.

It's perfect, when you think about it. Who's the biggest hero in UF history? Steve Spurrier, renowned for being a blow hard. Why wouldnt young Biff Tebow be the logical heir to the crown?

On second thought, I wish to extend and revise my earlier remarks. Maybe Tim Tebow looks like the love child of Biff Tannen and this woman, who was a much more notable athlete than Biff. Scary what genetic engineering can produce, isn't it? No wonder Tebow was drawn to Urban "Point and Stare" Meyer; he probably reminded young Timmy of dear old mom:


October 20, 2007

Notre Dame Parody Video

Good stuff.


October 18, 2007

What to do During the Off Week


We are in the midst of the off week, where players heal and recover from the grind of the season while fans take a brief moment to exhale. Some of you may be wondering what you should do Saturday since you are not loading up the car to go to Athens. I have a few suggestions, but they depend on your outlook on the Dawgs, as an optimist or a pessimist.

The Optimist: Wake up Saturday and raise the Georgia flag. Take the kids fishing. Come home to watch Gameday and wait for a positive reference to the Dawgs. Watch Bama and the coon dogs. Root for Bama because UT needs more losses for the Dawgs to go to Atlanta. Order Gator sausage for the tailgate in Jacksonville. Watch UK and the Gators cheering for a physical, quadruple overtime game that the Gators barely pull out. Make reservations for Tampa on New Year's Day. Remember that Tebow had his worst game last year against us. Dust off last year's Auburn tape and remind yourself that the Dawgs are capable of anything, including beating the mighty Gators. Thank the Lord that Mark Richt is our coach.

The Pessimist: Wake up angry because the Dawgs aren't going to win today, but relieved that they will not lose either. Avoid Gameday because those guys are just going to disrespect us and add to the endless hype surrounding Tebow. Remind your friends that Tebow's tears cannot, in fact, cure anything as proven by the fact that Tiger Stadium does not now have a permanent rainbow sprouting from its field after it was showered by Tebow. Start drinking. Watch Bama and the coon dogs praying that Erik Ainge breaks both pinkies and Wallace Gilberry has to send him flowers after the game. Keep drinking. Watch the Florida game indifferent to its outcome, hoping only that Tebow is injured. Drink when he isn't. Dust off the Tennessee game tape to count the missed tackles. Drink. Watch the Vandy tape. Begin crying when someone mentions Percy Harvin just as Vandy scores a touchdown on a reverse. Drink. Curse yourself for following a team with Willie Martinez as a defensive coordinator. Sneak down to your Gator neighbor's house to poison his dog. Dodge various Camero parts and flip flops thrown by Gator fan to scare you away. Attempt to catch the debris thrown your way and when you can't, say "Hey, I'm Tripp Chandler." Return home. Kiss your framed picture of Brian VanGorder. Pass out. Awake from nightmares caused by the following image:
(image: Mr2Cents)


LOLCat says....

From Doug at HeyJennySlater

From Westerdawg...

Update: Another from ruteger (see comments)

From Dave (see comments) 2002 game

From Lord Douchebag

From imarealist

Made via Icanhascheezburger factory. Feel free to make your own and post the link in the comments or email me (decaturdawg at hotmail).


Opinions are like....

Three solid editorial pieces and tidbits around the Dawg Blogs. Here are some highlights:In looking at those articles, I was most impressed with our redzone stats from Get the Picture. Go ahead...write down what you think our TD and overall redzone conversion percentage is this year on a piece of paper before you do the link. you'll be shocked.

And here's a video for you. Our kicker commitment for next year Blair Walsh (who will likely get a 4th star soon if you care about that sort of thing), has a video up on's myspace page (Ht - Scott Kennedy). Per the caption:
    "Cardinal Gibbons Kicker Blair Walsh doubles as a punter, and he took a brutal late hit against St. Thomas Aquinas. The personal foul put Cardinal Gibbons into field goal range, and Walsh got his revenge with a 45 yard field goal, just three plays after the hit. Walsh is's #1 Kicker in the country and is committed to the University of Georgia.

Kickers aren't tough...

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Non-Dawg, but MGoBlog wrote an exceptional piece a few weeks ago that I refer to as "I call Rock." Brian Cook, the writer for MGoBlog, talks about the mentality of Michigan's offensive coordinator. Anyone who has ever been frustrated with stagnant play calling should read it. It's well done.

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PWD's old school pic of the Week: Dooley

Click on the image to jump to

I almost always get a kick out of's old school pics. Visit their site, and you can get headlines from across the Dawgosphere, and you get pics like these.


October 17, 2007

Suzanne Yoculan to Retire Following '08-'09 Season

Gym Dogs celebrate third consecutive national title (image:

Legendary Gym Dogs Coach Suzanne Yoculan announced her plans to retire at the fall Athletic Association Board of Directors meeting (Source: ABH). Long time assistant Jay Clark will replace her. The only way that she would be more entertaining to me ... if she coached football.

The self proclaimed Darth Vader of Gymnastics is quotable and a stone cold winner. In March 2006, she was interviewed by Paul Finebaum for his radio show. I did my best to transcribe that conversation. The notes are below.

During the interview, she talked about her personal rivalry with Sarah Patterson at Alabama. Paraphrase:
    Paul Finebaum: It always seems like Sarah Patterson comes off as the goodie two shoes and you're the evil one. In wrestling terms you're the masked woman, and she's Shirley Temple.

    Suzanne: The media started some of it. I'm definitely more spontaneous than Sarah. Even in press conferences, she's more calculated, protective and careful, and I'm more spontaneous.

    Sometimes I'll stick my foot in my mouth, but I say what I feel. If I think my team is unbeatable or whatever, I'll usually say so. There have been some times where we've beaten them and she has said things about equipment, the bars, or judging or whatever.

    Whatever, winners make adjustments. So we go back and forth alot, and I probably fuel the fire more with my comments. She's able to keep her Shirley Temple persona, but if you listen to who says what a lot of it starts in Alabama.

    I don't mind being the Darth Vader team of the SEC. In fact, 10 years ago we made the decision to just embrace that Darth Vader image, and we wear black everywhere we go on the road. We're an aggressive, confident team. That's our style. That's my style. I like enthusiasm. I like excitement. We've won a lot of championships because of that.

    I don't believe in failure. I'd rather go out on a limb now and have it break once and a while than to never go out there. That's just my approach. It's offensive to some people, but it wins for Georgia. So I recruit athletes who can embrace going for it.

    We're like Steve Spurrier vs. Georgia. No one in Georgia likes Spurrier because he beats us a lot. (PWD: Inferring that no one in Bama likes them b/c they never beat Georgia anymore).

    Sarah is more of a southern lady than I am. She does and says the right thing, and has better manners than I do. But that's not my style. I say what I think.

    I respect her. She's had the same challenges at Bama that I have had at UGA.

    I don't use nouns when I can use verbs. I don't call my team "underachievers." I say that they are "underachieving." I don't call Sarah Patterson a "loser," I said "don't gripe about losing." I don't hate anything but cauliflower and turnips.

    I have never had a girl transfer away from Georgia in my entire career. What other coach in any sport at any school can say that?
The entire interview was a blast. I also did a tongue in cheek article about her feud with Patterson in Feb. 2006. You can find it here. I could do without the off the field non-sense, but her success on the mats and in the classroom are undeniable.


Let the coaching carousel begin

Nutt is one cooked pig.

This is not the year to go shopping for a new college football coach as the competition is going to be fierce. This off season could be the biggest year for coaching turmoil since the 2000 season saw 25 coaches lose their job. I'm expecting a land grab of sorts to pursue the hottest up and comers, and these are your top likely contestants in the "Battle for Overpaying for the Flavor of the Month":

  • Duke - Ted Roof
  • Georgia Tech - Chan Gailey remains one step ahead of the executioner. However, can he survive another loss to Georgia and a sixth likely five or more loss season?
  • Clemson - Tommy Bowden and Chan Gailey should start a support group for Men Cheating Death.

    Big East:
  • Pittsburgh - With last week's loss to Navy, the Wannstache is likely out.
  • Syracuse - Greg Robinson has won 3 games in three years against BCS teams, and he has an overall record of 6-24. Aside from the Louisville game, his teams have looked incompetent on their best days.

    Big 10:
  • Michigan - Michigan is rolling after the worst start imaginable, but it still looks like Lloyd Carr is headed towards retirement. Even if he's not fired, it's hard to imagine him wanting to come back next year.

    Big 12:
  • Nebraska - The Huskers have already fired the athletic director. Opposing QBs have openly mocked the team's defense, and the alumni are way past "grumbling." Barring a miracle run to close the season, Callahan is fired.
  • Texas A&M - NewsletterGate may have done as much to finish off Coach Fran's career in College Station as the blowout loss to Miami. At 4-2 with games remaining @Nebraska, vs. Texas and @Oklahoma, he is living on borrowed time.

    Pac 10:
  • Arizona - Mike Stoops is 14-27, and he's off to another 2-5 start.
  • UCLA - The Bruins are 4-2, but they have games remaining against Cal, ASU, Oregon and USC. It's awfully hard to recover from losing 6-44 to Utah *and* giving Notre Dame their first win.
  • Washington State - Bill Doba is 27-27 since replacing Mike Price, and he's off to a 2-5 start this year. How much longer can he stick around?
  • Washington - Willingham will probably get another year because they've been competitive with an exciting young QB, and the schedule is universal thought to be ridiculously difficult. Some in the Washington media think he stays if he gets to five wins this year.

  • Arkansas - The Fire Nutt banners are flying. Arkansas is 3-3 with games remaining against #6 SC, at #20 UT and at #5 LSU. Since 1998, no one has done less when it comes to quarterback development than Nutt. Having run off the home state stud QB who was 8-0 as a true freshman starter only makes this situation worse. Nutt also holds the record for longest active tenure at a BCS school without a BCS Bowl Bid.
  • Mississippi - The Wild Boys are 2-5 this year, and the only BCS schools that Orgeron has beaten in three years are MSU, UK and Vandy.

    Other programs who may soon be in search of new skippers:
      Colorado State
    Coaches who have saved their careers via huge performances:
    -- Al Groh - Who would've thunk it?
    -- Mark Mangino - The Walking Heart Attack
    -- Sly Croom - If he can beat The Orgeron, he'll finish with five wins and almost definitely save his job. If he beats Orgeron and the imploding Hogs, he'll go bowling. Again, Shock and Awe.

    Additionally, someone above has to replace all of those coaches. That means schools like TCU, Auburn, LSU, Cal, Boise, USF, Rutgers, Kansas State, WVU and Fresno State will have to listen to overtures for their head coaches. Or simply replace them outright.

    So who ends up where?

    See Also:
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  • -- Dead Men Coaching - Austin Statesman
    -- Coaching Rumor Mill -
    -- How fired are you - EDSBS



    October 16, 2007

    Book Signing: Meet Orson Swindle

    Tonight, Orson Swindle of, Warren St. John and the guys from will be at the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead signing companies of their new book The ESPN Guide To Psycho Fan Behavior.

    The book includes funny "how to advice" on things such as:
      –Fighting a Mascot
      –Kidnapping a Mascot
      –Ditching Family/Friends/Other Annoyances for Sport
      –Surviving a Soccer Riot
      –Proper Body Paint Application
      - How to properly set a couch on fire, etc.
    The whole thing starts around 7 pm. It should be a pretty good time. Check it out.

    See Also:
    -- Book signing info


    Moreno a Front Runner for SEC Freshman of the Year?

    Knowshon Moreno (Image: Hipple)

    With yesterday's announcement that Knowshon Moreno was named SEC Freshman of the Week for the second time this season, I think he moves into the front runner spot for overall SEC Freshman of the Year status.

    His current stats include:
    -- 619 yards rushing (88.4 yards/game) and 3 TDs
    -- 15 receptions for 195 yards and 0 TDs

    From skimming the latest SEC Stats, his chief competition for top SEC honors appears to be
    Terry Grant (RB) from Alabama. Grant has 593 yards rushing with 6 TDs, and he has 12 receptions for 92 yards with no TDs via the air. The biggest difference in their numbers appears to be the fact that Moreno has been accelerating while Grant's numbers have slowed a bit since a very fast start.

    With Thomas Brown still nicked up and Lumpkin likely out for the season, Moreno should get the ball in the end zone more often. That's the only hole in his resume so far.

    The two backs are fourth and fifth nationally among freshman rushers behind some dude at Idaho that you've never heard of, LeSean McCoy at Pittsburgh and Harvey Unga at BYU. (Source: NCAA). Moreno and Grant are on better teams, and they will both have bigger stages to try and earn first team All-American honors among runners.

    At other positions, Michael Crabtree (WR) at Texas Tech will win every overall national freshman of the year award. He already has 78 catches, 1244 yards and 17 TDs. As a point of comparison, all of those would be career records at Georgia, and he has roughly half the season left. Any award nationally that Crabtree doesn't win will go to Sam Bradford (QB) at Oklahoma.


    Munson Mix Juke Box: The New Blog Feature

    Well...finally! With help from Kit and the DawgGoneBlog I finally have implemented a juke box feature that allows me to upload my Munson Mixes to the blog. By the way, check out Kit's blog. He has his own Mixes on his JukeBox. I'm partial to his version of WolfMother's Woman.

    You'll find the jukebox over on the left just below the Site Feed.

    The current play list:
      1. Hard to Handle (Black Crows) - Highlights from the '03 season including Sean Jones' fumble return, Odell's INT return and I think some clips from the GT game.

      2. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2) - Personally, I think this is my best mix. The three main clips are UF '80, AU '92 and the early 70s UT game that I can never remember the year.

      3. Song 2 (Blur) - I call this the Clemson Killer mix. It has several great Munson lines from the '91 night game against the Tigers. It also has Butler's kick in the upset over #2 ranked CU in '82.

      4. Back in Black (AC/DC) - UT '80, LSU '99, UF '97, UT '00 and AU '96. This was one of my first mixes back so it's a little shaky. I lacked a thematic focus. lol.

      5. Paranoid (Sabbath) - SC '92 (that's Zeier to Graham), UT '00, and UT '88. This one ain't much better than Back in Black.

      6. Battle Hymn (Redcoats) - I'm not even sure I did this one. It could be from "DrewDog" or Talldawg. Drew was the first guy back on the old Napster to do any of these Mixes, and TallDawg is really good at this as well.

      7. Root Down / Sabotage (Beastie Boys) - This one has some explicit lyrics. I've always like this one because it starts with Catfish Smith talking smack about the 1929 Yale Game. Yeah, that's right. Old Man Smack. At the transition between the songs, it also has Wally Butts talking about Form Tackling. You know, our current Dawgs could use the same pep talk. Other clips include the game Between the Hoses ('86 AU), AU '96 (I think), UT '00, UF '97, GT '01, It could've used more Munson clips.

      8. Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) - This one actually does have a theme. It's just Munson railing on about obnoxious / drunken fans. UF '97, UK '78, UT '00 and UF '80.

      9. Stay a Little Longer (Willie Nelson) - Both Whiskey River and Stay a Little Longer were adapted from the same Live album. So one naturally follows the other. It starts with GT '71 (I think) with Poulous (sp?) scoring a late TD. It also has the Terry Hoage highlight reel from Vandy '83. Bonus: '78 LSU.
    I'll upload more later.

    The Technology:

    I used technology from to make the jukebox. The end product seems to work pretty well, and it doesn't look like it hampers site performance. The front page already loaded sort of slow, but it doesn't seem to be loading any slower. If you disagree with me on the site's performance, then PLEASE let me know. I'll ditch the technology before I slow the site way down.

    So far, I can recommend the end product, but the admin side of their application is a pile of crap. It's the least user friendly and least navigable site I've tinkered with in a very long time.


    PS -- As for file sharing...As of right now, no. I'm not going to email you the MP3s. Sorry, but that's a large logistical hassle. And I'm not comfortable sharing URL for the Mix's other home base. It's jukebox only functionality for now.

    October 15, 2007

    SEC Power Poll Ballot

    No big changes this week despite the big upset in Lexington.
    1. LSU - Still the conference's best team and only legit hope for a national champion. They played flat, committed stupid penalties, their quarterback had a bad game, their best corner got hurt, and they barely got beat by a ranked opponent on the road.
    2. Florida - Got a pass from the season of hysteria this week. Tebow will emotionally recover from the sadness of Baton Rouge to lead the Gators to Lexington.
    3. South Carolina - Shiny Pants continues to make the Cocks look good and frustrating at the same time. Let UNC get back in a game they has total control over. The Cocks can look ugly sometimes, but they keep winning.
    4. Kentucky - Huge, huge win for the Cats. Not only did they fight back after being down, but were able to hang with LSU physically. It used to be that UK was soft and mistake prone, but not anymore. They will fall victim to the same letdown LSU suffered from when the Gator beat them this weekend.
    5. Tennessee - Offense recovered after a sluggish start. Phil is saving his job after two bad losses.
    6. Auburn - Gutted out the most boring game ever. The Aubs worked a minor miracle by holding McFadden and the Hawgs to 67 yards rushing. Brad Lester helps, but the Aubs don't have the offense to win in Baton Rouge.
    7. Georgia - Needed a clutch kick and a fumble from the gods to beat Vandy. The Dawgs will gladly take it and stomp on the logo for good measure. The Dawgs have lots of troubles and have a bye week to work some of them out before a tough home stretch.
    8. Alabama - Needed a mild hose job to get out of Oxford alive. Mistakes late kept the Rebs in it. Bama is average everywhere.
    9. Arkansas - I know Auburn is tough, but are they really that tough? With two of the best backs in the country, the Hawgs could manage only 67 yards rushing. It should make every college football fan mad to see McFadden stuck in that offense. It's like watching Secretariat pull a cart.
    10. Mississippi State - Hung with the Vols despite a freshman quarterback. Despite their improvement, they're unlikely to convert it into wins because of the schedule.
    11. Vanderbilt - Played a great game against the Dawgs, but couldn't finish it out. With one less glaring mistake, the Dores would have won.
    12. Ole Miss - Got screwed by the refs in one of their best performances under the Oge. Greg Hardy played the defensive game of the year so far.

    Don't Make Vandy Mad

    Vandy fan only seems docile. You trudge up to their stadium every other year to eat barbeque, listen to country music, and enjoy a win. And Vandy fan is generally happy to see you. He doesn't yell "Walk the Plank!" in your face. He doesn't throw bourbon at your kids. He wants to win, but he understands he's Vandy and only expects a win every decade or so. But, beneath Vandy fan's civil outer coating, there burns an intense fire. A fire that burns with rage. If you cross him, he will get you. Not to your face, but in more sneaky ways.

    How do I know? Ask Brandon Coutu. Perhaps moments after he breaks Vandy fan's heart with a booming kick through the Nashville night to save the Dawgs, his apartment was burglarized. Coutu lost a TV, an iPod, and various firearms in the robbery. The assailant is still at large, but I do not doubt for an instant that all of Coutu's loot is in the hands of a Commodore.

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